Posted by: nativeiowan | August 8, 2009

terminal grants

Terminal grants… I have been asked what these are (see press release 4-08-09).

The terminal grants apply as a “gold watch” payment for MPs when:

a)    The current parliament t is adjourned. So, after 4 years each member receives a 100 grand gratuity for their services rendered. This has just been increase 100% from 50 grand.

b)   The new entitlements add a MP’s wife to the terminal grants party… spouses will now receive 50 grand at the end of each parliament life.

c)    Another grant called an “ex-gratia” payment is given to all MPs who lose their seat in the election. This amount was moved from 25 to 100 grand.

All these payments are tax-free.

All of these sound like bullshit political payments to me.

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