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2018 v11.theflavouroffear

It has been a long, long time since I have been frightened. Afraid. Scared.

I might sound arrogantly stupid but I can’t recall the last time I was frightened.

No doubt I get those instant loadings of adrenaline when I almost miss a corner or… like the time a white Mercedes and I traded metal at 70milesperhour…

I was on my way to Phoenix on my Thruxton. The time and space between a white Mercedes and my bike became one in space and time, for a brief moment.

It was kinda exciting… I dropped my bar-end mirror onto the car’s passenger side, right in front of the front door. I heard and have an image of the elderly woman in the passenger’s seat. She grabbed her head with both hands and screamed. I could smell her shampoo.

I stayed up but ran my bar-end down the length of the car. When I got away from the car – he had been pulling into my lane – I was behind and simply goosed it and got way away.

But at no point was I frightened or fearful. I did not have time for such foolishness. My very good bike skills and instinct took over. I kept the bike up. Felt the grind of my bar-end scratching down the car. His car will have a front-to-rear gouge on it as proof of time and space conflict.

But at no pint was I frightened or fearful.

here’s a picture of my bike’s bar-end: Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 12.45.09 pm.pngYou can see the end of the bar, below the mirror. Imagine 70mph, leaning into a car for a life’s instant. Then off and gone past. I was shaky shortly there after, then euphoric for a bit and did have vivid dreams of it all for nights after.

But it did not scare me.

Well, I had a very good fright last eve. We were out moving the herd.

For a number of reasons the herd is a bit skittish… we introduced nine new cows with calves into the herd a while back. The new players in town change the balance of power. Barney the bigarsed Bull is on edge. He’s been working overtime with the new cows. We have just finished weaning 10 calves so you have 10 unhappy, milk-sick mammas. Their udders are full and they are not comfortable. We have 10 cows with young calves. As the weaners and the mother cry and complain, the other mammas and calves get stressed.

We show up in the herd and they think we’re there to kidnap some more babies.

When we wean the calves we lock them into the stock yard which is inescapable. They are locked in with water and feed but they yearn for their mammas. They cry and bellow and scream until they lose their voices. The mammas cry and call back.

All of this equals stress in the herd.

So we go to move the herd. Here we have Joe calling the herd over…

They hear him and answer. I claim they call his name… JOOE, Joooe…

So I’m in the middle of the moving herd…

I luv the constant bellowing an talking between them all… Barney speaking his mind at the end of the clip…

I do find it exhilarating, this being a farmer is cool… But when a 3000 pound beast speaks his mind you need to listen.

Luv the cow talk…

So right here, as I watch, bigArsed barney comes walking toward me. At a sedate pace but straight for me. He’s coming over to where I am and I aint feeling too good. I slipped through a gate into the next paddock but he came right up and yelled at me… And I was frightened…

It felt good.


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2018 v11.what are your priorities

Another very nice day. Cool temps, nice breeze.

Have spent the morning working cattle. We have 6 young’ns going through the weaning process. They are locked up in the stock yard. They miss their mammas.

The Mammas are feeling it too. Their udders are full and weeping. They stand by the fence and bellow. Last night was windy and the plaintive calls back and forth led to very visual dreams. I slept with a smile.

Once weaned the young’ns will go in with another 13 “teenagers” we have. My buddy Joe (manager of the property) handfeeds the teens left over bread. He tames them. Gives them names. We were out this morn enjoying it all… mrsa.jpg The one I am pictured with is Milly. She’s one of Joes favourites and loves a good petting.

As the mania of this past electoral cycle subsides I am wondering what people think our/your objective(s) may be. The foolishness of campaigning is over. The megamillions spent. Winners and won and losers have lost. As a nation what are the priorities of the electorate of the USofA?

I have to give this a lot fo thought but think I can quickly answer that #1 PRIORITY in my world would be health care. Or is it HealthCare (HC)?

I believe that HC covers so many topical issues in our society that by prioritising HC we quickly address issues like mental health, mass shootings, suicides, depression, reigning in the pharmaceutical barons, and addictions of all kinds. Lets make the health of our society our #1 priority and see how many ancillory problems we can solve.

