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2020 v4.10

It’s a Wednesday morn here in QLD. I’m starting slow. Enjoying the cool weather this morn, wrapped in a granny-blanket and listened to the daily Cornavirus update from the White House.

A couple things come to mind… I am very impressed how the Trump Administration stand in the firing line taking questions. They’ve been at it for well over an hour. They are not shy. They stand there and take question after question. Unprecedented in the way Trump is making this team available to the press. Even as the never-ever Trumpsters complains and cry and dissemble.

I hear the negative-left grumbling that “he’s not nice”. Just another reality TV show. They are wrong. Way working. It is unprecedented the access this Administration is offering.

I watch as the same “journalists” reword well worn verbal land mines, day after day. It becomes a bit annoying when these arrogant people grandstand in what I feel is a very civilised and professional public information venue. But I guess its part of their job to be small minded and uncivil.

My tribe is doing well. Boys and little girls have on-line schooling. Or, rather, the boys have school and Paul n Betsy has set up school for the little girls. 3yrold Nova is cute, puts on a uniform and sits as quiet as possible as the big guys are in class. Mind you, 3yrolds do not sit quiet well.

Grace and I are cleaning up the yard and getting the veggie garden ready for the southern, winter season.

Today I’ll use the chainsaw and get things ready for a big burn. It’s nice being on a property. It’s nice to have all the room. But it takes a fair amount of effort. A positive, old-fart merry-making effort.

I used to be both perplexed and angry when my parents took such perverse joy in their “gardening” exploits. As a kid, I considered it to be slave labour. I very much enjoyed the “fruits of our labours”, but I hated the work. I rebelled. Got in trouble. It was not fun at all.

These days its is all a pleasure.

Yesterday I prepared the-big-bed for planting. A few days ago Grace had thrown organic fertiliser on the ground and covered all with the remnants of the pumpkin crop. Left all the thick, green pumpkin vines on the bed to have the nutrients therein leached into the soil.

I pulled the vines off and dumped a bunch of well munched top soil onto the bed. I then dug it all with a good garden fork. Along with a bunch of trimming in the orchard, I worked only a few hours, less than 4 complete hours of effort. It rained while I was at this so enjoyed working in the rain. But I note my age. I sleep real well.

I do feel my age today.

One of the interesting recent happenings is the fact that good ol-fashioned chloroquine is a good prophylaxis and treatment for covid. This makes me happy. I am well acquainted with the use of chloroquine and other malarial treatments. After 40 years in the tropics I have pretty much used all the malarial drugs. I have no idea how many times Ive had malaria. Many, many. Every member of my family has had it, from very young, recurring through life. Considering Malaria remains a major cause of death world wide, I still keep a supply of malarial drugs on hand. It’s part of being a tropical sorta guy.

Unavailable in Brisbane or Des Moinse, chloroquine is an across the counter drug in many countries. For SBD$17.00/ $3.00 in real money, you can buy a 4 day treatment. And being intimate with malaria, as I am, I am confident this will both defend and heal in the current state of play. My plan is to hang on to the 6x4day treatments I have, and use if covid gets in the door. If it arrives, we’ll treat those ill and protect those well.

And then beat goes on.

Stay well.

Smile always

Posted by: nativeiowan | March 28, 2020

2020 v3. de shit just got real

Sitting in the sunshine in the back yard of the Palmwoods ranch. We’ve been sitting quiet after picking the boys up from school last Wednesday. Aiming to isolate as much as possible while this virus-scare blows. I do a trip to the shops every few days, only buying what we need for a few days.

I note that there has been way too much selfish bullshit taking place. We don’t “need” much and to buy months worth of goods is just plain dumb. I was speaking to a guy who commented that the local white goods stores, the places that sell refrigerators and freezers and bread makers and such, are like the grocery stores… a lot of items simply out of stock. People panic buying and bulk freezing food has led to meat being in short supply. We live in dairy country so good milk and cheese is easy here. Grog shops and hair dressers are considered essential services and remain open.

So, de shit just got real in our household. Daughter-in-law, Betsy, called from work, she being isolated after coming in contact with a virus-ill patient. Paul went to get her. She’ll come home and stay in one of the bedrooms until such time as her supervisors at the hospital tell her she’s ok… either the patient proves to be negative or 14 days passes. Which ever comes first.

