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2020 v7.welcome rains

Queensland is a very good place to be. The climate, where I live on the SunnyCoast, is as near to perfect as you can find. 300 days of sunshine annually. Lowest temps on rare, cold days reach 0c or freezing in f. Hottest days may break 100sf or 40sc. Daily temps vary at least 10 decrees c. Often more. So days are usually warm. Nights are usually pleasant. Annual rain fall is almost 1.5meters.

It’s a nice place to be.

I drove across the State yesterday.

Took Mr M and Mr A back to boarding school. Drove the back roads through some cool terrain. The further west we go the drier it gets. Nearer the coast there is much more wet. But out west, things can be rather dry.

This morn, Saturday here, is bright and shining. The rains that have been around leave the ground glistening with crystal dew drops. The air is clear and clean. There was a low lying fog earlier on. Thats all burnt off now. Could actually get quite warm today.

The Kung Flu news here is that the State boarders are opening up. Of course, the State of Victoria has recently been re-locked down. But the other States and Territories are opening up.

I note each person entering Queensland must complete an entry form. I’m sure the boarder will be physically overwhelmed. I heard on the radio that waiting time to cross is about 3 hours.

My Socio-Political blurb for the day…

How many folks have actually followed the “Black Lives Matter” movement? How many folks have done a bit of home work and researched what this legitimate organisation offers, suggests, and stands for… I strongly suggest you do before you start shouting slogans… Or donating $$$!!!

Check out:

In their own words they state they wish to change the family system, restructure the communities we live in, and as near as I can tell, let things be run by women. ????

Now I’m not in terrible opposition to everything they say, Polcie brutality should end… but… BUT… their actions to date belie their rhetoric. I see this “mob” (not a legit movement) as a nihilistic arm of the long existing power-whores who have been battling for establishment control since way, way back… since before the 1800s, since before the War Between The States, since before the KKK and the segregation of the Southern States.

And the beat goez on…

More later

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2020 v7.4th of July

It’s the 4th here on this side of the planet. Saturday morning with clear blue skies and a chilled southerly wind. Winter here in the land of Aus is pretty damn mild, as far as winters go.

I’m not a “Holiday-making” kinda guy but I admit the 4th to be my old Skool favourite public holiday. The weather is normally great, the days are long and the evening into night parties always offered good ol summertime fun. And who doesn’t like fire works?

Of course, there shall be no special “Independence Day” celebrations for us. I dont have a circle of “Yank” friends. I’m sure some expatriated Americans will be having their own celebrations but nothing special is planned for me and mine. We’ll watch from afar as the USA does their thing.

Its not unusual for us to have a Solomon Islands Independence Day party on the 7th of July. We have a lot more Solomon friends around, and though this flu and hassles therein makes it non-conducive to hold a big party, it does get me thinking about next year.

The Kung-Flu here, downunder, is an interesting subject of study. With a recorded total of 8255 cases and 104 deaths, we are seeing a spike in cases but no new deaths. The spike appears to mainly be in the state of Victoria.

It’s been a while since we’ve had a death attributed to the kung-flu. With about 25million folks here, we end up with a .0003% infection rate and a .000004% death rate.

The States here have been quite strict with attempting to contain the spread of the virus. Bars and eateries and nightclubs have been closed nation wide. The decision in reopening is a State by state matter.

Though interstate travel has been shut down since March, the past few weeks has seen quite a bit reopening. The local bars and restaurants have reopened under certain restrictions. I know that gyms and beauty parlours reopened a while ago. I see that the regional tourism businesses and operators are advertising some very good bargains.

I have been talking about life and lock-down and business and productivity with a number of professionals I know… My real estate agent friends all tell me business is good. My car salesman buddies tell me the same thing. May, month on month, year to date shows better sales in 2020m than 2019. Go figger!

My house building friends, one a builder and another an electrician, tell me things are slow. If not for the “Job Keeper” scheme, which guarantees wages until end of July, they’d all be in dire straights.
New houses being started are down. Houses being completed on schedule are down. My guess here is that the builders and tradesmen were keen to take a few months off, paid by the Government to stay home. One buddy I spoke to on Tuesday said he needed a few more weeks of time-off to complete the 1960 R50 BMW motorcycle he is rebuilding.

One good buddy is a local policeman. He tells me of an increase in domestic disputes.

The good news is that everything should be opening up soon, going back to some form of normalcy. I think July 10 is the date for the interstate boarders opening up. Schools go back into full swing as of July 13.

