Posted by: nativeiowan | August 6, 2010


Results bring a few surprises
SATURDAY, 07 AUGUST 2010 07:04

Voters queuing to cast their votes.
A FEW surprises from yesterday’s election results.

Deputy Prime Minister and leader of People’s Congress Party Fred Fono’s loss in Central Kwara’ae, had everyone talking.

Mr Fono served three terms in parliament and looking forward to his fourth.

With his unblemish track record, he was overly confident of retaining his seat.

But the people of Central Kwara’ae have made up their mind. And in doing so, they elected businessman Jackson Fiulaua instead.

A real upset indeed.

Then we have Francis Billy Hilly. A veteran and leader of the Nasanol Pati, the former prime minister was looking for his seventh term in parliament.

But the people of Rannoggah/Simbo want a change this time. And it came in Charles Sigoto, the medical officer who was elected in Wednesday’s election.

The story in North Malaita was different.

Voters there decided to elevate former militant Jimmy Lusibaea to be their new Member of Parliament.

Not only did they vote him in, they gave their overwhelming support which ensures Mr Lusibaea gets a landslide victory.

Across in Temotu, the talk of the day was the loss of high profile politician Patteson Oti and the subsequent rampage reportedly caused by his supporters in Lata.

Mr Oti, a senior Opposition figure in the last house was tipped to return for another term. But voters in Temotu Nende instead voted in little known Commins Aston Mewa.

With more results anticipated today, we may be expecting a few more surprises.

The results may not be to everyone’s liking, but the people have spoken through the ballots.

So congratulations to those who’ve already secured their seats. And to those who’ll be announced later.

Enjoy the moment but don’t forget you carry the hopes of your people and nation.

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