Posted by: nativeiowan | September 27, 2009

fer them that like boats n’ water

Did another quick bizzyness trip. Flew up to Gizo on Friday early morn. Grabbed one of the a small run-about boats and shot over the Liapari to have a look at the progress being made on the LC Alcol.IMG_0845

The Alcol is a 300 tonne barge. I and a couple others are rebuilding it. We have 47 tonnes of steel coming up next week to replate the entire bottom.

This is the old ramp that they cut off… IMG_0848

It’s a neat project that our buddy Noel is a master at. Noel is a bloody genius… give him a kick-ass project on an old boat and he gets it done. In remote and difficult, but lovely Liapari.

This project has been going on for 4 months or more and won’t be complete for another 5 or more months…

Liapari is always a hot place to visit. But if’n you like boats this is a place fer you..

The seas we real good when we went out. Had weather all around us but the seas were strangely calm… Ran into some friendly dolphins.

But couldn’t get them to dance for us.

Life is indeed GUD.


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