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2019 v3.itbeallfuckedup

I’m sitting indoor, watching a b-grade movie. I love shootemups. Sexy babes dodging bullets. Long, elaborate fights that are choreographed very well.

But it all makes me think of the very recent bluez/newz I’ve heard and watched. The intrigue and espionage and guns and cars and bombs… makes me think of politics…

I’m watching/ listening…

As Solomon Islands has just completed a National Election.

As the major parties here in Australia prepare for National Elections.

As the USofA runs through its never-ending cycles of elections.

Can any one blame me for being in a state of Politico-overload?

Some of the stupidest shit gets said and done at election-time.

Thankfully elections are only, ONLY, every 4 years in the Solos. More frequent in Aus. Infuckingcessant in the USofA.

But some really dumb-ass shit gets said during elections.

What bamboozlz me is the fact that the average bear in the electorate eats this bullshit for breakfast, lunch and supper. It’s been stupid for ages, now it’s getting down right fucking stupid. N

There is plenty of newz, but very little news. Words are spun and respun. Facts as purveyed are not facts but opinions. And opinions are just, JUST fucking opinions… Not NEWS.

Dont matter who it be or where it be. An opinion is nothing but an opinion. It is not fact or law or even fucking important at all. Unless we make it important. Something that is done all the time. Way too often.

The hypocrisy is becoming way too sickening. From Hugs to rapes, to innuendo, to blackface, then white-face, and even loss of face.

I’m thinking of Jussie Smollett.

Now explain to me…

The entire Democratic wann-be mass of would-bes just got up and kowtowed to The Very Reverend Al Sharpton. The Rev lined up all the wouldbe wannbe and hasbeen “candidates” and made them pay homage to him and his pedestal. His pulpit…. Screen Shot 2019-04-06 at 6.13.25 pm.png

Now I got no issues with the left going a few steps further left. The pendulum do swing.  But, here is the hypocrisy, Rev Al is racist through and through. He has made his career by being a racist and a race-baiter. I’m just calling it as I see it. And I do believe there is more than enough evidence to conclude that the RevAl an’t a hippy.

What would happen, I ask, if the republican candidate(s) were to share a stage with David Duke?

Why of course there would be outrage. Indignation. Any one wanting to be lePresidente of the USofA can’t share a stage with a self-confessed racist…

Can they?

Here in Aus there is a very timely generous-hearted attitude being shown by the elected politicos. Cash-payments for power costs I belive has been actioned by the current Gov. The costly green policies inflicted on the electorate here over recent years has resulted in very high power bills. So everyone gets $75.00 if you vote for me.

There are continued promises about higher minimum wage (its $17.50ph now), and easier and even paid education, and more medical and bigger n better infrastructure.

One party here has decided that within 12 years the roads will be for electrified cars only. No more dirty fuels on our highways. All new vehicles electric by 2030.

That’s like a damn tunnel with a superfast electrified train from LA to Hawaii. That’s like a bridge from NewYork to Paris.

Some things just don’t make viable sense. Like with the electric cars in Aus… the power required to charge all the new vehicles will be hydrocarbon fueled. So we burn more hydrocarbon to produce more power for e-cars, for a net gain to the hydrocarbon footprint. Nothing is decreased, saved, nor gained. Woulda been better off with out the change.

But the sky is falling. If we do not do something within 12 years the POX shall be upon us.

In the Solomons politicians are still pure… they just get votes be hiring people to vote for them…Screen Shot 2019-04-06 at 6.31.51 pm.png

And the beat goez on…

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2019 v4.01

2nd day of the month.

I’m sitting outside. As I type a light drizzle starts. Not sure if I run inside or….

There is so much to discuss. The drizzle is still drizzling but I haven’t moved.

Now I have to move. Shifted into the shed. Soft “oldies” play on the local FM station, the wind is fresh and crisp. The Big-Dog is still outside.

There is so much disagreement, so much divergence of views, so much conflicting of moralities. So much illogical acting, all over, everywhere, no reservations.

But little reconciliation.

It’s OK to disagree, to have divergent views you wish to practice, to lean heavily on your personal morality. But these days the ability to reconcile appears lost.

