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2016 v1.14?

 May have my new alphanumeric system confused but…
My day end in the land of  Oz…  

Cicadas n frogs sing a colourful summer song filled with smiles… 

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2016 v 1.131

Silly Ol fart hat…


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2016 v1.3

Under the catagory “Ol fart fun n games”…

Gardening down under has taken us some time to sort out. We  now have good veggies year round. Autumn is the best time to plant. Winter gardens do best. Too many pests in the summer. But our summer garden has been great. Still have melons coming on. Always have tomatoes n egg plant. Bell peppers n chilies. Loads of different pumpkins. Year round cassava, kumara of a couple varieties, some taro, a couple varieties of slippery cabbage.

  1. Today was a good day to pull cassava, move a few things and generally clean up in prep for a February planting. Tend the fruit trees, spread “fertiliser”.

I even have the prerequisite silly Ol fart hat!

Life is good…

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2016 v1.2

Doing some research in regards to the Sunni vs Shia issues on the planet. Much of what I am doing is trying to understand the divide therein. I try to use my basic christian historical knowledge to this but it don’t quite work…

The Roman and Eastern catholic churches originally split over 1000 years ago and have never sorted their differences out…

Why are the muslims arguing? Why are some west leaning and others not? I know a bit of the history… but not near enough… for instance, I did not know that:


The Shia state is locked in a regional rivalry with Sunni-majority Saudi Arabia. Tehran backs the Assad regime in Syria, the Shia-led government in Iraq and Shia militias there, and the Shia political and militant movement Hezbollah in Lebanon. Sunnis, who make up roughly 10 percent of Iran’s 76 million population, face discrimination from the state and are prohibited from building mosques in Tehran. Sectarian violence, however, is rare.


Sectarian tensions in Iraq are eroding the viability of the state. Iraq’s Shia majority largely supports a central government that has alienated both the Arab and Kurdish Sunni minorities. Thousands of Sunnis are rallying behind the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), an extremist al-Qaeda offshoot that has seized control of territory in both countries. Thousands of Shia civilians have heeded the call of religious leaders to join government forces in the battle against Sunni militants gaining strength and territory in the north.

Saudi Arabia

In competition with Iran for leadership of the Muslim world, the kingdom’s austere interpretation of Islam is anti-Shia and has influenced many Sunni extremist groups around the world. Riyadh is closely monitoring the marginalized Shia minority in its oil-rich eastern province and is waging a variety of proxy battles with Iran, most prominently in Syria.


So I found a way, way informative site that helps me see things clearer.

I’ll read a bit more before I comment but this interactive map is worth a fair bit of time…


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2016 v1.1

3rd January, Sunday morn here in the land of Oz.

Have been watching the news channels. Nothing real “fresh”, but its all of a sad, sordid nature…

I see B.O. (Barack Obama) is getting ready to enact more gun control via exec-perogative. I feel there are a number things here of import:

a) Though the issue of “Guns In America” is a real issue, I do not see the sense in tying the issue to the issue of “Terrorism in the HomeLand”. They are seperate issues that join hands in the HomeLand but B.O., I fear, is playing a political game – surprise, surprise. I do not see an -if a, then b-progression here. More gun control does not lead to less HomeLand Terrorism.

b) I am confused as well why B.O. is so darn selective in his approach to vocalising and opinionating… As Prez of the HomeLand, we naturally look to him for his thoughts. But I see so much Pezidential energy go into, for instance, The Baltimore shit-fight over cops killing kids, but never, ever recall him commenting on the state-of-the-game in Chicago. Lets see… OK, as near as I can tell Illinois has about the same number of homicides as Maryland. Neither is the “wiener” in the homicide by gun game. I see Missouri has less homicides than either. Hmmm… perplexing at best.

Note as well that B.O. Made a big she-bing of the Oregon shootings, but was strangely less vocal when it came to San Bernadino. How come I trust this guy less and less?

And, as I hear in the news… it’s the last year of B.O. in the white house, which me thinks is good.