In our house we have Paul, Betsy, their 5yr old GG and 3yr old Nova. Plus Angelo, Mendoza, Grace and I. A cousin from the Solomons, going to Uni on the coast, has been staying while school is suspended. She’s going back to her home. Lessens the number of cloistered peoples to manage by one.

Through out the madness of hysteria and fear of illness, throughout the confusion and panic, the mistakes and mishaps and closures and all and everything that has transpired so quickly…

Through out all I have refrain from being vocal. I have refrained from being vocal about the dip-shit-pundits that criticise every effort to alleviate that which is unknown but very feared. I have been quiet about the many blunders of omission and commission… Fucking-dumb-ass Cuomo in New York didn’t know what he had on hand and gets caught being a loud mouth cry baby. Dumb-shit liberal judges release folks from incarceration, only forcing the local constabulary to deal with these guys the next day. Witch-from-hell-Pelosi wants to inflate the response funding by gigabytes to support loony-liberal programmes that ain’t got nuthn to do with the virus. As a huge challenge, as huge threat to all n everything, such as had not been seen in generations… As we are concerned with reaction times, the same-ol, same-ol political BS dominates the loony left.

No, I have not shot my dumb-ass mouth off about the stupidity of elected leaders world wide. Here in Aus, Morrison talked a good game, walked the walk, only to see States handle things differently, in their own way… leading to infected people getting into the public and exacerbating the situation by a factor of ten.

But, in support of the inept leaders we the people elect… no one could have been prepared for this.

Sure, we all know its been predicted and perhaps even expected. We knew that our modern life styles are ready to be influenced by an extreme external factor. But I don’t believe any authority or elected body could have been prepared for the size and extent of what we’re seeing.

My tribe here in Aus is in a pretty damn good situation… Big house, acres of yard, big pool, motorbikes and machines to have fun on, monster garden just in time for seasonal planting. We harvested pumpkins today. Fertilised and dug and cleaned. We’ll plant in about a week.

It’s going to be tough to have Betsy in isolation. Her girls are going to miss her. She’s going to miss her girls.

As I speak, the boys and the little girls are in the pool. Winter is coming on so I’ve turned the pool-heater up to 30c/ 85f. I keep the pool covered when not in use and its always nice to open it up and hop in with a smile, considering air temps between 18c/ 60f and 30c/ 85f daily.

I’m very pleased with my management of electricity-usage… Or rather, the management of my electrical-all… My 15kva PV system with adjacent 15kva powerwall provides 80% of our needs most days. It’s important to note that we use huge amounts of electricity: Big pool, big house, many people. Before the PV system was installed our bill was 1000.00AUD a month. Now a-days its less than 100.00AUD a month.

I use a system of timers and switches to manage on and off times of all major electrical components. If I were to run all the pumps at once I’d very much consume all and more than the PV can provide. So I give the first hours of the morning to the battery for recharge, then the heater is on for 3 hours, then the filter system then the floor system. By 3pm all is off and the battery gets another boost for the night. It’s now 330pm, very overcast day, and the system is producing 2.8kW with the house now consuming .7 and the battery getting a good charge.

And the beat goez on…

More later

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2020 v3.been a long, long while

Been a while since Ive gotten anything out here.

Guess Ive been Bizzy.

In an effort to do some catching up… I’ll discuss a topic we all LOVVVVE…


This my 1952 Thunderbird. A very, very cool bike.

I recently was contacted my Warner Brothers, they wanted to hire this bike to use in their movie about Elvis. Filming as we speak on the Gold Coast, it’ll feature Tom Hanks as Elvis’ manager “The Colonel”.

I am planning to take this machine apart, clean and rejuvenate everything. Repaint, rechrome, rebuild. If I wasn’t cleaning it for the movies, I’d be disassembling for the coming rebuild.

But my buddy Genius-Jim gave my name to the movie folks and they got hold of me. Of course, having my bike “in the movies” is way fucking cool, so I agreed. Jim gave the machine a quick once over, got it running for the first time in years, and gave it to me to clean up.

Cleaning, rebuilding old machines is like a forensic adventure. As I work on this, I get to know it. I can see where its been and why it is what it is…

Originally, the 52 was sold with all painted parts one colour…

You can see the hubs and chain guard and fenders, et al are the same colour

This bike tells me that at some stage in its life it was laid on its left side at reasonable speed… Left exhaust pipe still crushed. The frame is a bit un-true.

