Posted by: nativeiowan | February 12, 2010

headlines from the sidelines 12 Feb 20-10

Don’t know if it’s me or just the day but the headlines are great… All from the Courier Mail: …

Bligh blast at redneck bigotry … over change the law to make surrogate parenting legal in Queensland.

Minister’s backflip on police… it’s a long and classically Queensland story. You’ll have to read it for your self.

Review of review on N-test compo rapped… well, and I do speak australian, but as near as I can tell this is an old issue of soldiers being used as “test dummies” in atomic weapons testing. If anyone really figures it out let me know.

Milkshake murderer wins retrial


Lover found guilty over killer curry… both of these are about food prepared by a loved one who may not have really been a loved one.

Stiletto stabbing… a woman in the UK hit her partner with her high-heeled shoe and dern near killed him. Nailed him straight in the eye. More loved ones who ain’t?

A great day to enjoy the paper.

more later


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