Posted by: nativeiowan | February 1, 2010

carved in stone

Or should I say “cut” in stone. These pieces are examples of stone age technology whilst cutting and shaping a very hard material, petrified clam shell. There is s huge discussion herein I will work on..



  1. Mike are these artifacts from your collection ??


    • Big Kev,

      Yes, these are all pieces from my private collection. I have been picking up pieces for over 25 years. Some pieces come from strange venues. I have some “regular customers” that bring me things. My favourite of course our the old, old finds. I’ll get to the skull house I have with the putty covered skull… It’s a powerful combination.

      I am slowly cleaning things up, measuring and cataloguing. I recently spoke to an insurance company about cover on the collection. They were both shocked and amazed. The main task of cataloguing it all is mainly for the insurers but have enjoyed this but I have about 2 years of work before I get what I want done.

      All good.


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