Posted by: nativeiowan | May 3, 2009

Cmas 2008

Amazing what can transpire as you are just… hanging out, driving along, having fun…

Sorta like you run wild and free then wake up one morning to find you’re a  52 year old overweight kid with a twinge of arthritis and a couple blown lumbar disks.

Amazing, literally amazing…

Had a big Cmas eve last night and a huge Cmas morn with an army of people I now claim as my family. This includes but is not limited to…

Son, Jeff & wife Viola with their sons Abraham and Andrew
Daughter, Annie & Husband Tony with their son Angelo and daughters Angelina and Anna
Son, Don with son Mendozza
Son, Osborne & wife Bridgett with their sons Jimmy and Mac
Daughter Connie
Son Paul
Auntie Salumata
Nephew Bowman
Granddaughter Natasha (Barbara’s daughter)
Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Chewie, Bean and Jelly
Son Terry and his new bride Valarie arrive in from Gizo at noon today

Had the “Chrissie Barbie” last eve. Got the kids chased away at midnight then Connie, Don, Paul, Grace and I played the Santa gig and wrapped presents until  4 am.

Abraham, Angelo and Dozer slept here so they were up early into their stockings and hanging impatiently until after 9 when Annie and Jeff’s families showed up for the destruction of the presents that were under the tree.

So, yea, as you drive along, thinking life is going swimmingly; you wake up one morning to find you claim no less than 7 children and now 9 grandchildren. How’d that happen?

It is all my own fault. Don’t laugh. I’ll admit it…

I demanded this year that I got all the clan here together for a kids’ Cmas. I was not 100% conscience of what I was getting into but I thought it’d be a hoot to have the little ones (and the big ones) do the sugar rushed Santa jig. So I got what I asked for. Dozer and Angelo helping Connie hand out a mountain of over wrapped gifts. The 2 babies (Anna and Mac) were struggling just watching all the colourful paper. Big guys Abraham and Natasha acting cool as they got underwear and books whilst the middle sized guys like Andrew, Dozer and Angelo got battery powered trucks and tanks that make a lot, too much, noise. The mobile destruction units like Jimmy and Angelina tearing through refuse as fast as they could manoeuvre.

The moms struggling between their own presents and controlling the little ones.

The dads as usual were doing little at all.

I’ll say that my ridgebacks are the best behaved in my family. 

So we’re done with the presents. I’ve laid my old wresting mats outside so they can have a place to play, hangout, sleep and make messes. And let me sit here in some semblance of quietude. Paul is heading the cooking staff for the bbq’d feast we have on the cards…We’ll have our Honiara house staff (9 security guards and 2 house keepers)… And their families) show up around noon for an afternoon in the pool, too much candy and sugar rush with grog for the guys, fine champagne for the ladies and even more sugary soft drinks for the kids.

It’ll be fun.

So 08 is over. It’s been an interesting year.

Fuel is in the $30.00 a barrel range…. After starting the year at $80.00, reaching 150.00 and then dropping to 1991 levels in less than 4 months.

The USA has a “coloured” President… Can’t call him black… My  family is from the far western province and we do know what black is.

War, conflict, strife, violence and anarchy abound, but then, is this anything new?

The Solomons have stumbled along. I do believe God loves Melanesia so we do survive but in despite of the leaders of the nation rather than in accordance with their sage and judicious use of power and position.

I received my Solomon citizenship in February of this year. After a complete 27 years as a resident they caved in and allowed me to become a member of the elite club. I know, stupid of them, eh?

Of course being a citizen ( in my capacity of boss of the big oil company, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and self appointed rabble rouser, vocal minority leader and general opposition party to the government of the day) is, shall we say, useful. For grins and giggles I enclose my end year letter to the editor. (Apologies to those who have already received this document)

Life is good for me and mine. The little one get big. The big ones get ugly. My dogs are beautiful.

It’s a few minutes before noon and the pool is in full swing. The policing requirements to avoid serious injury are strict here so I may start moving out and monitor the situation there.

I pass my very best energy and kind thoughts to all. I especially wish to note the kind friendship, support and company of…

Sullen Eschenbach who has allowed me the use of her husband, Willis, in making this oil company gig work so well. You are a star MisSellen.

Dok Rob Guild for being a constant and wise friend that I get to see (briefly) every couple months or so.

Dok Chris Filardi for his ever energetic company, intelligent discourse and frenetic sharing of lives.

Uncle JHH Beverley for his constant if sometimes pointed guidance and advice.

Mama Connie Kirton for being base camp Brisbane for the Hemmer clan.

Now I have lost some of my email addresses in a recent computer clean up and may not get this to all involved so…

Willis please forward to  MisSellen.

If anyone knows where Uncle Teddy Selman is let me know.

Mama Connie, Please forward on to the bad boy in Hong Kong.

Tracey, Tonia or Jane… Circulate through the clan there… I do have many addresses for the folks in Iowa.

And feel free to share liberally the news from the Hemmer Clan of the Solomons.

Tropical warmth, sunshine and smiles to all….

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