An interesting observation: Last weekend we had some dear friends come visit us at the farm. Our little farm is a quiet place with 4 very friendly, big dogs, 34 pregnant cows, 13 weaner calves, and one big arsed bull, named Hank. The farm is fun and we have a couple dirt bikes, a fast quad, a big, slow work buggy. Our teenage grandsons were there and the three little visiting kids with their mom and dad all had a hoot. We raised hell during the day, built big fires and cooked good huge meals, stayed up late. Had a very good time.

These were our first “visitors” since lock-down. And we all caught each other’s bugs. I guess the isolation did work at keeping us uninfected by new bugs. I think we all carry a bug or two of our own domestic breeding. It’s been a week since the visitors left and we’re all slowly recuperating.

A minor mile-stone this morning… Our big arsed bull, Hank, had his first baby. Yep, Hank is officially a daddy.

We bought Hank right on a year ago. He’s a pedigree DroughMaster from a very good breeder. We’ve been waiting and waiting for his first baby. We know, can see that all of our 34 cows are pregnant but were being impatient. We counted down the 9 months from the day Hank joined our herd, and have been hanging out since May, second guessing Hank’s abilities. Feeling a bit uneasy as 9 then 10 and now 11 months pass, without a new Hank baby being born.

Happy to announce the calf drought is broken…

Horny with her “born of the 4th of July” baby

And the beat goes on.


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2020 v6. Sunday coming down

It’s a luvely, blustery, overcast morning here in QLD.

Temps are pleasant. We’ve been getting rain. The flora and fauna are very hapi. Bird life abounds, the garden is growing well. We’ve been working hard at making the property here in Palmwoods shine. Our lock-down therapy… The season has been perfect and we’ve cut and burnt and cleared and cleaned. The place looks great.

I have to say that Queensland is not a bad place to be.

Especially during the pandemic and pandemonium we’ve been living through.

Ive been watching these past weeks as we traveled through fear, lockdown, confinement, solitude and confusion. Ive watched from my comfortable arm chair. Yes I am a privileged old white dude who has probably never been privileged or white. but that’s another discussion…

I’m thinking of how the “WOGS”, the non-WASPs of past generational prejudices are now bone fide white men.

Ive read a lot. Ive listened to the thoughts of many others. I sift, search, glean and consume a lot of info. I recently described myself as an “info-junkie”…

But I try not to get into heated discussions with others. I have no positions or passion to sell. I have no ideal to defend. I belong to no club, party or movement. I am not trying to convert anyone to my way of thinking. I believe I am mature and experienced enough to develop my own way of thinking and can maintain my poise in balance at all times.

Yet I find that not many people are as poised, balanced or controlled.

I kinda find it sad that its difficult to discourse passionately, topically without creating an argument. A fight. A problem.

I think that the average mind, in this time of pulp-info and fake-newz, is unable to articulate or defend positions, ideas, ideals or opinions – without falling back on sound bytes and bumper sticker, slogan type chants and aggression.

The average person I meet has adopted the modern language to survive. This modern language is created by headlines, and memes, and a terrible propensity for group-think. I believe the average individual either does not wish to think for themselves, or they fear being rejected if they take an opposing point of view.

For example: There are marches and demonstrations and protests and criminal crowd behaviour around the world, in the name of lawful policing. We shout “police brutality” as beatings and shootings of folks in uniforms take place. We speak and rally others to an anti establishment cause, shouting for fairness and equality, then go burn or deface or destroy private property.

So, as I was saying, I do not engage in much meaningful discourse. I have learned to hold my words back, not table facts when I hear dumb shit like… “of course we know the world is heating up at an accelerated rate, and the sea levels are rising inches per year”… “renewable energy will replace fossil fuels in a few years”, “electric cars will soon be all we have”, “coal is bad’, “the riots and burning is a result of white supremacy”…

The same folks that went on line and encouraged us all to stay home, isolate and cooperate were the same ones dancing in front of the cameras as the city blocks were burning. That damn-dumb gubernatorial decision in Michigan to force folks to tow the line was proven farcical in the end. Like so much of the dictatorial BS we witnessed.

I have discussed this before, the fact that I have been shaken down, profiled, disrespected, threatened, because of the way I looked, because of the way people perceived me, ALL OF MY LIFE. I have experienced direct racism, projected at myself, my family. I have been targeted for being catholic, being male, being a long hair, being white, being an American. I have stood between my not-too-white family and aggressor(s) more than once. Hell, once I walked into a gay biker bar (by mistake, of course) and was served one beer and told… “see you came in, had a beer, walked out, and nothing bad happened”.

