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2016 v9.2

The ICEBound Saga Continues…


And the story continues…

Last we knew, ICE was safely sailed from New Cal to Gizo.

The intrepid crew sailed into Gizo Harbour on the 2nd of July.

Since then ICE has been tended and petted by son, Don.

He’s been running it, had it out for an overnight, and I think kinda feels ICE is “his baby”…

Not sure if I agree though, because it is now my turn…

My turn to go be ICEBound.

I’ll get to know the vessel, figger out the secrets therein…

And there a lot of secrets and “weirdities” to contend with.

Too many really…

ICE was designed by the man I call Dodgy Don… Why do I call him Dodgy Don… because I have learned that about 82% of what Dodgy Don says is untrue. There is about 15% of truth in the things Dodgy Don says… there are many, many good stories and long drawn out tales. Dodgy Don is a great tale-teller. And, even, an interesting dude…

Don McIntyre…

I was “taken-in” by Dodgy Don. I thought he was the sorta dude that you could do a hand shake deal with. That you could trust. That his word and reputation was something of value- at least to Dodgy Don.

But I was wrong.

When I first realised Dodgy Don was bullshitting me I was taken a-back. When I realised he had out-right lied to me (more than once) I was angry. When I realised he was a dude-without-honour, I felt sad. Real sad.

I had really liked Dodgy Don. I had really been happy to find a character of equal-status and like-mind. A fellow crazy who would fit in well with my universal family filled with crazies…

But I was wrong. And it saddened me. He wasn’t a crazy… he was a con-man. A liar. What we used to call a “FOS”… A Full of Shit…

Don is a some what “known” Aussie adventurer. He’d done a solo circumnavigation in his day. Spent a winter in Antartica n wrote a book. In the world of Aussie sailing Don McIntyre is a name well recognised.

ICE was originally built to winter in Antartica. That is what the vessel was designed for, but it never made it that far… ICE could never be trusted to compete a voyage without incident…

As near as I can tell ICE was well built – very, very well built- but weirdly, and in some places, cheaply outfitted… Second hand, semi antiquated technology that makes no sense, when modern gear is readily and inexpensively available. Top shelf gear and workmanship with cheap n nasty components.

A lot of real dumb-ass-shit happening…

The electrics are a nightmare. Nothing is logical or straight forward. It is as though two or three different minds did the designs without consulting each other. I still scratch my head over it all.

For such a big boat it is laid out in a rather “uncomfortable” way…

A big master cabin with ensuite…Nice if you’re at anchor and alone with your lover, but kinda strange on ICE, an adventure vessel.

A really great engine room.

A decent galley that works pretty well, but a big salon with some tiny, meaningless berths… well set up as an “at-anchor” living room, but basically a useless area when at sea.

The for’castle double berth is the only space below-decks that makes any real sense. Other than the engine room, that is.

The wheel-house is very spacious but, again, kinda weird.

It could make a great deck-cabin, if the table lowered and the whole place became a queen size bed. You could then turn this into the main bedroom when at anchor. A very useable space that right now is at best a big, difficult table area.

The biggest fuck-up Dodgy Don had was his fuel system. This system alone makes me wonder if Dodgy Don is actually a bleeding idiot…

He created a very complex fuel system of about 8000 litres of storage because he wanted to go to Antartica, and back…

He wanted to be able to hold fuel in a tank for ages and ages, then be able to run the fuel through filters and clean it all before using it to run the vessel or heat the quarters.

That in its own right is all reasonable. But Dodgy Don did it in, what now appears to be, his standard fucked-up, semi-idiot manner…

The vessel has never been reliable because of this fucked-up fuel system. Since ICE was launched it never completed a successful “trip”. The myriad of joints, unions, elbows, valves, and filters were a nightmare of micro-leaks.

The fuel pump on the engine could never suck hard enough to move the fuel from the tanks, through the filters and into the injectors. All the rubber seals were sucked away from their seats and air came into the fuel lines. It never worked… it was never suppose to work…

Of course a pump cannot compress air. So the pump heats up and fails. Time and fucking time again…

All up I think I know of at least 8 pumps having been installed through ICE’s short life. I’ll wager there are many more…

Of course it was the fuel system that turned us around in May. Too much air into the fuel system and an eventual blown pump, again.

