Posted by: nativeiowan | December 17, 2009


Remember? When you were four. Christmas is coming and you really, really wanted that Lone Ranger outfit or the Superman pajamas…

You thought you were sooo dern smart with your flash gear. And the cape… you could fly if you had a cape…

I remember what must have been a Howdy-Doody outfit. The hat, a plastic vest with faux rawhide fringe. A pair of plastic chaps with a tin concha that I knew was pure silver. I rememebr thinking how cute I looked.

But, I am certain, I was never this cute…

of course, all families drag these photos out 20 years later and have a  good  laugh.

I dig how Superman pajamas are still cool. I wear mine very night…



  1. oh yeah…looks really cute now…wait till he turns 21!!!

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