Ive hung out in some damn sleazy water front bars in the islands where I had to walk out the door backwards. I think of a badass biker bar where I was assaulted simply because I did not belong and was not welcome. All I wanted was a beer n a burger but by mistake I found the club house of the local Outlaws Motorcycle Gang.

It looked like an interesting place to me!

So, as Sunday glows. As I watch blood sports on the tube, as my my big, privileged dog lies in the sun, I think of the foolishness and waste I perceive. So saddddd….


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2020 v5.overcast and chilly here

The general bizzyness of my mundane, ol-fart life style on display today… Slept late – until about 8, put the second coat of varnish on the table we started refinishing days ago, mowed my 3 acres of lawn, came inside, had a nice warm shower, and here I sit all wrapped up in my granny-blanket.

Weather has turned. Today is quite cool. Nights now going to be single digit c temps. Days, without the sun, are damn near cold. Very little sun filtering down, providing warmth. A chill wind stirs the flora. The bird life is active, noisy, hapi.

I was watching the Cable News and came across a couple instances where dear ol, “Witch from hell Pelosi”, says some of the dumbest stuff… Tries to act as though she is concerned for TheDonald. Uses her motherly/ grandmotherly best manners when she says “I pray for him”.

And for some reason that just rankles the hell outta me.

I cant fathom what’s in the Witch’s soul but I doubt greatly she prays for TheDonald, not like my Grandmother prayed for me… My grandmother would often say “I pray for you”. I never doubted her. She said it to shame me, to make me feel guilty. But also to show her love and concern.

I knew she prayed that I’d cut my hair, get a real job, stay home more, sleep more, eat better, drink less. She prayed for what she thought was my betterment. She wanted me to change, to become as she wished me to be. She indeed loved me and wanted the best for me, in her ways and beliefs. She prayed for me to not be me, to change, be someone or something different. In her mind she wanted me to be “better” than I was.

I cant for an instant believe that the Witch’s intent while praying for TheDonald is loving, kind and positive.

Sure, the Witch, like my Granny, is praying for change, but she publicly proclaims such to praise herself, to polish her halo. To sound good and kind and loving. To appear better than her political adversary.

Not for any positive, profound or purposeful good. Not because of love.

By the way, the damn table refinishing turned into a fucking mess… The first coat of resurfacing (after scrubbing and sanding and prepping) did not take. I used a two-pot mix that should harden kinda quickly, but it didn’t. It stayed tacky after almost 3 days.

Of course I argued with the table, mixed another mess of two-pot stuff and poured it on. And the table rejected it. I thought I could convince the first coat to cure by putting a layer, heavy with hardener, on top of it. Didn’t work. Not even a little bit.

So, after three coats of messy, smelly stripping compounds, a lot of scraping and even more scrubbing, then some sanding… after a number of days beyond what I expected this job to take, I laid the first new coat last eve.

It looked good this morn. I gave it all a soft sanding and laid another coat. Looks like I may have argued the table into submission…

More later

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2020 v5.ruminations on a golden eve

It’s a glistening, golden, light filled eve. We’ve had a lot of showers today, the air is crisp and clean. The sun is setting below the tree stops to the the west. Bright shafts of diamond daggers slip through branches and blind my eyes. The Sun’s aurora diffuses with the clouds, stretches and enlarges to a large white hot blur in the sky.

The weather is grand. Bright sun light for a while then a heavy squall. Then a long, lingering drizzle. Then a blue-sky down-pour.

It’s all very, very pleasant.

It saddens me to see Barack Obama speak out in the current political venue. It cheapens him some how.

I’m kinda impressed that The Donald has started taking chloroquine. I personally do not get the hype and bullshit about the Chloroquine controversy. It nothing but partisan political rhetoric. If something works, if we know that a substance we’ve been using for decades has a chance of being positive, by all means sally forth. Make use of the tools at hand. failing to do so is either idiocy or diabolical.

Funny thing about chloroquine… Before I left the US to become a volunteer in the Solomons, I was sent three weekly doses to chloroquine to take before I flew. When I hit the Solomons in January 1981, I went completely troppo. Barefoot, bare chest, willing to sleep by the kitchen fires, fishing at night, tramping thought the jungles, the island life style suited me well. Within 6months I’d gotten to know ol Mr. Malaria. Within 12months the offices responsible for my health as a Peace Corps Volunteer, started testing different drugs on me. It appeared as though my weekly dose of chloroquine was not sufficient to keep me from achieving a state of chronic malaria… no sooner would I shake a bout, and I’d get a new one, or maybe the old one never left. A big part of it was my lifestyle I simply got bit by a lot of mosquitoes.