Of course I belive that HC should be available to all, free of charge, and of a very high standard. I hear many out there say that they agree but how do we pay for it? I have written on this topic before. But lets look for new stats… here we go…

My thoughts today are the same as when I last did this research… Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 11.06.55 am.png

I don’t think it’s about the cost of HC but rather the efficiency of the system. I live in Australia. I have used the medical system here and I find it efficient, friendly, effective, smart, modern… everything you want in a HC system.

And they get it for half the price the US currently spends for an inefficient, ineffective system.

USofA already spends a huge amount per capita annually on HC but, as it appears, gets little in return for their investment. Why is this? A lot to discuss here…

Priority #2… one very dear to my immigrant heart… Immigration…

I’ll write more soon.

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2018 v11.electionmania

Good morning from Morosa Valley. I spent the last couple days in town and really, really slept well last night. Cant explain it other than in an energetic way. But, damn, I sleep good here. The air, the night sky, the breeze, the sound of cattle making hapi noises. It is all guud, very guud.

So the election-mania in the USofA is at an end. For another two years, anyway.

What has transpired here? What has this referendum on the Republican Administration given us? What, if anything, have we learned? Where are we, where are we going?

The good newz?

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 7.55.55 am

Though the above graph is a prediction – I have not found the final results as yet – the fact that more folks got out and voted is a great thing. The past trend of non-involvment is not positive. A distinct sense of alienation and resignation has been palatable. Alienation and resignations is never good, all it does is leave the chicken coop open to the foxes.

I am impressed that the number of people motivated to engage in the electoral process has increased dramatically.

More good news… The House of Representatives, The Senate and the Presidency is now. split. It is a positive thing, in my mind, when the division of powers are divided. I tremble and sweat when a single Party holds control over all Federal Processes.

I reiterate, I am not a team player at all. I have a general disdain for all elected personages – and many appointed personages too. There is something about the ivory-towers that distance those who rule from those who are ruled. There is something insidious about holding the purse strings to someone elses money. Something immoral about spending huge sums which you are unanswerable for.

If the same team controls the House, Senate and Presidency little good can come. Too much out-of-control partying takes place.

We do need the checks maintained to control the balance of state.

Now, this coming from a self-professed non-voter sounds a bit empty. I do not vote for reasons I have articulated in the past. But this does not mean I am not engaged. I read, listen study and comment constantly. Also, I am a double immigrant – meaning I have legally (LEGALLY) immigrated to the Solomon Islands and to Australia. The electoral process and the elected leaders of all three countries where I hold residence is of great importance to me.

As is the electoral processes of pretty much all the countries around the world. All are influences to me in direct and subtle ways. To not be engaged and aware is, to me, a sin.

Had an interesting conversation yesterday. With respect to all involved I’ll quote a few line here…

  1.  My dear sister wrote this… “If you don’t vote you have no right to complain. And you who has already been screwed by the government should give a dam!”
  2. I replied … “technically not correct… not to vote is as much a choice and a right as your right to vote. We tend to vilify non voters but there are numerous reasons why someone would choose to abstain rather than participate in what is really a rigged system offering little more than placebo effect type returns. For me it’s about candidates and policies. For many it is about colours and teams. Nothing to do with sound leadership and positive planning.”
  3. A mutual friend commented… “Why should I have to choose who my oppressors are before I’m allowed to complain about being oppressed? If there is a boot on your neck, does it really matter if it’s the right or left? I’ll vote for no boot at all. I refuse to pick the device of my suffering.”
  4. My sister replied… “The voice we have is our right to vote. I am just saying if you choose to do nothing than you should keep your voice quiet. Stirring the pot with opinions that belong to you is your right but if it accomplishes nothing than it is just idle chat. At least my vote could make a difference in the direction our country needs to move. Bullying, and fear is the way to control the ignorant. I VOTED and am glad I did.”
  5. The mutual friend replied…”I looked at my options, saw that none of them were running under the stance that we need to get rid of the party system, so there wasn’t anyone I could morally support without compensating my views.”
  6. My libertarian niece commented… ” There are more than 2 parties, too. More reasons now than ever before that there needs to be more options than Rs or Ds.”
  7. My sister replied… “Thanks for voting! I totally agree the choices are not always the best but we have to keep hoping someday a messiah will run and things will change! Right now what we can do is vote!”