Interracial marriage is a decent example. It don’t even raise an eye brow any more. Same sex marriage, transgenderism… so many good modern examples.

And all represent reconciliation within our societies/ families/ cultures.

Where has all the reconciliation gone?

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2019 v3.political mania rulz

It’s late Monday in the USofA newzcycle.

As I sit an absorb the various newz/ opinions on-air, I can only think, feel that the “behind-the-scenes” operators, the puppet masters of the sociopolitical tragic-comedy that is the USofA, can only be shivering in their boots, looking over their shoulders, seeking some dark hole to crawl into.

I feel that Trump has beyond a doubt proven himself as a disruptor of the system, as an enemy of the deep dark DC swamp. I can’t really like or support Trump but I sure as shit am thankful he has stood up to the deepdarkdodgeypolicalswamp. I am hapi the status quo has been so powerfully challenged.

And now the main stream swamp monsters are melting down.

I recall a little reported event that saw Hillary basically admit her nefarious history… here’s the link:

What Hillary basically said was …  Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 12.04.36 pm.png

Referring to Donald Trump, Clinton said:
“If that fucking bastard wins, we all hang from nooses!”

And she was right. And the time may well be at hand.

Sadly, very sadly indeed; a huge cross-section of intelligent and well-meaning people some how, someway got drawn into the farce. Like The King With no Clothes, many decided to take the “party line”, so sing in tune, to moo like  bovine being led to slaughter.

Many have spent two years agreeing how terrible and nasty and criminal and despicable Trump and Trump supporters are. Many have been reveling in the legal actions and the investigations and the fake news reports … Proof Of Collusion… Treasonous Activity… Foreign Agents…

Where are we now?

For me I say its time for the shoe to go on the other foot. I feel quite secure in believing that the Democratic Party, as led by Barak Obama, weaponised the institutions of the USG to support the liberal-left agenda and to harass and distract any and all opposition.

Now, if anyone who reads this thinks I am wrong or exaggerating I suggest you do some reading. Honestly research the use of the IRS to investigate Conservative organizations, the use of the DOJ and FBI and DNC to corrupt and bend the rules tip the scales… from exonerating Hillary to shafting Bernie to piling dirt on Trump.

If your head is so far in a hole… I can’t help you.

And the beat goez on.

Interesting times to be alive, me thinks…

More later

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2019 v3.politicalmaniarulz

It’s Monday morning here. Sunday eve in the USofA. I sit and watch the late-day newz programmes as the day outside heats up. Weather here has been hot, hot, humid n hot. Temps have been 30-35c/ 87-95f. The sun has been a scorcher. It has been difficult to get much done outside.

As well, I am in “waiting mode” per some business deals so get to sit and watch and wait. Once I hear that my ever friendly legal advisors are happy I’ll go off and sign a contract. All has to do with developing some land I own here. I’m a small-fry in a deep-sea of land developers.

So I sit in the air-conditioned cool of the house. A granny-afgan wrapped around my shoulders. A cup of fresh, black coffee at hand. Political mania spewing from the TV.

I’m surfing channels watching the end-weekend newz cycle. This Mueller report has been sent to the AG. The “probe” is complete. Or was it an “investigation”? At a cost of <$25,000,000.00. It sure as shit should be an end-all, be-all.

But it won’t be. It can’t be.

Sadly the result, the end report does not match the needs of the LEFT. Our friendly neighborhood liberal left has vested too much into this “result”. And anything less than a call to drawandquarter is insufficient.

As a self-professed Centrist, I do not, cannot sing the praises or “get behind” any single political creature. Trump, Obama, The Bushes, The Clintons, The Kennedys, The Left, The Right… all are flawed. As are The Pelosis, and Schumers, and Grassleys, and Kings, and, Crotezes, and Omars et al. By nature, any and all political venues – in my opinion are corrupted. Very quickly, the fact that a guy like Schumer or Grassley, or A gal like Pelosi can sit as a politically elected official for 40 years or more, is evidence enough of personal interest/ corruption. Once in the primary objective is to stay in. Not to be a wise representative nor legislate effectively. The aim, once in, is to stay in. Period.

