Posted by: nativeiowan | February 6, 2010

Rugby 7s

The Wellington 7s was on TV last night. I am in Vanuatu at a high level, BS meeting sponsored by the ILO. I had just arrived from Aus. The 7s was on TV. I sat with a mix of niVanuatuans, Fijians, Samoans, Tongans and a couple Solo Islanders and watched the frenetic paced 7s action. It was great fun.

For those who don’t know about Rugby 7s… man, you should get into it. The matches are short, 8 minute halves, and there are 7 blokes a side to run the entire length and breadth of a standard Rugby pitch. The game revolves around smart ball handling and blazing speed. no time for the good ol’ scrum here… it’s peddle-to-the-metal fast.

It came down to Fiji and Samoa. yee-haww… man, arguably the 2 best 7s teams on the planet. Though I really, really like the All Blacks (their uniforms are bitchn’) they got rolled here. And any time a Pacific Nation wins anything, well hell, I am happy.

My favourite bit came at the end when the commentator said ” and a great battle between two powerful Polynesian nations”… or some such BS. I laugh as I was teasing the gang of Fijians and Tongans I was watching this with before this comment… I was asking the Fijians if they were really Melanesians. They are simply too big to be Melanesians. And I was asking the Tongans if they were really Polynesians. They are almost too big to be human.  The comment from the commentator allowed me to go to bed ahead by 1 try.

All good fun.


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