Now, I am going to bore the living shit outta everyone and dissect this friendly conversation…

  1. I just really, really get irritated when I hear “group-speech” BS… “If you don’t vote you have no right to complain. And you who has already been screwed by the government should give a dam!” It is words like this that are delivered with a patronising smile and a firm nod of the head. Agree with me or you are an idiot that knows nothing and even enjoys being “screwed by the government. AND… jumping to 4. we end up with this… “Bullying, and fear is the way to control the ignorant.” And I say DAMN! isn’t the group-think BS bullying? I belive such and all around me believe such and if you don’t belive such you are ignorant. Did I say “DAMN!”?
  2. My reply is in support of the nonconformist. The modern thinker out there that studies politics. Has no party affiliation. Probably registered Independent but votes for the policy not the party.
  3. Is a rather extreme yet common thought process… “Why should I have to choose who my oppressors are before I’m allowed to complain about being oppressed? If there is a boot on your neck, does it really matter if it’s the right or left? I’ll vote for no boot at all. I refuse to pick the device of my suffering.” This is getting close to what I call the placebo of democracy. And the placebo don’t work too good on this dude. He sees the fact that a single elected individual has less than zero chance of making a difference. He sees a system where the worker/ average-guy is abused and used and taxed and beaten up and controlled. And he is not wrong. But is he right?
  4. And more of that good ol country group-think… “The voice we have is our right to vote. I am just saying if you choose to do nothing than you should keep your voice quiet. Stirring the pot with opinions that belong to you is your right but if it accomplishes nothing than it is just idle chat. At least my vote could make a difference in the direction our country needs to move. Bullying, and fear is the way to control the ignorant. I VOTED and am glad I did.” Golly, its hard to comment on all of this as I don’t wish to be rude or to be hurtful but, DAMN, I cannot think there is ever a time a person should “keep their voice quiet”. This is the sort of thing we are told by people who don’t wish to hear what we think. This is the sort of thing the Group-Thought-Police tell us. Did I say “DAMN”?
  5. Again from the nonvoting friend… And he is right… he is informed, he is not an idiot… “I looked at my options, saw that none of them were running under the stance that we need to get rid of the party system, so there wasn’t anyone I could morally support without compensating my views.” Perfect. Informed. Articulate.
  6. My niece is a thoughtful, smart gal and tells us… ” There are more than 2 parties, too. More reasons now than ever before that there needs to be more options than Rs or Ds.” What can I say… she is clever, I know she is willing to research her choices. She is not a pan-banger telling us what is wrong. She simply and clearly states her position on the topic.
  7. And lastly… “Thanks for voting! I totally agree the choices are not always the best but we have to keep hoping someday a messiah will run and things will change! Right now what we can do is vote!” What can I say? What can anyone say about the nebulous and ethereal? “keep hoping someday a messiah will run and things will change!”. Sorry, I prefer facts and measurable measurables. Not philosophical dreaming.

Now, I’d like to take a look at what folks voted for. As the family and friends I am interacting with here live in Iowa I am taking a look at the established platforms of…

If you voted Democrat: Here’s the IOWA party page…

This site is set up pretty well. Just a few things the Democrat Party in Iowa is in support of:

  1. reparations for African-Americans/Native Americans
  2. reproductive rights
  3. human rights of immigrants including due process/family preservation/pathway to citizenship
  4. sanctuary cities
  5. universal access to physical/mental healthcare/housing/living income/potable water
  6. comprehensive, universal, single-payer healthcare for all,
  7. medical end-of-life options
  8. rescheduling, expanding access to, medical cannabis
  9. peaceful conflict resolution, normalized US diplomatic relations with all countries/multilateral solutions to international problems
  10. closing Guantanamo Bay detention facilities
  11. federal court access for non-US detainees
  12. promoting human dignity, resolving global poverty, protecting clean air/water, improving education, and reducing hunger/disease

The Republican of Iowa website is quite different.