I lived with malaria for quite a while. The damn drugs they were giving me were terrible. My weekly prophylaxis changed several times. Besides chloroquine I do recall quinine, malloprine, lariam, and a malloprine + doxycycline. All had great ability to make one feel very ill. Another one, Primoquine, was the worse.

Eventually I decided the weekly prophylaxis was a waste of time. Rather than slowly poison my liver, I’d take a cleansing dose of meds when I got ill. Of course I took this step after living with malaria for maybe 3-4years. If I was going to make the malarial latitudes my home, I’d better figger something out. Living on poison ain’t a path I wanted to take.

Two drugs became my standby… My family never went anywhere without either chloroquine or, later on, arthemeter. Which ever was available at the time

When we sent our kids to boarding school we sent them with a supply of “in case” meds. I have chloroquine on hand these days.

But of course the idea that TheDonald is taking such becomes some strange form of news. I don’t get it.

The sun just dropped behind the trees. the air temps dropped, its getting chilly.

Smiles all a round…

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2020 v5. Ruminations on a bloodsport Sunday

A cool, overcast, lazy Sunday here in QLD. The house is subdued. A chill breeze makes the flora outside my house dance and sway. Palm trees, roses, flowering aloe vera, the trees in the back. I can hear the tree tops out back, that rustling, aggressive sound, muted by distance but powerful and real. The wind chimes add a joyful dance tune to the entire sensual experience.

I’m watching the UFC Fight Night on ESPN.

I very much dig blood-sports of any kind. And UFC is The BloodSport.

Funny how its become so main stream, this “cage fighting” that was once outlawed.

Have watched a few decent fights so far. An old hand, Alistair Overeem, is in the main card. He’s taking on a guy I don’t know much about but they are both big and strong and I look forward to a decent bout.

I’ve been trying to track down some form of accounting for the trillions spent thus far on what is called “stimulus”. I find a lot of words about this all but I cant find much by way of details where the funds have been disbursed.

The Bill Passed For Second Stimulus Check And Hazard Pay For Essential Workers

Stimulus checks, hazard pay, essential workers, Heroes Act, Nancy Pelosi, $1,200 Stimulus
WASHINGTON, DC – MAY 12: WASHINGTON, DC – MAY 12: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-CA

The House successfully passed a fourth stimulus relief package yesterday. The $3 trillion Heroes Act contains a second round of $1,200 stimulus checks, $200 billion in hazard pay for essential workers, six additional months of COVID-19 unemployment, funding for state, local and tribal governments and food and housing assistance among several other things. Overall, three different stimulus relief packages have so far gone on to become law and are currently being implemented throughout the nation.

Now I struggle with bringing this into perspective… Thus 200 billion dollars for paying essential workers a hazard stipend. six more months of unemployment benefits, and funding for state and local and tribe governments…

A quick question please… How many Americans are in the work force? What I can find is that 157 million Americans were in the labour force at the beginning of 2020. So If we gave each and every American that was employed in February 2020 One Million dollars we’d still have one hundred ninety nine billion eight hundred forty-three million left over.

So where is all this money going? I dig and get confused. I can find some info about disbursements but its a sick circle of confusion at best. This site actually states the US Government has made a profit so far… I need to dig more to understand it but… have a look:

Of course, States like CA and NY are looking for their miscreant fiscal management to be swept under the carpet, temporarily, by a huge gift from the federal tax payers. It’s bad enough that both States Politico-leaders have clung to power by paying the State-Unions huge amounts by way of pensions and slush funds. Both CA and NY have been taxing their own residents to death, spending the money on insane projects (I think of CA’s high speed train system that ain’t) and lurking in the wings on the federal bale out stage.

I think its a crime, a joke, a farce… all the money getting dished out here.

Where is the money going?

More later

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2020 v5.Saturday coming down

Damn! It’s the middle of May. The 6th month of the year racing upon us. Damn!

Time sure do fly when you’re having fun.

Busy Saturday here. Plenty of household chores to attend to. 14 yrold, Mendozza, is a good work-mate. We sanded and refinished the kitchen table…

Nice and shiny with a new of coat two-pot mix

Cooked a mess of hot dogs. Cut up a “from the garden” pumpkin. One of the last…

Tastes better if its burnt a bit

I sit in the sunshine in my back-forty. I’m on a stool just outside “my shed”. Or, maybe, The Shed. Some of my faithful readers have been here, know how pleasant it can be here… The old-fart radio station plays the oldies and goodies. The yard is noisy with bird life. It’s our winter here. Very pleasant time of year, if it don’t get too dry. Last year was terrible dry.