It was Hans and Fricky who came up with a logical solution. A solution I am surprised was not considered earlier…

Like a straw with holes in it, when you suck on the end you get too much air to create sustainable suction. You may get a bit of liquid but the air intake diminishes the ability of the “line” to move the fluid.

The answer… instead of sucking, why not push the fuel… pressurise from the far-side of the line… push the fluid (the fuel here) into the line, then let the fuel pump lazily feed the injectors. Instead of making the pump get all hot and sweaty lifting the fuel to the engine… Push the fuel to the pump…

If there are leaks it will be a drip of fuel, not a suck of air.

The solution is so simple, was so, so basic and understandable that the only conclusion I can come to is Dodgy Don, though he may be a great sailer and adventurer, sure as shit ain’t no mechanic. In fact, the solution is so simple I can only conclude that Dodgy Don and anyone who has sailed on, been a part of the history of failed crossings, lived on, used and abused ICE…

Is fucking idiot. Period!

So, I start to plan and prepare – Again…

This is going to be a simple “trip”… I’ll go live on ICE for a while… I’ll target a month, at least…

I’ll start making the changes I think will work for me. I’ll change the salon around, make the wheelhouse a second at-anchor bedroom.

I’ll do a bit of roaming around the Solomons… Maybe go drift in the Manning Strait bit…. See whats out there this time of year… Or maybe go for a quick run to Santa Cruz…

So many options.

And life is good…

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2016 v9.1 “the death of a great sport”

I have been watching as UFC 203 arrives. And I am sad.

I normally would be keen on any upcoming UFC event. I’d be anticipating.

But not any more. I fear the death of a great sport is imminent. Or perhaps it has passed and I am trying to hang on?

When I first started following the MMA scene I saw something way cool and kinda special. The early MMA scene was not modernised enough to do more than crown a single winner of a tournament. modern weight classes didn’t make sense then. It was art from and technique that mattered. Not size.

And there were so many art forms and techniques.

The BJJ I saw practiced by the Gracie Clan in the 90s rocked me. My younger brother was then training with in the Gracie Gym in NYC and he tried to explain to me what was what. But I struggled. My background is mainly wrestling with Tae Kwon Do. To consider that you lie on your back and wrestle from your back was not something I could grasp. Tae Kwon Do taught some chokes so I got that, but the back-fighting i struggled with.

Of course the very first UFC events were rather Medieval. But a dude weighing less than 200lbs/ 90kgs starting beating everyone. He’d often take a couple of hours but once he grabbed an opponant he’d hangon like a snake and eventually wear them down and choke them out.

Royce Gracie pretty much put the world of MMA and the commercial UFC on the map.

UFC #1 was held in 1993. It was a one day, tournament. WInner of the day took home fifty grand.

As I look at the card, now knowing who was who, it was a pretty decent card…ufc-1-copyGracie had three matches that day. Art Jimmerson was a boxer. It took 2 minutes for Gracie to submit him. Ken Shamrock, of course, is a natural badass but this match started the famous Gracie Shamrock feud. Gracie got hold of and choked Shamrock out in less than a second. Shamrock never forgave him. The final saw Gordeau, a Savat/ kick boxer, submit in under 2 minutes. And the world was rocked by BJJ.

UFC 2 gives us an interesting picture of how fast people learn… Gracie had a harder time this round…


With twice as many entrants Gracie had 4 bouts for about 9 minutes total. His first bout lasted 5 minutes. Why? because Ichihara knew Ju Jitsu.

Eventually the UFC concept became the modern system of organised weight classes. everyone now adays trains, at least a bit, in Ju Jitsu. The modern MMA skill set hold no new secrets. No one is coming out and doing things “differently”.

I see it kinda like the pro boxing scene… Everyone knows the same moves and grooves. Its how good your technique and cardio is that decides the finish.

BJ Penn was a great all round MMA competitor. He was one of the last that was into the skill vs skill, not weight class. And his foundation was BJJ. Machita, GSP, Matt Huges, Cotoure, Andreson Silva… and many other, came into the sport with a skill… either wrestling, or karate, or mui tai… and learned the other skills required to compete.