Lets see…

  1. The Iowa Republican party aggressively support a “life begins at conception” bill without exceptions. We believe that all human beings, from conception to natural death, have a God given and constitutionally protected right to life, which cannot be infringed we believe all such issues belong under the constitutional authority of the state, not federal government.
  2. We oppose using public revenues for abortion or funding organizations which advocate it. We commend those who provide alternatives to abortion by meeting the needs of mothers and offering adoption services.
  3. We reaffirm our support for appointment of judges who respect tradition family values and the sanctity of life.
  4. We oppose the non-consensual withholding or withdrawal of care or treatment, including food and water, from people with disabilities, including newborns, as well as the elderly and infirmed, just as we oppose active and passive euthanasia and assisted suicide.
  5. We believe that traditional, two parent (one male and one female), marriage based families are the foundation to a stable, enduring, and healthy civilization. Therefore, public policy must always be pro-family in nature, encouraging marital and family commitment, and supportive of the parental rights and responsibilities.
  6. We encourage the repeal of any laws allowing any marriage that is not between one natural man and one natural woman.
  7. We support non-embryonic stem cell research, such as promoting the use of adult stem cells, while opposing human cloning and research using fetal tissue from abortions.
  8. We believe the selling, brokering or marketing of aborted fetal tissue should be illegal.
  9. We support adequate funding for state mental health facilities dedicated to inpatient services and outpatient mental health facilities and services. We support an increase in trained mental health professionals and staff sufficient to meet the needs of our state.
  10. We support the 1st Amendment to allow prayer in Public Schools and Public Places.
  11. We believe that parents are responsible for their children, and we support the rights of parents to be the ultimate authority for the discipline, protection, and education of their children.
  12. We believe money should follow the child in education – whether that child attends public, private, parochial or home school- to assist parents financially in educating their children using the option best suited to their family’s educational needs. We call on the General Assembly to provide for tuition vouchers, tax deductions, or tax credits to permit parents’ choice in educating their children- without government intervention in the school curriculum.
  13. We strongly believe in the constitutionally protected natural right of individuals to keep and bear arms, as recognized and protected by the Second Amendment, and we support the repeal of existing laws that infringe upon those rights. We support the addition of “castle doctrine” provisions to Iowa law.
  14. We support “Conscience Clause” legislation so that no person, business, or organization can be penalized for its exercise of religious freedom by not providing services that violates their religious beliefs.
  15. We support legislation that would prohibit any organization, (in example, Planned Parenthood), from entering public school properties for the purpose of promoting promiscuous behavior and abortion products, videos, or printed material.
  16. The actions of national intelligence agencies must not infringe upon American citizens’ Constitutional rights.

OK, the difference is pretty basic conservative v liberal stuff… The right to bear arms. The right to life v the personal choice to abort or not. Prayer in schools is a good topic. The immigration/ sanctuary issue is notable.

Just for flavour let me see what the libertarian of Iowa platform looks like… And I like the site… well done. Very nifty…

The sire starts with this:Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 5.01.11 pm.png

Now, the thought I have after this bit of research is that I doubt all to hell and back that more than a fraction of the folks who voted actually have reviewed the policies of those who they have voted for. As I say too often, politics today is team sports, its my team/ our team v your team/ that team. It has nothing to do (very little to do) with policies and more to do with personalities. It is the foundation, the core of personality politics.

Which I don’t do, sorry. And I firmly feel that engaged but disgruntled voters like myself may be too well-informed.

See, as I review the policies of the GOP, the Democrats and the Libertarians I find that I cannot agree with any one on all they offer. I cannot support any single, overall.

