Posted by: nativeiowan | August 26, 2010

where will this lead us

from the Sol-Star:

THE new government lost one of its members less than 24 hours after it came into power on Wednesday.

Shortlands MP Steve Laore collapsed and died at the Pacific Casino Hotel after attending a celebration dinner with government members and supporters.

Police said they were called to the hotel 2am yesterday.

“The report was the member of Parliament had collapsed in the foyer and immediately taken to the National Referral Hospital,” Police Commissioner Peter Marshall said.

“When police officers went there, they confirmed with the medical authorities that he had been pronounced death upon arrival at the Hospital.”

Mr Marshall said there were no suspicious circumstances, but confirmed a post mortem examination is underway.

“I met with MP yesterday briefly and this indeed was an extremely sad sort of circumstances for a person who has just embarking in his political career,” Mr Marshall said.

Mr Laore is a first time parliamentarian. He ousted two-term MP Augustine Taneko in the August 4 elections.

He was a mechanic and owns a construction firm.

Prime Minister Danny Philip and members of his coalition group yesterday mourned Mr Laore’s sudden passing.

“The sudden death of the late Steve is a huge loss to the family, relatives, constituency, the government and nation as a whole,” Mr Philip said.

He said Mr Laore is an “active member” of his coalition group since his recent election and throughout the process of forming the government.

“We share with you our heartfelt sympathy for the sudden passing away of our colleague MP and brother, the late Steve Laore.

“It is a heartbreaking reality that the late Steve cannot live longer to fulfill his plans, dreams and obligations to his family and constituency,” Mr Philip added.

Arrangements are being made to send Mr Laore’s body home to his constituency.


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