And the Events Were Fantastic. Eventually… there was a time there that UFC got lost, got confused and there were too many promotions to watch. But then, The Modern UFC was conceived. The Ultimate Fighter TV show made it very real…

Remember Griffith v Bonner in the first UFC Championship? What a fight.

That was a decade ago. And, for over 10 years, I have looked forward to each successive event.

Not any more.

I am still pissed off by UFC 200. Its the last UFC I shall ever pay for. We watched it on the big screen on the Sports Bar. My first grip is that Jones got bounced for being juiced. The super-jiuced-Leznar v Hunt match was a sad joke. It was a side show. I should have then realised the sport was dead.

But I tried to watch 201 and 202. But couldnotstandit!!!

Too much of a mix of BS pro boxing hype and money with pro wrestling match rigging and story line selling.

And I Cannot take IT anyMore!!!!

SO I mourn the death of a great sport.




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2016 v9.0

— Just had a fun discussion with an old friend that is worth sharing—



That zinggggg of the zebco as one hooks a cat fish… remember zebco reels?
So once hooked… its only fair to “play the fish”…
Am I wrong, Professor, to feel that this is a pivotal election cycle? So important that I actually hanker to vote. I want to find someone to cast my vote (not my lure) in support of.
A slow Sunday morn here so you get to bear the brunt of morning manic-mania. My second cup of coffee is being professionally prepared by Gracie. The day glows bright and happy. Spring is here. It rained heavy the other night. The garden is doing great. The big-dawg, KUMA, is layzing in the sun out back. 11 yr old Gpup, Mendoza, is at the neighbourhood skate park. I have the double doors open to the outside… the wind chimes tinkle, the wind rustles, and the migratory birds are a quiet cacophony of confusion…
Perhaps you can help me see things straight, Professor. I need an educated and eclectic mind to assist me to see through the political fog…
Hillary and the democratic machine I supported in my youth is not for me. I cannot agree to the shift of power sitting firmly in the laps of totally unsupportable, tainted, dirty-handed candidates.
Not That I ran with the Bernie mob, but the fact that the system was so blatantly and ethos-ly rigged in favour of the she-devil, proves to me the DNC cannot be trusted, that the machine at the national level is lost to those youthful dreams and hopes and desires.
I have reviewed both the DNC and HillaryC websites and find little to inspire. The rhetoric is simply negative verbiage against the “other side”. There is little of substance I can find therein that supports an intelligent backing of the Party Platform.
How come I can’t think of myself as a republican? I kinda wish I could make the shift mentally. I wish I could think as a republican and think that the republican party made  sense for me. Their platform and both their websites (RNC AND DJT sites) are less frothing-ly at the mouth as the DNC but there is little difference tonally. The substance is a bit better and more sensible, a bit.
I wish I could pick and choose… maybe like a lego set… choose between the 4 main platforms to create one I could support.
I consider myself an old conservative hippy. Maybe a bit of Amish-ish farm boy needs to be added to the old hippy… lets call it a solid dose of midwestern youth from the 60s; where we learned to work very hard, carried guns through town as we went to hunt squirrels, rabbits, and pheasant. We mowed lawns (very big lawns) for 50cents a throw, shovelled the snow form the neighbourhood sidewalks for 25cents and a cup of cocoa. Baled hay, shovelled shit from stinky stables, baby-sat, cleaned gutters (that were 40 foot off the ground), and learned both respect and a work ethic. Add to this a big dose of V8-petrol head, A jigger of Easy Rider, and a country sense of humour.
As I sit here I enjoy the fragrance of the red roses from my garden. We ate taro from our garden last night. We harvest good food from our back-40 over two seasons here. I have a little tractor and till n plant and nurture and enjoy the fruits of the soil. Like all good old hippies I work hard and sweat a lot to create fun for myself.
So, as a conservative old liberal dude sorta guy, what can I do?
I do not think the continuation of the past 8 years of failed policies is supportable.
I have not lived int he USA for decades. But I visit often, drive long distances while there, and talk to many people. I usually ask peoples points of view on topics of importance. Politics, The Economy, Wages, Education, Quality of Life, etc, etc, etc.
I learned a long time ago that the average person wants little from life… security of family, property… a meaningful and contributory position/ job… a future for progeny… a possibility of a comfortable old age.
But there are so many lives, people, social groups that are no longer “AVERAGE”… Some folks simply do not give much of a shit any more. Some would rather burn the 7-11 than mow their lawn.
I am going to get shot for this… BUT some folks simply are not educated/ informed enough to make positive decisions. The Placebo of Democracy is evident where the social masses are so easily excited and directed.
So, Professor, is it a lost cause… a no choice situation… where we write in Mickey Mouse… or, as I have been prone, to sit back and refuse to participate in a rigged, smoke-and-mirror filled voting booth.
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2016 v8.1

Damn!!! Damn!! Damn!