Of course I can agree on topical matters… yes for guns. I’m too libertarian to say no to abortion but feel abortion has been overused and abused so indeed needs some strict regulations. I feel national-citenzry is a valuable thing so open boarders don’t float my boat. I can never agree that the government can regulate where I live, how I live or who I interact with. If my neighbor, Bert- the chicken fucker, wants to buy a grain of sand from me I shall forever and always say no because I dont like chicken fuckers. And it is my personal choice to decide who I do business with. I think religion is a personal choice though my choice to educate my children must have some boundaries… noting I don’t agree with educating your children to adhere to a midevil system of male dominance and minority abuse, and jihad. Personal property is personal property. I cannot see where taking from the hard-working “haves” and distributing to those less fortunate is something that offers long-term progress. Taxation should never be wealth redistribution but rather should be for infrastructure and admin costs fairly shared through the classes.

And where are we…

More later

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2018 v10.springcleaning

Sitting in the back yard as the day slips into night. A powederblue sky with deepgreen landscape contracts nicely. Birds of various varieties chatter, squawk, call, chip and cheep. My old “mrfrog” windchime tinkles above me. Photo on 9-9-17 at 11.56 am

Been a warm one today. Not as warm as yesterday and not as warm as next week, but warm. I don’t like running aircons and there is unusually a breeze. Hell! I was up about dawn (before 5am) and wrapped a comforter around me as I snooz’d and watched newz. this climate is great… 70f/20c – 92f/ 29c. The other day it was 35c to 18c… work it out but it means a great warm sunny day with a cool-ish eve night.

The Plover family are happy, walking along the edge of the sprinkler, catching the mist and preening themselves. The distant humm of the ever-present motor-way. It’s a busy time of day, 516pm. A dog is yapping. My family are all gone or we’d hear screaming kids.

Hung out at the Palmwoods house today. Had a couple gotta-dos get cancelled so I got to spend a day in “basic maintenance” mode.

Basic maintenance is all those little jobs and dutys and needstogetdonez… the back closets and top shelfs of spring cleaning… basic maintenance is the stuff you can always not-do. Until it needs done. Until it really needs done.

So today I decided to run a few errands then  wash the house.

Now, just to bring it all into perspective, washing a house aint like washing yer hands. Nor is it like washing the car – tho some of the car washing tools (like a pressure washer) – can be used for both.

No, washing a house is a pretty big affair… I do have a big house…

So I got Paul and Gracie helping me as we hose n scrub and mix cleaners and wash off dust n grime and detritus. The glass and gutters and downpipes and walkways… it is a big job.

And it got done. The outdoorfurniture and the walkways and slidingdoors, etc, et al infinitum.

Damn, I’m kinda beat.

And life is good.


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218 v 11.bigarsedbulls

Was moving the cattle and our big arsed bull, Barney, decided I was in his way.

Now this animal is close to 1.5 ton. Maybe more. He is pretty docile and has never given us reason to be fearful but you treat that much testosterone powered weight with respect…

  1. We move the cattle and Barney decides I am in his way want to go past me and into the back fields…

    2. So I get a bit uneasy and try quickly to get a gate between he and I…

    3. He ends up giving me a load piece of his mind…

    Gotta luv this farming stuff…

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2018 v10.the illusion of poverty

One of the things I find as I travel the USofA is a pervading sense or feeling of poverty. Many, many of the people I interact with verbally claim a financial inability or lack in their lives which feeds a fire of self-need, want, and desire. And unhappiness.

A quick check offers this:

Between 2015 and 2016, US median household income rose 3.2% from $US57,230 to $US59,039, according to a new report released by the U.S. Census Bureau on Tuesday.

It’s now the highest income year on record, beating the previous high of $US58,655 in 1999 (all numbers are adjusted for inflation).

The US poverty rate simultaneously declined about 1% to 12.7%, returning to nearly the same level as in 2007, prior to the recession. In total, 2.5 million fewer people were in poverty in 2016 than in 2015.

All good news, but…

This sense of lack, want, need, poverty has led us to what I feel is an unreasoned attack on the social classes that “HAVE”. The social classes that make more, have more, spend more, want less.

