Posted by: nativeiowan | June 19, 2009

friday 19 june 09

It’s the end of the week. Where did it go? 

Hell, it’s almost the end of June. Where did half of the year go?

The doldrums sit heavy on the islands. The sky and the sea share the same pigmentations… pale blue with lots of glare. The shimmering, pale blue water blends seamlessly with the horizon. The pale blue sky is generously dotted with a combination of cumulous and nimbus clouds. None of the clouds look heavy. There will be no rain today. 

The sun shines bright but not too bright. The wind touches the leaves in the trees across the road from me. It will be a moderate if not uneventful day as far as the weather goes.

The Friday traffic is yet to commence, in earnest. By the end of the day it will be gridlock from town-ground to the bridge over the Metaniko River.

The incongruities of these islands forever amaze me…  We have a man in a hand made dugout canoe…


All alone in the ocean in such a small carft…


My question would be what’s he catching right there… right in the middle of the track the big ships take to their berth?

I wish I had his job. 

Life is a curious business. Like the old story about the aid worker who met the young man fishing on the beach… The aid worker told the young man he should come join a course about starting a business. the young guy asked “What good that would do for me?”. The Aid guy said that if he started a business he’d be able to be his own master, work for no man and make heaps of money. “What then?” the young guy asked. The aid worker replied “You can hire lots of people, increase your business and make more money”. “And after that?” queried the young guy. “Well” said the aid worker “once you’ve worked for years and made a load of money you gte to retire, then you can do what ever you wanted, why you could do nothing but fish all day.”

I sit in my office, run my business and watch longingly as a bloke in a hand made canoe fishes in a busy harbor.

Life is a curious business.

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