Posted by: nativeiowan | January 22, 2010

headlines from the sidelines 23/1/10

Some fun ones here…

Selling the most important war relic is a good one. Again, parr for the course in the islands. (selling that which is most valuable) You’ll note it took years to get the approvals to export the plane. I wonder how much in bribes got paid. I wonder if Patrick Murphy was involved. I would have thought Yamamoto’s plane on Bouganville would have been a more prestigious artifact.

I really like the story about the bankers. I know Robin Flemming. Undoubtedly they are foreclosing on the guy so he tries to get them kicked out of the country. A standard ploy in these islands. One of my favourites from years back is when my old buddy Peter Goodwin (boss of the NBSI) went on holiday and had his permits pulled the day before he flew back.

The teenage criminal record of a Guamanian Senator is a good one too…

Don’t you juz love the islands?


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