Here’s an interesting link worth some further research…

So Iran is breaking their agreements, testing missiles, snubbing their nose at the western world, supporting ISIS, and other jihadist groups… and, I hear in the news, that we need to be careful of not offending Iran and the Muslims of the world by being to reactive.

I simply do not get it! I watched a propaganda film…

So anti-Muslim remarks made in the West are causing us problems, allowing the jihadists to recruit more who are hurt by our words and attitudes…

While the very tolerant jihadists are burning people alive, exterminating christians, turning people into slaves… So, what I take from this is that the West must be more tolerant while the “others” can do what they want… ???!!!

Are we turning into a pussified race of spineless wankers?

Iowa caucus coming up. I am of a long term option that we are being dumped, conned and fucked-up-the-back-door by our political leaders. I know the old line about a democracy producing the leaders the public deserves… but that ain’t right! No population deserves the corn-holing the electorate is receiving.

B.O. Has had 7 years to make things happen… The economy is the worse that is has been in a solid 15 years. I hear arguments but I fear the un-groomed facts bear a different truth…

We’re not in recession but it sure feels like it. Cost of goods (except fuel) are constantly rising. Wages, wealth creation, standard of living, and more simply does not profess a positive progression in society.

Ageing infrastructure, stagnant labour pools, and a preponderance of policy, rules and regs… All adds up, and sends industry/ jobs off shore.

NO, I do not have an answer but I do think we’re being led down the garden path by a predatory pack of politicos.

One interesting thing I heard was that “dual language” education programmes are on the rise in the US, and, that those who come from a dual-language system do better in all subjects than peers in a mono-language system.

Now, consider – and numbers are very loose- that 50 years ago over half the kids I went to school with had another language in the home. Not that the majority were ever fluent, and often a second, and perhaps a third language was in the “home”. I grew up with my Mother’s clan speaking Greek and my Grandfather’s people speaking German. I have made a point of raising my children with their Mother’s language (Babatana), and am proud that they are all fluent. I must comment that my Brother, Roo, has raised his kids as bilingual humanoids.

In my travels I have always been impressed with my friends and acquaintances that have two, three, four and more languages under their belts. Asians, Europeans, hell, even my Britt and Irish friends speak a second language.

Reminds me of an old joke… What do you call someone who speaks three languages – trilingual. What do you call someone who speaks two languages – bilingual. What do you call someone who speaks one language – American.

More later

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It’s official, on this side of the world, anyway. 2015 is one for the records, and 2016 is fresh and free n ready to be a story written. A story recorded in the annals of history. A tale to be lived and retold and reviewed and reinvented…

Makes me think if an old song I re-found last year…

I dig the line… “..stood on the edge of a feather, expecting to fly…”

I think thats what we like about the “New Year”… it is new. We can expect sooo much… We can resolve to be better, get worse, learn something new, destroy copious quantities of brain cells, eat tons of meat, go hunting everyday, spray DDT on the dandelions, wear a stupid hat, learn to fly, live on the ocean, run 20 miles daily, watch less TV, start painting, take up nude photography, bungee jump, fly at super sonic speeds, say hello to more dogs, talk to more homeless people, wake up daily at 2am, never sleep, dance daily, stand one legged on as many street corners as possible…

I think thats what we like about the “New Year”… it is new.

And we, too, can – at least for a few days- entertain the fantasy that everything is new and I to can become new again, be different, change, help, do, achieve, reinvent, contribute, assist, win…

There is a rather dark psychological edge to this New Year manic depressiveness, but I shall ignore it. I am in a positive and smiley mood so I shall resolve to stay on a-high-note.

Shall we discuss the past, 2015, first? Or shall we discuss 2016, the future… What it may hold, what we may expect, what we may demand or dream?

The old line is “Health, Wealth, and Hapiness”. Which works. But I need something new. I need more words… I need: – Frenetic Fun, Unending Smiles, loads of luxurious laughter, truckloads of tears, at least one new non-life-threatening scar, fast cars, the vroom of motorcycles, tales of daring-doo and gravity defying reports from the razor’s edge…

Yep I need a lot. A whole lot.

