Posted by: nativeiowan | September 4, 2009

another week’s end

So it’s another week’s end.

And it’s all gud.

Today was gun-metal grey, all day. A strangely calm disturbance on the water. A great day to be fishing…

I was looking out my window and zoom’n on people at the bus stop. The girls going home from school are a joyful relief on a Friday, end-day. The tough look’n kid is on his way home from school too. Man, it was hard to be a teen ager.

It all brings a welcome smile.

Imagine my surprise to see the copper snap’n shots of law breakers’ plates…

Have a building project happening right now. Way cool pre-fab gig. Had a beer after work with the guys the other day. Shots of progress do not show the amount of work these guys have done in 3 weeks…

Life is indeed gud.

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