Just heard something very stupid… Congressman Ro Khanna (D CA) stated something to the tune of… “we need to stay competitive with CHina in Green technology… China is investing heavily…” !!! WTF? China is building coal-fired power plants at a rate of knots. Quick check…

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 10.18.12 am.png

The stupidity and ignorance of these people really irks me. Sorry for the tangent.

So the Left is pounding the table, demanding more and bigger and better and more expensive and more invasive and more, well we want a result that we want. This result, this report, this investigation does not suit the narrative so we will cry and complain and demand until we change the facts to suit our needs.

Sound familiar? The facts don’t suit the narrative soe we change the facts. SOP (standard operative procedure) as far as I can see.

Now, allow me to express a bit of confusion in all of this… The investigation was aimed at determining Russian involvement in the 2016 election. The base charge was that Trump/ his political machine colluded with a foreign state to influence the election. The people who fell under the investigative-ax were felled for past sins of omission and foolishness. Flynn and Manafort and Gates and Cohen all got-done for past crimes. Not crimes associated with the 2016 election nor the stated mandate of the investigation.

It’s all a waste. It’s all a magic show. It is all prestidigitization.

More later


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2019 v3.You cana tell whenya gettn ol

You cant. Or at least I can’t. I can’t tell when I am getting old. It might be an impairment…

Or, maybe, the title of this should be “more ol fart fun n games”…

It started in earnest on Wednesday morning. The foolishness did. Of course all foolish expeditions have many mothers and many births and conceptions. This one started when I thought Gracie should start riding bikes with me. Now this goes back ages. I’ve bought nice comfy bigarsed bikes and thought Gracie would ride. I was wrong.

Why should Gracie ride? I hear some ask…

Shit! For the same reason we all should ride!

Riding makes you smarter, faster, friendlier, happier and you sleep better after a long day of riding. trial and tribulation is good for your character. Pain and discomfort makes you appreciate your own bed.

Riding is good for you.

All exposed, the fragile form “out-there”,  at high speeds as monster vehicles roar with you along the big bad by-way. When you are on the road on a bike the odds aint in your favour. And I like that a lot.

Whats not to like?

Dancing on the razor’s edge….

So the foolishness included an early morning flight to Sydney. There was a plan… We are going to collect Gracie’s new machine. Fly in, grab the machine, spend the night in the city, then ride north early the next morn.

We got booked-in the hotel by about 1, and by 330pm I had a 2019 Ural ready to ride home… What, I hear you ask, is a 2019 Ural… Well, it’s not a motorcycle, it’s not a trike, it’s a Ural…2019-03-14 13.19.37

Above is Gracie’s 2019 Ural. For fun and laughs have a look at…

Urals have a colourful history. Well worth checking out… Here’s a tale that comes from my old buddy DB : Ural History v.1 – 14 Mar 19

So the reason to buy a Ural was to get Gracie riding. For better or for worse. Everyone in our tribe rides. We take off on breakfast rides regularly… up early, ride a couple of hours through gorgeous country, stop at some funky n fun place, then go back home.

It’s nice. We like bikes. I am prone to long, long rides. Days, even weeks on the road. I do enjoy it.

And I thought it would only be fitting for Grace to start her career as a biker on a decently long 1100km/700mile ride. I kinda jumped in the deep end, again, and found myself, with Gracie, on what I affectionately call “the death march”.

So we fly to Sydney, and have lunch. Sydney is a good place. Lots of choices, food, entertainment, people watching. SYD is a good place.

2019-03-12 12.59.40

After lunch I run around and sort the machine out. We bought it from the guys at Gasoline Motor Co…

Soooo… Up early Tuesday… the adventure begins… Don’t she look sooooo damn delighted?

2019-03-13 05.49.56

We took off -IN THE DARK – in the rain – in the city- . ANY ONE OF THE THREE VARIABLE ADDS DIFFICULTY. Huge difficulty. Thanks goodness for my heads-up display GPS. I got out of the city with only a few reroutes. It as tough.

It was a tough, tough ride… the dark, the city, the rain. We ran about 2.5 hours and took a break. Grace looks happy. I don’t think she understood how dicey it was.2019-03-13 08.10.292019-03-13 08.10.32The Ural is a very good mule, if a slow n sluggish machine.2019-03-13 08.46.09

So from 530am to 130pm we run as far and as fast as we can. The Ural is a wrestling match. The front wheel is always being tweeked by the vibration of the side car. I did not get to relax as I rode. Both hands on the bars applying input constantly. Hit a bump and the steering shoots left. A severely cambered road means full pressure left. My traps are still stiff n sore as if after a long session in the gym.

