Posted by: nativeiowan | April 25, 2010

A Great Day

Spent the day with my buddy, Bob Lin. Grace, Connie and Mendozza met Bob in the morning and went to church. I met them outside of church and we spent the day together.

Bob drove us around and showed the sites…

The traffic in Taipei is mind blowing. Common to see families all traveling on one motor-scooter. We got to watch some kite fighting. Then we went for lunch with Bob’s parents…

Mr. and Mrs. Lin are icons of a lost age. Both were born into a world when the Japanese were the colonial power of the region. Both Mr. and Mrs. Lin were educated by the japanese and at the age of 16, Mr. Lin was sent to Japan to prepare to be a Royal Japanese Aviator. If the war had not ended when it did, Mr. Lin had every chance of becoming a kamikaze.

Mrs. Lin is a famous caligraphy artist. We were honoured by being presented with three of her works. I am humbled by such an offering. Bob explains that his mother is a fifth degree (we jokingly said “black belt”) artist. She has taught caligraphy in Universities in Japan.

Mendozza was our photojournalist throughout the day. The meal was a lot of fun..

Bob then took us to his home which is his office. It was way, way coool… the narrow alleys and,

I was so stoked, we got to go on an automobile elevator…

It was, indeed, a great day…

Thanks Bob…


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