Posted by: nativeiowan | January 27, 2010

letter to the editor 27/1/10

The front-page report of a cowardly attack on an elderly woman is shocking, sad, shameful and serious.

The attack is the action of a few self-serving cowards. I am appalled that a lone woman in a car is now a common target for the rouges and bullies that prey on innocents.

Such an act simply destroys all the good works that many are doing to raise us up and move us into a modern world.  Similar to the “Nation of Thieves” situation we saw last year, are we now going to be labeled a “Nation of Violent Criminals”?

It is imperative that those responsible for this act be brought to justice quickly. It is important for the friends, relatives, tribal and community members of those who carried out this act to realize your silence is nothing more than support for the heinous actions your friends, wontoks and neighbors have committed. It is time for us all to stop condoning criminal activity

RSIP, it is time to start getting things right. I feel that the attack on the Police Commissioner’s residence is an admission of being out of control. We perhaps were justified in expecting some “clean-up” of the violent crime situation after that attack and the subsequent arrests that followed.

Such a clean-up has not happened. Obviously.

Please RSIP, what can the Private Sector do to assist? Time is running out. We must have law and order.

Failing a positive constabulary the public is terribly exposed. Do we look at hiring bigger and better equipped security forces? Do we declare war on crime from a personal/ business point of view?

SIG, PM, Minister of Police, Justice, Minster of Youth… you must act. The General Public and Private Sector are running out of alternatives. A land where the elderly, where females, where the general public is not safe is not a land where investors are attracted. In fact such an act as this chases current and intending investors away.

The assistance, support and positive energy of the Private Sector is ready and available to you. What can we do, together, to solve our problems? Please, lets meet and discuss. The situation is intolerable. A change, some positive action is way over due.

We must take action now to ensure we do not end up in a state where all control is lost and our towns, streets and even homes are not safe.

To Mr. and Mrs. Volroth: I wish first to recognize your years of faithful service to the Private Sector of the Solomons. It may be the case that a few do not understand and recognize your commitment to the Nation. I do commend you for your contributions and efforts.

I know that words cannot alleviate the physical pain and emotional trauma you have experienced. Please rest assured you have the best wishes and full support of the SICCI.

Mike Hemmer

Chairman SICCI


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