Posted by: nativeiowan | November 25, 2010

thinking of Cmas

Dunno why but I just was thinking of Cmas, from time before… Remember the first “super ball” you ever saw? Or a slinky? These were “marvels” in their own right.

The modern world was doing more and better with rubber so we got them hard little balls that bounced like hell. Ma hated them. They were too hard and broke too much in the house. I think I discovered my original super-ball (received at Cmas in 1965 while living in Knoxville, Iowa) about 20 years later. And Ma would still not let me have it… they were far too much fun to get going real good in a small room.

Technology allowed steel to be light and flexible so we got the slinky. Originally made in 1945 I finally got one abut the same time I got the super ball. (I know, call Iowa “behind the times”) It was a real neat thing. But don’t take it to the bath. It simply do not work.

Golly gee… remember the first “magic marker” you ever saw? before that all we had was “grease pens”.

And the first time I ever saw any of this new-fangled items,

was at Cmas…

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