Posted by: nativeiowan | October 25, 2009


Friday, 23 October 2009

Hon. Dr. Derek Sikua

Prime Minister

Office of the Prime Minister

PO Box G1


Dear Prime Minister,


On behalf of the Board and the members of the Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry, I wish to congratulate and commend you and your government for its position on the Parliamentary Entitlements Commission and in particular the 2009 Parliamentary Entitlements Regulation.

Your government’s decision to challenge this Regulation at the outset demonstrates the active leadership that the CNURA government has in upholding and promoting transparency and good governance in the Solomon Islands, and our organisation deeply respects and applauds your resolve in this respect.

As you are aware, SICCI has been keenly following the progress of the Court action and public debate on the 2009 Parliamentary Entitlements Regulation. We have attempted to be part of the public debate; a process which we believe is an integral feature of our organisation, but also an important part of demanding and promoting good governance in the country.

We are very mindful of the significance of the recent High Court decision and look forward to a whole of government reform to this entitlements system and laws by your government.

Yours Sincerely

Michael Hemmer


Cc: Mr Gabriel Suri

Attorney General

Attorney Generals Chambers

cc: Rt. Hon. Sir Peter Kenilorea

Speaker of Parliament

National Parliament of Solomon Islands


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