August is shot in the arse. Where did it go? My favourite month of all, all 31 days of it, gone in a flash.

But what a flash it has been. As usual, August has been a great month…

You may ask, “Why is August your favourite month?”, and I would answer, “Leos Unite!”.

And what a month it has been!

Planetary events, Epic Parties, Road Trips, and More… Visitors and guests, and family old n young, magicians, fire makers, and wine… loads of wine…

We had a pool party and, well, sadly I think we are getting old… we had heaps of wine left over, but it was a great 2 day party… ‪#‎oldfartfunngames‬

Paul’s family spent some time with us. Lucky 13 is my 13th gpup born on the 13th of the month. She is a force. An identity. She has a fearsome vocabulary. And loves yogurt…2016-08-01 20.15.512016-08-01 20.15.522016-08-01 20.15.532016-08-01 20.15.542016-08-01 20.15.59

My almost favourite car… The Feganmobile….2016-08-02 16.13.53Fresh produce on the stove….2016-08-02 16.44.072016-08-02 17.10.122016-08-02 17.10.28Lenny n Lucky…2016-08-04 16.36.422016-08-04 16.36.43

Bikes are important in my life… My #1 Fav is what I call “The Joker”…2016-08-07 16.18.19

Was polishing the 57 Indian…2016-08-08 16.23.212016-08-08 16.23.29

Did you see the sky in August? 5 planets in the sky at once. lots going on. Plenty of energy…2016-08-08 17.50.51

Kuma and I hanging outside…2016-08-09 17.30.112016-08-09 17.30.24

The 69 Atlas… what a beast…2016-08-11 12.48.28

Getting ready for a road trip with Lenny…2016-08-11 13.20.36

We road north to Bowen and back…2016-08-12 08.30.002016-08-12 10.47.312016-08-12 17.59.162016-08-12 18.03.432016-08-13 08.44.242016-08-15 14.23.18

Finally got the pool filled…2016-08-18 09.18.382016-08-18 15.13.11

Hans and I took a trip to South Australia…2016-08-26 10.41.072016-08-26 10.45.012016-08-26 11.10.262016-08-26 12.03.13

Went to a footie game…2016-08-26 19.03.32-12016-08-26 19.03.32-22016-08-26 19.03.332016-08-26 19.05.252016-08-26 19.05.492016-08-26 19.20.20

Stopped at several Hungery jacks…2016-08-27 12.39.012016-08-27 12.39.03

Drove many a lonesome mile…2016-08-27 14.33.022016-08-27 14.33.072016-08-27 14.33.09

Ended up at the Arno Bay Hotel…2016-08-27 15.22.102016-08-27 15.22.132016-08-27 15.47.382016-08-27 15.48.172016-08-27 16.10.372016-08-27 16.10.382016-08-27 16.11.482016-08-27 16.19.542016-08-27 17.24.442016-08-28 11.01.032016-08-28 11.01.20

The trip was tiring… 2016-08-29 10.52.15

But back home, and the new pool is fun…2016-08-29 18.08.102016-08-29 18.09.222016-08-29 18.09.31

Tonight I cooked a big pot of veggie stew…2016-08-31 14.33.022016-08-31 14.33.06

And remember… 2016-08-31 14.33.51

See you in September…

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2016 v8.0

A quiet Sunday morn here in Queensland.

Winters here as gentle. Today is overcast, a bit windy but very gentle. The sun is currently peeping out from behind the clouds, sending a welcome bit of thermal warmth through the windows.

Started this morn on a discussion about “sinking islands”. A chapter in the Global Warming books which offers more fiction than fact.

I ponder as per the ability of mankind to constantly, all ways, demand a soon-to-be  catastrophe. Why do we have to have the sky falling to be happy?

