Posted by: nativeiowan | August 22, 2010

democracy S.i. style

interesting in it’s own way… I would say that Abana would offer the best hope for the future. Though strongly Malaitan in makeup it has perhaps the brightest minds available. Of course the Phillip’s contingent is the old cronies from the west. Though I know these guys well I have lost faith in them ages ago…

STEVE Abana and Danny Philip will contest the prime minster’s position in the election to be conducted Wednesday next week.

Government House announced the two candidates after nominations closed 4pm this afternoon.

Mr Abana, MP for Fataleka in Malaita, was nominated by the Heritage Park Hotel camp. He is the leader of the Solomon Islands Democratic Party which won the highest number of seats in the August 4 national elections.

Mr Philip, MP for Rendova Tetepare and leader of the Reform and Democratic Party of Solomon Islands, was nominated by the Honiara Hotel camp.

Government House says those are the only two nominations received at the close of nominations.

Governor General Sir Frank Kabui will conduct the election at Parliament House starting at 9am.


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