The grandgirls are being noisy, but cute. There’s food happening on the verandah so the girls and Kuma all scramble and coexist in that luvely big-dawg- little-kid symbiosis.

Amid this Wuhan-Virus mania, amid this state of civil-rights-impeding, “shelter in place” , get fined for being gregarious mania: I note a number of very interesting things that go unmentioned in the wider world… Jeffery Epstein is forgotten, The Clinton in-the-white-house sex life is condoned by the media, A self proclaimed running mate of Uncle Joe Biden, is met by another would be/ wanna be… I suggest that Stacey Abraham’s feels as though the DNC has made her a promise. Time will tell.

Sleepy Uncle Joe is an interesting diversion/ discussion: I feel sad when I listen to him. Golly, we know well that candidates are puppets put in place by bigger players, bigger operators, The Puppeteers.

But damn, I think Joe is kinda sadly being nefariously manipulated. He should be sitting by a fire, shoulders covered by a blanket, a good dog at heal…. I can’t be convinced he still has his whole box of twinkies.

I think a few have been consumed or exchanged for favours, and a few were left out in the rain got soggy, and what he’s left with simply is not enough to ring too many bells. He’s still likeable, but this sex with fingers gig, and the Flynn debacle may well put a big nail in his likability. But I don’t think he is “up to IT”. His VP will be an important choice.

I ponder the cost of this mania. And wonder why its so fucking hard to get money to people… consider… The US has injected huge sums into various programmes. Sums totalling over 3trillion Dollars!!!!! And they are asking for more… DAMN! It’s such a con-deal… If they give every citizen 1 million in cash. No strings. Buy what ever you want. The economy would be well lubricated, and the cost would only be 325 million. Hell, give every one 2 million. Have a party… cost only 700mil!

Same here in Aus… billions, not trillions here… But with only 25 million folks here they could give each 4 mil and only spend 100 mil.

People will say “its not that easy”… Don’t know, but I’d say its easier than they make it appear.

More later

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2020 v5.56 year old chrome

I was just doing some calendar work. It was 6weeks ago that the Teens got sent home from boarding school. 6weeks since we kinda all went a bit psycho, started wearing masks, locking down, isolating…

It’s been a rather interesting experiment.

I’m not going to journey into the discussion of pros n cons in the “lock-down”. Shall not discourse on the draconian if not stupid rules (some not all) that have been initiated. Will refrain from writing about the the psychosis and drama and hardship the economic suicide has caused.

I’m going to talk about 56 year old chrome…

I have been hankering to give the 66 TR6 (650cc Triumph Thunderbird) a good polish up… its one of my favourites bikes. Not a numbers matching machine, the frame and engine and tins and chrome are a collection of various parts that were brought together to recreate a very cool vroom-machine.

Once complete, after cleaning the rust and stains and going and oil… after a good polish and tune up, we’ll be good for another 10 years.

And the beat goes on…


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2020 v5.Wow, its May

Damn! Its May already.

Kinda snuck up on us as we all sit in isolation, I guess.

Sunday morning coming down here. I slept real late… Its winter here. The days are blue skied, warm with a crisp wind. Nights are double blanketed. I normally wake in the morn about 6, take a much needed pee, then wrap in my granny-blanket and listen to news as my house makes noise waking up.

This morn was extra noisy… supposedly, there are limitations, but supposedly the restrictions here in Qld are lifted as of today. Beaches and parks and public areas opening back up. Grace is hapi because she can go get her hair done. The family – Paul, Betsy, Angelo, Mendozza, G.G., and Nova- got ready, noisily, to go visit one of the local water falls.

So somewhere between 8 and 9 the house went quiet. I rolled tighter in my blanket and slept until 10:30. It felt great. When I woke and opened the bedroom curtains, I commented to Grace how long its been since the house was quiet.

Twice last night, between 11 and 12, I had to go ask the boys to turn their big TV down. They were playing on-line war games a bit too loud, I could feel the vibration of the bombs and booms through the bedroom wall.

Most mornings one of the little girls come screeching into our room. They have high, piercing cries. A combination of a squeal and a whistle. Its unpleasant to wake to.

Lets see… visuals are always good…

My Mother turned 93 on the 1st. If not for the lock-down on the planet we’d have celebrated with her

And the beat goes on

More later

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2020 v4.sitting quiet

Indeed we are. Sitting quiet.

It’s nice, but quiet is relative in our house hold…

Being quiet, as usual
We’re good at being quiet
Heaps of work in the garden… this is a very big burn pile.

We’re good at being quiet

More later

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