But then I have a lot… A big, big family. Totally dysfunctional, dyslexic, and determined. We play rough. We breed em tough. We wear are scars like badges of honour. We love to play practical jokes. We laugh and cry unceasingly. If there is not a wail, a yell, or a groan, then we ain’t having fun like we should.

Who is in our Tribe these days… Qalo, Viola, Abraham, Andrew, Axel, Annie, Anthony, Angelo, Angelina, Anna, Terry, Mrs Terry, Dylan, Maxwell, Connie, Don, Joanne, Mendoza, Ed, Ozzie, Bridgette, Jimmy, Mack, Paul, Betsy, Lucky, Natasha, Tolia, Kuma, Jelly, Lauru, Iowa, Rhett, Scarlet, Rango, and Rosaleene….

I also need to add here the outlaws of the Tribe… Joe, Ollie, Hans, Lenny, Willis, Uncle John, Uncle Teddy, Rob, Diana, Jennifer, Ken, Chris, Cath, Wren, Leo, Nick, Bren, Pete, Tu, Ify, Ruatau, Toi, Tahi, and of course Old man Peter.

So, 2016… What does my crystal ball see… I do see water. lots and lots of water. boundless vistas of blue and grey and green… I see… ICE…ice copyIce is our next retirement project. Grace and I shall soon be spending much of our time on the water. I told her she could be captain and would be cook. We start this maritime adventure in April and shall earn our blue water fins quickly…

I’ll sail ICE from Fiji to Aus in May. The designer/ builder/ past owner will teach me the ropes on that passage. I have a great crew set up and ready to sail… Hans, Willis, and Mendozza will crew the crossing, learn the systems and be my for-ever, crack-crew.

Once in Aus we’ll replenish and refresh and then sail onto Gizo. After Gizo, who knows?

I am keen to sail the Pacific. It may take a few years/ seasons but I am attracted to Easter Island. Polynesia, the Hawaii to mainland USA crossing. I want to spend a season checking out Alaska. The Pacific is a big, big place…

If I could get a great crew together… a trip to either or both poles, noting well I am keen to visit Antartica.

That is what ICE was designed for.

2015 was very powerful… For many reasons. Loads of fun and tons of tears.

Very special in that we managed to organise a couple meaningful meetings… Granny Did Vegas was a great gig n thanks go to WiIlie and Misellen, Andy n Ange n pups, Alayna n Derrick n pups, Jameson, Monk, and or course, Granny.

I made two, dig-it!, 2 trips into Montana and must thank Chris n Cath and Libby n Roger, n the kids and inlaws and outlaws up on FlatHead lake.

I also saw/ spent time with Don n Linda, Jan, Hal n Deb, Grove n Deb… all after about 3 decades of absence. That was powerful and meaningful and fun.

2015 has been busy and fun… We’ll look back fondly to 2015. It shall be a memorable and BS-tale-filled year in the Tribal history…

It wuz loads of fun…

Dylan in Honiara over Cmas 2014 festivitiesIMG_1776

Of course, it is hard to think of “last-year” without wondering where others are, how they are, and when next we may meet…

Uncle Teddy is always high on the list. Teddy… where are you? Not a day goes past with your name coming up.

Bro Rooster… Maybe this year? Maybe a voyage on ICE?

Nic, you’re always on mind. I do wish you smiles, health and more smiles.

A quick look into the smile filled past year…

A wrestling match in Honiara…IMG_1783

Spectating the spectacle in Honiara…IMG_1784

Cmas 2014 and no one went to the hospital… Gotta try harder…IMG_1792

NY eve in Pasadena… Luv a Parade…IMG_1927

VG’s spaceship at New Mexico’s Space Station…IMG_1979-Panorama

Road Trippn…usa 0315esk + copymissoula copy

Somewhere in Utah…IMG_2442

FlatHead Lake…IMG_2450

Heading home to Ioway…day 5 copyday 5.5 copy

Bro Monk on his beautiful Bonnie…IMG_1330

A long ride, worth the time…missoula copy

Bik’n the US is, for me, is excellent in it’s long, lonely riding…elko 1 copyelko 2 copySLC copyaz copyAz-ca copysrosa copyUT copyDurango copy

a 4wheeln shot while tooln through the Rockies…IMG_2759pas - dsm copydsm - spk copywc copyIMG_2756