My research this morn took me in some interesting directions which I shall share here…

So, to start… and to be sure I know what I am talking about, I shall do a bit of home work here and see where we stand… I do think that Kiribati, as a nation, is doing pretty good, overall, economically…

My research sent me to a good read which i think helps a lot here…

Are the “islands” sinking or shifting, or moving, or changing?

I started this because of a comment I read in another venue… Untitled 111 copy

Now, to be clear, I took umbrage with this statement… “The effects of climate change may soon render the islands uninhabitable”.

I have taken the time to search for facts regarding the sinking islands. I challenged the statement…

There is heaps of emotion. Too much emotion… here’s a good one…

The pictures alone evoke emotion. But the article is skimpy on facts.

I know I am opening myself up for a bit of backlash. Too many people emotionally have bought into the sinking islands scenario.

Did I mention I own an island that is sinking? It’s in the Morovo Lagoon. Rovana is a large volcanic island. We’ve been there about 20 years. And the coast line has changed year by year. The eastern side of he island is the weather-side. It has big waves crashing along the coastline. The erosion is constant and considerable. Every time I visit I notice change. More trees in the water. More large boulders rolling into the tidal zone. The lagoon-side is a combination of mangroves and rubble. Less prove to visible change.

My very amateurish observations here have been that the erosion on the weather-side often coincides with build up on the lagoon-side. Over the years I have noticed the “hole” where we anchor our boats has gotten shallower.

As well. I own a large piece of waterfront property in Gizo. And it is sinking too. But it is sinking because it is a reclaimed mangrove swamp.

It was reclaimed at least 50 years ago. Coral boulders, old tyres, tree trunks, old steel frames from ancient vehicles… everything and anything was dumped in the swamp and a sizeable waterfront area was developed. And it is sinking at a rate of knots.

Over the almost 30 years I have been there we have dumped tons and tons of fill onto of the old fill. And it still sinks.

Must be Global Warming…

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2016 v7.2

Last day of July, 2016…

My, how time flies when you be having fun…

7th month of the year complete. Over half way through the year, and only about 100 days from a US Presidential (and Congressional) election. I guess the US election cycle has dominated the news. But there are other important matters to pay attention to… The upheaval that is the Syria/ Iraq civil war(s) continues. Iran and Russia are a US allies. North Korea has declared war on the USA. Sorta “end of times” stuff, if you believe in fairy tales.

Is there some “Happy-Newz” out there to report? Golly, that’ll take some research… Damn, gotta dig deep for “happy news”…

The Olympic Games in Rio start this week. It has been a conflicted Games. Zika, The Russians being banned, so many sporting stars dropping out of the games… hmmm, not real happy, eh?

Maybe I am going to have to work hard to find positive reports for the month of 07/ 2016…

So, I change my tone… I could report that in July 2016, 412 people were shot in Chicago, leaving 65 dead. But if Mr. Obama don’t give a shit about what happened in Chicago, why should I?

Instead of discoursing on the world, politics, and the fucked up state of affairs we generally live in, I will talk about grandbabies, bikes, boats, ink, dawgs, n fun n games that an ol fart can have if he ain’t too fussy…

Had Don’s baby, Ed, here for quite a while. A toddler means you must be on your toes. It means the house is filled with laughter – or – tears. It means the house can be awake or asleep at odd hours of any day. It means there is no real schedule, noting the child sets the schedule. It means that the ol-folks, Zai and Pappa (grandma and grandpa) are happy all the time…2016-07-14 14.39.47

Paul’s baby, Lucky 13, showed up as Ed was preparing to head home. It is amazing how these two, about the same age, can be so different. Lucky is socialized and is very articulate. Her vocabulary is impressive. Ed is more the lil princess, she haughtily points and grunts. Gets her way through silently instructing the caregivers. Lucky yells, demands, tells you what she wants in a bossy voice. Ed has since left but Lucky, Betsy, and Paul are still here. When they finally depart the ol folks will start arguing again…2016-07-17 11.57.13

Not the best picture… But lucky was not happy being left in my care. She was howling and pretending that if she cried enough she’d be rescued… Once the camera was out she alternated between smiling for the camera and howling at the top of her lungs. Caught her in the transition between tears and laughter here…2016-07-21 19.05.23