As I take it apart, cleaning and polishing I can see what happened. I’d say that it went down and the front end got smashed up. Maybe the frame got damaged. I think the accident happened somewhere in its first 10 years. It’s complete and intact. A very good example. But it got rebuilt, probably after the accident. Probably after it sat for a while. I kinda think someone bought it damaged, used another bike for parts, and did a kick arse rebuild. It really is a good machine.

And it got a new paint job… A modern custom job… the hubs are bare metal. The chain guard chromed, the frame and fender posts painted black. The front end painted or rebuilt from a black bike… ??

My glutes and back are stiff and sore from getting up and down so much. You can see the polishing aides I use. Rags and pastes and a drill with mops and brushes. A lot of time down low. Doing yoga on the shed floor.

The bike, as it is now, It’s very much a custom job. Matching numbers, all the right parts there. But someone custom painted and chromed it up and added the seats, to suit their 60s tastes. Or so I am assuming…

The fringe on the seats tells me this was a mid-60s rebuild. It wasn’t until the mid 60s that the leather fringe thing was cool. In its day, it was a Queen of the road.

So there you have it… my past few days in a few Picts.


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2020 v2.13

A Thursday here. The rains remain. Heavy rains. Deluges. The sort that you cant walk out doors, even for a few steps, without being drenched.

Need to get a bit of business done… need to get this GOFUNDME page out there…

Those of us who had the honour of knowing Patrick Purcell, knew he lived for today.

When he flew to Australia, just one week ago, he was ill but felt confident he would be flying back to Gizo.

But noooooo… his raggedy arse got promptly put in hospital, his condition was way, way worse than thought, advanced aggressive Lukemia was the diagnosis.

Pat passed quietly about 4pm on Tuesday the 11th. His wife, Jully, two daughters, Lomé and Lale, and son, Ricky at his bedside.

So, as we close these pages of of Life, we have to pay the ferryman. There is a cost to death.

I’m assisting the family sort the financials involved with dying is Australia. Final costs are AUD$25,000.00.

So… I’m going to pump this fundme page out and ask all those old hands, friends, bar flies and dancing partners to lend a hand.

Thanks in advance….

On a lighter note:

Today is Lucky 13’s fifth bday… Also known as Gloria Grace, or G.G. She’s 5yrsold today. Started school this year.

They get big so fast..

Big smiles

More later

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2020 v2.12 banshees

Definition of a banshee…

A shelf in my shed collapsed. After an easy three years… I noticed it a little while ago. Can’t say when. I’ve been busy.

Nothing immediately important on the floor. Nothing breakable. I’ve had my old books n some charts n tools n various debris piled up there, too the ceiling, for a while.

Willis’ sextant in the corner but it is fine.

As I clean the mess up I find these.

Hugs to those nearest

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2020 v2.11 This Mortal Coil

1210am this Tuesday morning.

I’m a bit wired. It’s late and I’m up, watching a Bgrade movie and thinking about the past… Maybe being nostalgic…

My ol compadre, partner in crime, brother at arms, Pat Purcell lies his death bed.

Pat and I have been friends since he first landed Gizo in… ??? …. 83/84? I’m old, my memory fails me…

As Pat lies his death bed, I visit, I sit beside, I share time and space with him and his family.

Today he is much diminished.

More tomorrow

Posted by: nativeiowan | February 10, 2020

2020 v2.10 old friends passing

Monday morning here in QLD. Rains and floods and cyclones and massive fires are the news of the day.

Welcome to the land of Aus.

It’s a slow, sad day.

My old compadre, Pat Purcell, lies in the Oncology ward of the Gold Coast hospital.

Those who are faithful readers on my blog know Pat. He and I have been partners in crime since 1984/85. I was a Peace Corps Vol in the Western Province when Pat showed up as a Canadian Vol.

He, like I, married a “western girle'”, built a life in Gizo. When our kids were little we lived next door to each other. There were not many days, or many adventures, or really any fun that was had that Pat and Mike did not share together.

All I can say is here…

Posted by: nativeiowan | January 31, 2020

2020 v1.31 end of month one

Well, I shall say that the first month of this new decade has been rather entertaining. Between the bullshit happening in the hallowed halls of the US Senate, and the fun times being publicised as Brexit, well hell, its been a very entertaining month.

I particularly enjoyed Nigel Farage’s parting shots at Brussels. One thing he did made sense to me… He was speaking of the UK v Brussels dispute, equating it to the Trump phenomenon, and the world wide pendulum shift of Nationalistic attitudes… In Farage’s words… It is between Globalism and Nationalism. The drive and push to globally integrate world wide production and distribution systems, as opposed to a grass roots desire of self determination.