So by 130 Wednesday we’d had enough. Over half way home and soaking, and I mean soaking wet. My boots were full of water.2019-03-13 13.36.11

It sure is nice to STOP. I say bikes n tattoos and beating your hand with a hammer are all very similar… feels great when you stop.2019-03-13 13.36.12

At one point we both could smell burning rubber. I stopped and inspected the brakes… only to find the heel of my boot had been resting on the exhaust…2019-03-13 15.12.43

Burnt a perfect arch in my heel.2019-03-13 15.12.56

So the steed sorted and stabled for the night in Coffs Harbour. Looks good. Gets heaps of attention.2019-03-13 16.33.55

Grace thinks we need more shots together… I’m not a selfie-dude so tried to get away with this one…2019-03-13 16.34.17 HDR

Dont I look hapi?2019-03-13 16.34.24 HDR2019-03-13 16.34.26 HDR

Once we stopped and got settled I tossed my clothes in the dryer and put my boots out in the sun. Sorted the machine out and got ready to go find a meal.

We wandered around a bit. Grace was a bit unwilling to walk too much. I headed toward a burger place but when we got there its didn’t look too inviting so we wandered down and alley way and walked up as a younger Asian dude was opening his place up for the evening trade. It was a great stroke of luck…

If ever in Coffs, check out the gang at CreAsian…  It’s a friendly, inviting and fun venue with really good food.

I know that many of my faithful readers have experienced the “hot n sour” soup that the old Sea King in Honiara always offered. Remember the spicy sour mess of thick, rich soup? I always had a vsion of big caulron of bubbling hot n sour, never ending, always on, always tasting the same, sooo goood… World wide I have a habit of trying to recreate that memory and I always fail. All hot n sours I have ordered in my travels pale to that which the Sea King family offered.

Not here. it was great. It was memory filled. I will soon do a ride south just to have another serve. CreAsian will become one of my new favourite rides.2019-03-13 17.09.15

As I rode and got soaked my red leather riding gloves stained my hands…2019-03-13 17.11.37

So Thursday morn we get sun, we get warmth, we get dry roads…2019-03-14 08.15.00

Gracie is taking to being a biker-babe well…2019-03-14 08.16.59

And, as Uncle Willis do say… biker-babes are the foxy-est…2019-03-14 09.07.072019-03-14 09.07.082019-03-14 09.07.09 HDR2019-03-14 09.07.13

So we get home. Unpack the mule and relax…2019-03-14 13.19.242019-03-14 13.19.302019-03-14 13.19.37

And life is good… but I’m still beat n recovering from the road… and cant wait for the next long-ride.

More later

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2019 v2.way behind

It’s a cheap way out, just posting Picts…

Posted by: nativeiowan | January 16, 2019

2019 v1.herezdebluewz

Is it newz or bluez…

I, as a card-carrying member of the white ol fart brigade can no longer be cool, be masculine, be me…

SO I am being told…

I have been an avid martial artist all my life. Have damaged my body through lifting weights, hard work, adventure and misadventure. I trained the very succesful Solomons Olympic Wrestling Team for a couple of decades. brought home numerous medals and had two team members carry The Olympic Torch when it came through Solomons. It was an all male team.

I’ve raised nine kids, buried two, educated literally hundreds, have been the boogeyman and the best friend to so many young humans. Change the young’ns, bathe them, teach them to ride 2wheelz and to shoot. I’m into my 2nd generation of progeny. My eldest grandkid is in her 20s. And can punch as well as any guy. My daughter is a boxer. And a lawyer… kinda works,eh?

Hundreds of humans claim me as a relative. I am the 5th of nine born children and my 93-year-old mother claims in excess of 100 offspring. Most, not all, know who “Mike” is. I’m known to be fun, unbending, loud, rambunctious, and MALE. And I drink too much too often.

I shoot guns, ride motorcycles, race cars, fly airplanes, have many dogs (no cats) and am seldom refused entry at any home, hospice or domicile.