Bro Monk making sure I get home n to bed…IMG_2765

Ms Jan… 30 years of distance bridged over 2 beers…IMG_2767


The Great North West…IMG_2861

Peter n Ruatau…2015-10-24 11.36.38

Lucky 13…2015-10-25 19.58.42-2

Solomoni, ieee….2015-11-03 16.39.24

Glorious Gizo…IMG_3191

More Ink…2015-12-17 08.41.33

Ed looking very impressed…2015-11-24 06.28.59

Full moon over Honiara…2015-10-29 20.19.08

Last full moon of 2015…2015-12-25 19.04.31-2

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Mike’s Bikes… Another year come to a gentle closure…

Last day of 2015. I plan to mow the yard.

Tomorrow is New Year’s day. Grace just asked if we were going to the fire works tonight. Considering it’s at midnight Mendoza and I quickly said no.

You gotta stay up until midnight if you want to watch the show, and I doubt any of us will be awake that late. Grace and Mendoza are saddling up for 18 holes of Golf. Angelo has had a flu bug and is recovering but still not well. I plan to mow the lawn.

This festive season has found the Queensland Tribe working daily on the property. The new house is nearing completion. There is much to do in prep for moving out of this place and into the new… We are clearing old fences in prep for new fences. Re-mulching and moving dirt, filling and leveling and landscaping. Most of the past couple weeks have been filled with happy-work, out of doors. We are seldom awake after 10pm.

So a plan to go down to the beach and watch the fire works may not be prudent. And I plan to mow the lawn.

2015… I guess it’s been a rather good year. Not sure what a “bad year” would be… As I gain in age my view point of good or bad has changed drastically. Life is good. There is very little that is bad.

full moon rising over Palmwoods, 25 December, 20152015-12-25 19.04.31-2

2015 saw new ink, growing babies, and many natural spectacles…

I went officially insane in 2015. Some thought it had happened. Some wondered when it would happen. But, it is official, Mike is mad as a hatter… And I bought a yacht…

ice copy50 foot long, very beamy, 40 tonnes displacement, even a John Deer engine. It carries something like 8500 litres/ 2200 gallons of fuel. Sleeps 5 easily. Designed and built by an Aussie explorer-scientist type guy. Was originally designed for an expedition to Antartica. Thus the name “ICE”. Its strong, safe, and very pretty. Inside it’s a super-yacht.

So, indeed, it has been a great year. A year filled with madness, smiles, adventure, and joy.

Much joy…

More later…

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Mike’s Bikes… Vintage Triton

Doing a break-down on Vintage Triton..2015-12-13 13.46.33

Whats a Triton? Basically, you take a Norton feather-bed frame and put a Pre-Unit Triumph engine in it…2015-12-13 13.46.44

Everything I have stripped off hangs like Christmas decorations on my shed’s wall…2015-12-13 13.46.49

One interesting thing about this is the custom made, home-made bracket that holds the engine and gear box to the frame…2015-12-10 18.23.40

Very simple, very basic…2015-12-10 18.23.44

But very effective…
2015-12-10 18.23.48
A thing of vintage beauty…2015-12-06 13.39.52

2015-12-06 13.48.55
It is going to look a lot different when I am done…very nice looker

This one was aimed to be a road-worthy machine…an honest, vintage TRITON

I’ll aim for it to be a proper “racer”. Something like this maybe…Untitled copy


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Glorious GIZO…

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Mike’s Bikes… Island Time Boogie

Doing the island time boogie with a big assed grin on my face.

Spent the last two nights with Hans at San Bis resort. Very nice, very nice.

Shot over to Liapari yesterday, saw Uncle Noel n Rosey… very, very good…

2015-11-03 16.39.24 2015-11-03 17.55.20

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