Posted by: nativeiowan | August 31, 2010

just remembered a story

Was talking with a friend and remembered a tale…

We were talking about taking naps. I can’t nap during the day (for more than 15 or 20 minuets) as I find waking up like swimming through mud.

Another mutual friend once explained how he can take a nap and wake unconfused… According to Him: If you are wearing your socks upon waking you can rest assured you have just taken a nap. Even though it is dark, it’s still today.

You wake without your socks and you know it’s tomorrow.

Well, hell, as is happens… He got a bit pissed, got home, say 6pm. Just before dusk. Got into bed half dressed and woke in the wee hours of the morn… as he had his socks on he figured it was late in the eve, say 7 or 730 and his family was still gone so He, at 4 in the morning, cranks the lights up and starts cooking supper as the clan is asleep.

They did not remain asleep long.


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