All the babies like Big Bro Mendoza. He’s a good guy. Maybe a bit rough but he is still young enough to be fun and big enough to be useful… 2016-07-25 19.11.59

Had the Bimoto out for a day of riding. A rather unusual machine. 110hp on 167kgs… very light, very fast, and not very comfortable to ride. Corners better than a video game bike. It leaves me shaken and smiling for days…2016-07-23 16.46.24

Bike projects abound… been cleaning and getting both the X75 and the 52 Tbird ready for the road. Both should soon be licensed and ready for legal road use…2016-06-06 12.44.462016-06-06 16.02.042016-07-09 18.55.43-3

Ice is now in Gizo. I am unable to fly off and have fun on it. Too much happening here in the land of Oz. But Don and Hans have it well cared for. Maybe in the next month or so I’ll get everything here sorted and can fly off for some time on the water…ice copy

Kuma has started his annual shed. It is a plague when a big, hairy dog sheds. He spends most of his time outside now. He has been digging big holes in the yard to show his unhappiness…2016-07-23 16.47.24

Got new ink the other day… If you don’t understand “The Itch for Ink”, I cannot explain it. If you have an inkling -pardon the pun- you will understand how maturely excited I am over getting a limb totally completed, totally inked. Another 6 hours under the needles and my right arm will be a work of art… There will come a day that I do not have any more skin to ink thus I will have completed my Te Moko journey and then can relax. But that day is a long ways off…2016-07-28 14.55.58

Now, wasn’t that more fun that discussing the Bluezzz…


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2016 v 7.2

Ok, the long, drawn out, painful stage one of this US election cycle is complete.

Stage One of course being the primary process for the nomination of the Party Candidates.

And what do we have… ???

I am not sure!. I wish I could discourse articulately as per what I have studied and what I have deduced. But I can’t!

I am too confused.

But let me try… and don’t throw stones if what I perceive is either left or right of what you perceive… we can still be friends even if we don’t agree politically…

Trump is a big blow hard, monied, ego ridden dude. No doubt about that.

Hillary is a creature of The System. No doubt about that.

Bernie got reamed up the corn-hole (no doubt about that) and I am unsure what he ended up rolling over for.

Cruz tried to be altruistic, but failed abysmally when he broke his promise, his oath to the RNC to support the winner of the Primary-Process. He is a liar. No doubt about that.

I think a few guys came out of this with honour. Ben Carson is one I see who has been honourable. Others, namely Jeb, are with Cruz in their dishonourableness.

I hear respective candidates and supporters telling us, with devout certainty, how bad the other will be. I do not think this is attractive. … ” – Trump will destroy the economy – Clinton will remove guns from the hands of citizens – Trump admires Putin – Clinton is owned by Wall Street – “.

But none of this is meaningful… it is all rhetoric.

Where are the facts?

Sure, Trump is a blow hard businessman who is very dislikable. Sure, he has done some shady deals, been sued, sued, has been a bankrupt, has a stable of clever lawyers, puts his name on buildings, etc, etc.

Sure, Hillary is a creature of the Political System. And as such I do not think she is her own “man”… She has too many secrets and too many debts. Note that The Clintons have had no less than 2 dozen friends, associates, partners, or employees die mysteriously.

Neither is the shinning personage of democratic vision and future promise.

But they have been “nominated” by the democratic process. Is the system flawed, corrupt or misleading?


I have for decades felt that the modern democratic system as we have experienced, and are experiencing is controlled by powers above.

Remember the movie “Being There”?

When I was young I felt fortunate that the US had a very robust democratic process. As I have aged my youthful enthusiasm has been trampled by broken promises, blatant abuse, and what I perceive as a disregard for The Electorate.

I have always sought truths and facts, researched my life’s decisions, and thought that a democratic vote was  a valuable thing.

But the modern day facts as I see them push me away from the electoral system…

Oh, maybe I am asking too much.

As far as I can see, facts simply do not matter to the “system”.

Am I asking too much?

So billions of $$$s have been spent on this “democratic” process. The American electorate have been given the chance to voice their desires, and, for better or worse, the contest is between Trump and Clinton.

