Posted by: nativeiowan | December 18, 2010

fun n games

Dozer and I just had a long bike ride where, half way, we balled-up and I broke a rib. Was ready to puke the first few blocks home but actually felt OK when we got home.Soaked in a hot tub with lavender for a while and am better than ever. Juz dern sore everywhere from my navel up. The knees and elbows well beat up too.

gawd, 5yr olds are a blast.

lets go for another bike ride…



  1. yikes…Getting too old for some things!

    • not too old, never too old… just have to 100% vigilant. The 5 yr old is fine and as the rib becomes apparently broken and I moan and groan as I move he wonders why I’m not keen for another ride today.

      his peddles and bent and my handle bars are in disarray. Repairs will have to wait until I have two arms to use.

      The sore rib will make the long travels difficult.

      life is grand… I am younger for every day I spend with the 5 yr old…

  2. which bike was it the 1300cc or the 800cc??

  3. No, not a motor bikes… the bicycles… riding with Mendozza. Went elbow over teakettle and landed on his bike, chest first. So real sore but it will end…

  4. really now that has gotta hurt

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