Speaking of the EU: I am a long time head scratcher when it comes to the EU… With the EU we have a non-representative body making rules and regs effecting a huge area and a lot of people. I never really understood how or why the EU was set up as an elite ordered system. No elections, just appointments to EU control. Not something I like.

The USofA does not have enough reality shows, so this impeachment process offers a very real reality show… Lies, deceit, amazing verbiage. A waste of time and money.

Fires and floods down Under. Had a shed blow away in a recent thunderstorm…

And the beat goez on…


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2020 v 1.25 a Saturday

For us, here in Aus, on this sweltering Saturday, we’re looking at the end of the holidays.

Like the end of “summer vacation” in the Northern Hemisphere, school starts again next week. Our two month long hiatus in scholarly activities is at an end. We have a 17yrold, a 14yrold, and a 6yrold starting back to school on Tuesday.

So I worked the boys hard yesterday. They own me Monday as a full day of work. Today I did a bit of shopping with them then left them to their own devices. Tomorrow they get to spend the day at the beach. Monday we work, Tuesday they go back into boarding school.

Have been paying a little attention to the Impeachment Process. It is difficult. So much spin going on. So much BS. So much same old, same old Politics.

But I am perplexed, even confused…

I think we can all agree that the Clinton’s ran a pay-to-play business out of high-office. I may get yelled at over this but the record of The Clintons’ (plural possessive) selling of their public office is week documented. Just check the list of Bill’s speaking engagements, and what these paid, while Hillary was in charge. Even Chelsea and their pet rabbit got paid mega-bucks to shake hands and take pictures.

So, explain to me why we are not easily convinced that VP Joe Biden peddled influence as well.

Biden has been peddling influence for over 40 years.

I’m not sure what the current discussion is about.

And the beat goez on

More later

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2020 v1.18 a rainy Saturday

It’s a nice, very nice rainy Saturday.

After the months of dry, hot, dry weather; after the water table dropping and ground cracking, after the flies and ticks and the grass in the pastures all but drying up…

It’s a very, very nice rainy Saturday.

It’s 9am at the Palmwoods ranch.. the air is clean, the birds are hapi, the kids here are just waking up. Loud hapi little-girl voices, over loud and over exuberant, punctuated by the slamming of doors, as they rush out of their bedroom.

There is a nice, relaxed, hapi feeling in the air.

Big Dawg, Kuma, is still lazing by my bedroom door. Some days he’s up early demanding attention, demanding a feed, demanding to be let out for a leak. This morn he lays quietly, his eyes tracking me as I move about, but holding still as if he does not want to be noticed. As if he simply wants to lie quiet for a while longer.

Over night Morosa Valley got over 100mm/ 4inches of rain. In the last week or so we’ve probably received over 150mm/ 6inches. Which is huge. But 100mm over night is magical…

I was out at the farm yesterday. Our mini-lake was pretty dry. Though the previous rains had helped and made the exposed bottom of the “water-hole” muddy, I could still see the exposed bottom. This morning, after the big rain over night, we can see a huge difference…

It’s quite amazing how much this has gained over night. I can see that the water table has been restored, rejuvenated, returned to a state of normality. You can see the poly-water pipe and the float that keeps the suction off the bottom. We use this body of water to irrigate. We have not irrigated for weeks and weeks. This coming back is huge to the farm.

The “silver-lining” in the drought is that we got to dig this all out. After years of use the bottom was silted up. A tree had grown in the centre of it. The dry spell allowed us to get a big excavator in and open everything up, enlarge it all and prepare for the next long-dry.

I am very pleased how this all turned out.

Ahhh… the simple pleasures of being a farmer… water security is a good feeling.

Speaking of The Big Dry: Of course, the world knows of Australia’s recent fires and trauma. This has been a bad DRY Spell. A very bad one. And maybe some good will come from it all…

The policies of recent years has seen a loony-liberal-left-leaning attitude of laissez faire are responsible for a lot of the carnage… as I discuss above, the land must be tended. It’s called “husbandry”…

  1. the care, cultivation, and breeding of crops and animals.
  2. “all aspects of animal husbandry”

The idea that just leaving the land alone is not husbandry.

And the beat goes on…

Big smiles…

More later

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