But I am toxic.

So I am told.

My wife of 30plus years kinda agrees.

But still shares my bed.

What is this looney-tunes world coming to when a bloke can’t be a bloke?

Think I’ll git my dawg n take my pickup out to do sum shootn…





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2019 v1.firstride

First ride of the year. Only about 600ks/ about 400miles…

I often ride to my favourite olskool diner…

Took Paul n Big Gee today.

Big Geemeeting up at 6am. All on very BMW machines. Check out the sign in the back ground…My boots ain’t been riding for ages. My leather riding britches have shrunk.

Good times spent well.


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2019 v1.3

Early morn out n about on the farm…

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2019 v1.1

First day of the first month of 2019.

It’s a warm, sunny day here. 430pm. The day will commence its decent soon. The sun shall start sinking below the ridges and the shade shall come and the temps will drop and the insect will arrive and it’ll soon be night.

Last eve I cut a deal with my teenaged grandsons… They cooperate and I’d be their taxi for New Years Eve down at the regional hot-spot, Mooloolaba.

We live is a pretty groovy place. Screen Shot 2019-01-01 at 4.38.16 pm

So I dropped the boys off about 5pm at the beach. Angelo, Mendoza with Wade (Lale Makini’s son) got to go and bee-cool for NY’s eve.

The beach is a very cool local fun place and this year they offered live music, a fireworks show at 830 and another at 12 midnight. All in a safe, well policed and controlled environment.

So I took the boys in to town and came home to a nice pot of healthy leftovers. The rest of the family all took the little kids to the early fireworks show. I got a nice quiet house for a number of hours.

The last couple days – the last few days of 2018 have been hectic. We planned “Our Party” for Saturday the 29th. The prep and the execution of it all was a big effort. We cooked about a half-hundred-pound of beast. Fed about 50 people. I personally drank about 8-gallons of grog. Didnt get to bed until 2am. Then woke in the morn to a house filled with guests and the need for provisions and interaction. So Saturday was huge and Sunday was big, but very slow.

Sunday we cooked left overs and watched UFC and hung in the pool. Then came Monday, and NY’s eve…

The teens had a good time. Were cool. I picked them up at 2am. They’d been on the beach and in the ocean. They came home with a big bag of takeaway chickennchips. It smelled real good. They ate n went to bed.

Grace complained about the sand in the beds and their clothes this morn.

Some picts from the bbq…

I am rather proud of the bbq-pit I put together with leftover bits n pieces… 2018-12-29 09.06.52

My idea was to fire-sear the beast then slow cook it in foil…

I used an old fire-chimney to burn up some real nice red-gum. 2018-12-29 09.06.48

Rubbed n marinated the beast that came from our farm… img_1284

So nice homegrown beast started on an open fire… Seared and sealed and flavoured by flame…2018-12-29 10.49.10

All up we cooked 2 large racks of rib and 4 good-sized rump-roasts… The trays on top are pumpkin and roasted potatoes…2018-12-29 11.05.402018-12-29 11.05.42 HDR

The racks of rib were impressive, but hard to cook… Too big to manage easily so I contented myself with getting burnt regularly as I turned them.2018-12-29 11.15.05Charred on the outside but very juicy inside…2018-12-29 11.37.142018-12-29 11.37.15 HDR

The day was sunny and bright. Our back yard is great but by default the bbq-pit was in the sun so I cooked and sweated a lot.2018-12-29 12.34.36

I stayed on water and cokes up until I got the meat ready to serve at about 3pm… And I must say I nailed it… A perfectly bbq’d beast roast…2018-12-29 14.59.31 HDR2018-12-29 14.59.33 HDR

The rib-racks could not have been better…2018-12-29 15.10.38-22018-12-29 15.10.40-1We prepared 200 one-bite skewers…2018-12-29 15.10.52-1When it was time to eat no one held back…2018-12-29 15.18.15

So we started at 3pm and by 5pm there was not a scrap of meat left. 25kgs of beast cooked, and consumed…

So today is slow. We all slept in. I got the boys up about 10am and we mowed and cleaned and tidied up. Tomorrow we go back to the farm.

And life is good.

Welcome to 2019.

More later…

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