Posted by: nativeiowan | January 26, 2011

good news?

PRIME Minister Danny Philip has hit back at the opposition revealing secrets of individuals within the group he described as ‘ring leaders.’

The Prime Minister identified deputy opposition leader Matthew Wale, former fisheries minister Bodo Dettke and former forestry minister Douglas Ete as the ring leaders behind  the  conspiracy to overthrow the government.

Prime Minister Danny Philip in a press conference earlier this week stated that he had files and information on the three men especially Mr Wale and Mr Dettke involving serious offences.

“I’m sorry to say that I have to do this so that the people in this country know who these people really are,” he said.

MP for Auki/Langalanga

Prime Minister Philip alleged that few years ago the MP for Auki/Langalanga Matthew Wale diverted a large sum of money paid by a shipping agent into his private bank account.

The Prime Minister said in another similar case involving Mr Wale, a certain amount of pharmaceutical products belonging to a private pharmacist ended up in the Solomon Islands government consignment.

“The products were ordered through government consignments to qualify for tax exemptions which were sold at private shops in the country.

“There is files and information on these cases and as a responsible government we will investigate it,” he said.

The prime minister added that it was a pity that the MP for East Honiara Douglas Ete knew very well about this case but yet he decided to join the opposition.

“Mr Ete is the former chief executive officer (CEO) on the National Referral Hospital and he knows about these things but yet he decides to join them.

“If he claims to be a man of principle then I challenge him to tell the truth,” the prime minister said.

He said he was aware the allegations against the MPs were serious but he reiterated that there are files to prove his arguments.

MP for North/West Guadalcanal

Regarding the MP for North West Guadalcanal Bodo Dettke, Prime Minister Danny Philip alleged that between 1996-1997, Mr Bodo was involved in a major airport project for six major airfields to be built around the country.

The Prime Minister said only two airfields were built with all the money exhausted.

The airfields were proposed for Lord Howe (Small Malaita), Ulawa (Makira/Ulawa Province), Lomolomo and Vanikoro (Temotu Province), one in Isabel Province and the other at Tangarare (Guadalcanal Province).

“This case will be pursued and investigated,” the Prime Minister said.

He said Mr Bodo had also owed the Solomon Islands government $12-$15 million outstanding tax liabilities which he never settled until today.

“The people in this country must understand that Mr Bodo’s intention to be in the government was to cease all logging licence belonging to foreigners,” the PM said.

“Mr Bodo revealed this to me that his plan was to reach a stage when all foreign loggers licence will be stripped with only certain companies remaining,” he said.

The Prime Minister said he could not allow such practice to happen because he said it would destroy the industry and government revenue for the country.

“I’m not protecting loggers but if you dig deep down you will find dead men’s bones attached to the real motive behind such decisions,” he said.

The Solomon Star called the opposition office yesterday but they said the three opposition members would respond together in a press conference today.

Mr Ete and Mr Dettke last night told the Solomon Star that more secrets would be revealed today.

“We will respond to these allegations when the time is right and the government must prepare to fasten their seat belts,” they said.


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