An attack on the “1%” of life that “HAVE”, by those who also have but not as much.

My point is this… If you are living in the USofA you already live in the “land of plenty”. You are already part of that % of the planet that “has more”. You already have more, much more than many on the planet we can compare with.

For a quick comparison I go to the Solomons…

The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) reports that in 2001 the Solomon Islands’ gross domestic product (GDP) was estimated at $800 million. The per capita GDP was estimated at $1,700. The annual growth rate of GDP was estimated at -10%. The average inflation rate in 2001 was 7.9%. The CIA defines GDP as the value of all final goods and services produced within a nation in a given year and computed on the basis of purchasing power parity (PPP) rather than value as measured on the basis of the rate of exchange. It was estimated that agriculture accounted for 42% of GDP, industry 11%, and services 47%. aid receipts amounted to about $137 per capita and accounted for approximately 22% of the gross national income (GNI).

Read more:

OK, I know comparing the US with the Solos is not an equitable comparison. But I wish to note a GDP in the USA of 59.5k vs 1.7k$ in the Solos.

Quick comparisons rarely work…

But my discussion is not about income or GDP. It’s about a sense of want, a financial fear, an inarticulate need. A pervading sense of “poverty”.

Lets check the definition of poverty…

  1. 1.
    the state of being extremely poor.
    “thousands of families are living in abject poverty”
    synonyms: penurydestitutionindigence, pennilessness, privationdeprivationimpoverishment, neediness, needwanthardship, impecuniousness, impecuniosity, hand-to-mouth existence, beggary, pauperism, straitened circumstances, bankruptcyinsolvency;More

  2. 2.
    the state of being inferior in quality or insufficient in amount.
    “the poverty of her imagination”
    synonyms: scarcitydeficiencydearthshortagepaucityinsufficiencyinadequacyabsencelackwantdeficitmeagreness, limitedness, restrictedness, sparseness, sparsity;More


    OK, not sure that helped a whole lot. I am going to think that “poverty” is as much a state of mind as it is a state of financial resources.

    In 2008, at the height of the “Global Financial Collapse” I listed to a radio programme where the fact that many billionaires had been reduced to being millionaires was a big, big deal. Of course my rock-had heart bled and cried for those poor billionaires who were reduced to millionaire status.

    Whats the difference between a million and a billion?

    a trillion is a thousand billion and a billion is a thousand million. But I didn’t really understand what that means. … It would take almost 12 days for a million seconds to elapse and 31.7 years for a billion seconds. Therefore, a trillion seconds would amount to no less than 31,709.8 years.

    The answer is that there is a big, big difference between a million and a billion and a trillion. As much of a difference as between 59.5k$ and 1.7k$. Where are we now?

    Comparatively one would quickly assume the US is NOT poor at all.


    Heres the list:

    Country Average income
    annually   Monthly
    1 Monaco 186,080 $ 15,507 $
    2 Liechtenstein 116,300 $ 9,692 $
    3 Bermuda 106,140 $ 8,845 $
    4 Switzerland 80,560 $ 6,713 $
    5 Norway 75,990 $ 6,333 $
    6 Luxembourg 70,260 $ 5,855 $
    7 Macao 65,130 $ 5,428 $
    8 Iceland 60,830 $ 5,069 $
    9 United States 58,270 $ 4,856 $
    10 Ireland 55,290 $ 4,608 $
    11 Denmark 55,220 $ 4,602 $
    12 Singapore 54,530 $ 4,544 $
    13 Sweden 52,590 $ 4,383 $
    14 Australia 51,360 $ 4,280 $
    15 Hong Kong 46,310 $ 3,859 $
    16 Netherlands 46,180 $ 3,848 $
    17 Austria 45,440 $ 3,787 $
    18 Finland 44,580 $ 3,715 $
    19 Germany 43,490 $ 3,624 $
    20 Canada 42,870 $ 3,573 $
    21 Belgium 41,790 $ 3,483 $
    22 United Kingdom 40,530 $ 3,378 $
    23 United Arab Emirates 39,130 $ 3,261 $
    24 New Zealand 38,970 $ 3,248 $
    25 Japan 38,550 $ 3,213 $
    26 France 37,970 $ 3,164 $
    27 Israel 37,270 $ 3,106 $
    28 Italy 31,020 $ 2,585 $
    29 South Korea 28,380 $ 2,365 $
    30 Spain 27,180 $ 2,265 $
    31 Saudi Arabia 20,080 $ 1,673 $
    32 Portugal 19,820 $ 1,652 $
    33 Czech Republic 18,160 $ 1,513 $
    34 Greece 18,090 $ 1,508 $
    35 Chile 13,610 $ 1,134 $
    36 Argentina 13,040 $ 1,087 $
    37 Hungary 12,870 $ 1,073 $
    38 Venezuela 12,780 $ 1,065 $
    39 Poland 12,710 $ 1,059 $
    40 Croatia 12,430 $ 1,036 $
    41 Costa Rica 11,040 $ 920 $
    42 Turkey 10,930 $ 911 $
    43 Romania 9,970 $ 831 $
    44 Malaysia 9,650 $ 804 $
    45 Russia 9,230 $ 769 $
    46 China 8,690 $ 724 $
    47 Mexico 8,610 $ 718 $
    48 Brazil 8,580 $ 715 $
    49 Kazakhstan 7,890 $ 658 $
    50 Bulgaria 7,760 $ 647 $
    51 Equatorial Guinea 7,060 $ 588 $
    52 Cuba 6,570 $ 548 $
    53 Thailand 5,960 $ 497 $
    54 Colombia 5,830 $ 486 $
    55 South Africa 5,430 $ 453 $
    56 Iran 5,400 $ 450 $
    57 Serbia 5,180 $ 432 $
    58 Bosnia and Herzegovina 4,940 $ 412 $
    59 Albania 4,320 $ 360 $
    60 Kosovo 3,890 $ 324 $
    61 Sri Lanka 3,840 $ 320 $
    62 Philippines 3,660 $ 305 $
    63 Indonesia 3,540 $ 295 $
    64 Egypt 3,010 $ 251 $
    65 Morocco 2,860 $ 238 $
    66 Ukraine 2,390 $ 199 $
    67 Vietnam 2,170 $ 181 $
    68 Nigeria 2,080 $ 173 $
    69 Syria 1,840 $ 153 $
    70 India 1,820 $ 152 $
    71 Pakistan 1,580 $ 132 $
    72 Ghana 1,490 $ 124 $
    73 Bangladesh 1,470 $ 123 $
    74 Kenya 1,440 $ 120 $
    75 Ethiopia 740 $ 62 $
    76 Afghanistan 570 $ 48 $
    77 Democratic Republic of the Congo 450 $ 38 $
    78 Madagascar 400 $ 33 $

    So, why this sense of poverty I come across in the USofA?

    Can anyone help me?

    I am quick to assume that the sense of need comes from a sense of want. A want for newer and better things… watches, cars, phones, computers, TVs, et al.

    A barefoot man may want for a pair of shoes, while a man with many pairs of shoes is wanting for something better, newer? Is that it?

    And does the vilification of the “1%” who have come from nothing more than desire? Covetousness? Do we really want the man with many pairs of shoes to give his unneeded pairs away, or do we too want many pairs of our own?

    I’ll keep working on this and welcome any help that may be out there to understand where we all are here.



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2018 v.Baseball stands

Quick question…

Watching the Dodgers v Red Socks series.

No one kneeling during the National Anthem.

No One.

Is it only the pro-footballers that feel depressed and oppressed?

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2018 v10.FGM question

quick stats…

Figure 1 – Percentage distribution of ages at which girls have undergone FGM (as reported by their mothers)


Source: UNICEF, 2013

Figure 2 – Percentage of girls and women aged 15 to 49 years who have undergone FGM, by country


Source : UNICEF, 2013

OK, as the world burns over a journalist murdered in an embassy, and as idiots and fools spread hard-core terror by mail, and as the pulpits and dais of the world apologise for generational abuse of a systemic kind…

I hear no one discussing the topic of Female Genitalia Mutilation…

What am I missing… are we condoning FGM?

