Posted by: nativeiowan | January 4, 2010

a Ngusu Ngusu or two

Selection of eight various examples of Ngusu Ngusu. Western Province. 19/20c.

I find the Ngusu Ngusu a very interesting artifact in that it was still being made after the last wars. Why did we continue to make something that was not being used?

Also, why and how did the concept of the carved figure head permeate and cover such a wide ranging demography? (Including western culture). Any of this resemble the “Mack Truck” logo? What is the shared theme?

I will catalogue each individual piece offering a detail in due course. But we have a distinct “dog” used on the prow of canoes in Makira. We have long nosed, big eared critters adorning our prows in the West. We have the “winged” Choiseulese Ngusu. And the “watch dog” from North New Georgia.

Consider…  canines were introduced. Where does the idea of a dog even come from? Is it a translation issue?

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