Would not have predicted this outcome 12 months ago…

And I remain very confused…

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2016 v7.1

Wow. WOW!… Did I say WOW?

This election cycle is sure interesting. Maybe more entertaining than interesting, but interesting none the less. And in a way it is very annoying. I see too many people getting emotionally involved in the rhetoric spewed by the various candidates, from all sides.

I was discussing all with a friend of mine today…

My take on it since about 1972 has been this: I have a democratic ballot to cast for the highest office in my home land. My vote does count. My vote is important.

I campaigned for McGovern as a kid. Cant remember why. He said he would End The War. I later was interested in Andersen from Illinois, can’t remember why, but he turned into a prick and went Independent after he lost the nomination, and proved to me he had been lying all along. (Cruz kinda reminds me of Andersen) I was even interested in Ross for Boss but he turned out to be a fascist in capitalist clothing. I once thought Jimmy Carter to be a good man, and was probably not far wrong, but I always pegged him as a pretty uninspiring leader. I don’t know why he could make me listen but could never inspire. I always waited for him to strike that match and light my fire. He never did. By the time Obama came around I was way too jaded to be fooled, again. 

Since I turned 18 and was eligible to vote I made a point of registering. First as a Democrat and later as an Independent. But I never voted. Never once. At any level of the democratic process.

Why did I never vote? I never found THE CANDIDATE that grabbed me. Made me feel interested and supportive. Made me think they were not a lying, fucking piece of political dog shit. I never found The Candidate that I felt was worthy of my vote.

So, now I am a centrist. I am of no team. I wear no colours… blue, red, or otherwise. I watch and comment as I see fit. And wait for the candidate that I can vote for.

I am not disagreeing with anyone out there. But I am not agreeing with you either.

You may be one who thinks I should vote. I have been told I MUST VOTE. Here in Australia you are fined if you don’t vote. But I very fervently feel that my vote is valuable. Very valuable.

So why should I give my vote away cheaply. Why should I simply choose to be an opposition team, to vote against someone or something. I want to vote. I wish I could find a candidate I could vote for.

My problem may well be that I am too informed? Ignorance is sometimes better than knowledge.

I make a point of never entering into important decisions without being fully informed. It’s a bad habit I should really break.

How many people out there have researched their political party’s platform?  Here, let me help you …[1]-ben_1468872234.pdf

So, where are we… July is ending. People are being killed in the streets daily. Politically motivated attacks are frequent. (You think ISIS or BLMT or KKK are not Political?) Fear is a common commodity being purveyed in the media.

How much is different from, say, 10 or 20 years ago?

November looms large. It is indeed an important election.

Will the world end if we have another 4 or 8 years of the failed Obama policies? Probably not.

Will the world end If Trump builds walls and tears up trade agreements? Probably not.

Will we enter an age of enlightenment if Johnston is crowned king of the prom? Probably not.

So where are we? Why all the emotion?

I like the fact people are participating. I dislike the fact that I don’t think many are very informed. Too much emotion rules the day. Too much scare-mongering-rhetoric is spewed, consumed, and regurgitated. Again, and again. A vicious cycle we really must gain control of.

As an example let me offer a very important piece of analysis on the topic of Black Lives Matter Too…

I offer an expert of importance here…

For every 10,000 black people arrested for a violent crime, 21 black people were killed by police (± 2).

For every 10,000 hispanic people arrested for a violent crime, 21 hispanic people were killed by police (± 3).

For every 10,000 white people arrested for a violent crime, 38 white people were killed by police (± 2).

We all need more and better information before we run off angry, confused, scared or supportive…


Posted by: nativeiowan | July 10, 2016

2016 v7.0

July. Hell. The 10th of July…

Lot going on to confuse and distract…

I may be burying my head in the ground and not paying too much, enough attention to the “global scene”. But where I have my head buried is sure purty… A 1952 Triumph Thunderbird.

52 bbiiird52 bbiird52 bluebird

Have chosen to make the ’52 my next project…

Would like to think she’ll be running, registered and ridden by the end of the year…

Posted by: nativeiowan | June 20, 2016

2016 v6.3

The moon in June… Did you watch it last night? 20th of June? The full moon, of June…

A spectacular sky. The full moon rising with Saturn, Mars and Jupiter all visible.

2016-06-20 17.33.57-1


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