?ow can we can cry over 50 year old sins and still allow severe, avoidable abuse to take back in our back yards?

Posted by: nativeiowan | October 24, 2018

2018 v10.octoberending

I have been traveling. Bouncing around the planet. I am now back in the land of Oz. Have been here a number of days, but only now, these past two nights, have I been back on the farm.

Golly, its nice here. I sleep better, smile more, relax heaps, and enjoy the Wa of life much, much more.

What is “Wa”?                                                 Wa (和) is a Japanese cultural concept usually translated into English as “harmony”. It implies a peaceful unity and conformity within a social group, in which members prefer the continuation of a harmonious community over their personal interests.

Of course, being in LA/ Pasadena is rough on my country-boy sensibilities. The noise, the lights, the buzz of the city. I didn’t sleep well. Didn’t wake happy and refreshed.

Here, on the farm, its in bed and asleep by 10 – at the latest. Last night I went down by 930. I sleep with the house open. It gets cool at night. Last night an-almost-full-moon illuminated the windows. As I drifted off to sleep I recall hearing a cow bellow. It made me smile.

I woke at 530. The birds were making too much noise. Its light well before 5 here in summer so the bird life is up and chirping very, very early. Mid-summer the sun is up by 430. Its kinda nice.

I think of the Roman empire… on many Roman Empire “Fronts” it was necessary to build walls to keep the barbarians at bay.  Germany, The British Isles, both had mega-mile walls constructed. Of course the MongoliavChina wall was GREAT.

Why were wall built?

Of course, the only reason I can think of to build a wall is either to keep something in, or keep something out. Is there any other reason to build a wall? I ask openly. I can’t come up with another reason why I’d build a wall.

I build walls to develop and contour the land. Retaining walls are common. Is a fence a wall?                                                fence is a usually wooden or metal structure that encloses a yard, pasture, or other area. … The difference between a fence and a wall is that you can almost always see through a fence, at least to some degree, while a wall is solid.

Ok, so a fence can be seen through. By my definition something “solid” is substantial, more substantial than something you can see through. So a wall is moe secure than a fence.

Why did the romans build wall?

Walls more than not a built for defensive purposes.

There is a moving mass of humanity heading toward the southern border of the USofA.

Makes me wonder if this is, again, history repeating itself….


Posted by: nativeiowan | October 14, 2018

2018 v10.Ode to Classical Authors

It’s an early eventide here in Pasadena. It started raining late yesterday and precipitation has been consistent for 24 hours. In the SoCal/ LA area rain of any kind is grand, and 24 hours of precipitation is Cmas, NewYears and Easter all at once.

The concrete jungle is hapi. The grey dinge and sooty coating that lies on the city has been rinsed off. The air – the LA air- is clean.

The act of moving – no longer residing in a place of habitual residence – “moving”. The act of moving is in all ways cathartic. Nostolgia heightens as one cleans the corners, empties the closets and cupboards. Discarding the detritus of life, as one moves on, is all ways poignant.

For no known reason I find myself stumbling across too many literary memories… its hard to explain… All of the sudden I am thinking of a bit of writing from Herman Melville. Or Hermann Hesse.

“For Madmen Only” was a recent thought. Who recalls that line?

I recently reread Hesse’s Siddhartha. Time well spent. I am currently reading Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. I tend to travel back in literary time these days. Modern authors and wordsmiths hold not my attention.

I wonder if the generation to come will find the works of Jack London riveting. I love the fact that the complete, and I mean complete works of Jack London are available right here…

Aint that cool? And the works of so many of the classical-greats are available, free of charge. Way, way cool in my books… 

Just search for an author… Joseph Conrad, Rudyard Kipling… The Man Who would be King…

The world will be a poorer place when these works are no longer read.

And the beat goes on…

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