Posted by: nativeiowan | July 1, 2010

been a while

getting behind… need to keep it interesting…

Starting another chapter in the boring book… first line:

We use to talk about the girls we wanted to bed. Now we talk about our last doctor’s visit.

A line I remember from a Joseph Heller book: I used to sleep in the fetus position. Now I lie like a corpse.

I stopped working early today… about 430.

Blues Brothers 2000 is on TV. It’s good musik and good fun.  A pity more movies are not made along such creative and fun filled lines. Blue brothers, the original, is an icon for many, many reasons. The 2000 version is a rollicking ride with good music. Turn the Bose on and crank it up.

Grace and Dozer in Gizo…

The property development we are doing… we installed a wood tank out of New Zealand. Tank failed the first big rain we had… guess Solomon’s rain is heavier than Kiwi rain.

Life is good.


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