Posted by: nativeiowan | October 17, 2009

saturday morning

Have not been doing much more than thinking about “work” lately. Is it work? What is work? I guess being lucky means enjoying that which one must do to keep body and soul together. The last couple weeks have been trying, at best. But then we all know that it will get better, and, that it can get worse.

So, Saturday morning in down town Honiara…

Have the LC Albatross just finishing off a huge load of drummed fuel for Gizo. We started loading this yesterday morning. We are just finishing off… it’s 930am on Saturday. The guys have been working for over 24 hours. Bet they’ll enjoy a well deserved sleep once we close the gate and the barge sails. This is our second load west in two weeks. First one delivered drums plus Noel’s 47 tonnes of steel for the Alcol…IMG_0923

Have a bulk fuel tanker in this weekend. Another crew of guys doing a 24 hour process. IMG_0925

The street is still quiet. Not much to be snappin’ at. I like this one… a “big boy” out n’ about with his daddy…

IMG_0930My favorite for today, the load of guys under the shade. Hoping the boss don’t come around the corner.

A quiet day. A quiet Saturday morning.

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