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2017 v7.0

A magnificent wintry morn in Queensland. The sun is shining, the birds are noise-making and the air is crisp. I sit wrapped in a granny made afghan. The doors are open the breeze is quite chilly.

I am watching the morning newz. I am more and more perplexed by the inanities and banalities of what is nowadays considered NEWS… I guess it is part and parcel of such a “connected” world… the Prez tweets, the world shudders, rating are king, the news-reporter-types are entertainers and not reporters.

I stress this point… Where is the NEWS any more? Was good ol Walter Cronkite an entertainer? Did we go to John Carson for news? Walter reported the whowhatwherewhen of it all and Johnny lampooned all n everything.

These days things are different. We live in a world without NEWS. I cannot find honest reporting anymore. I fear it is all and only about ratings. Why report honest news when it don’t sell? People nowadays need to be entertained, not informed.

But I digress… I digress from the beauty of the world we share to wallow in the morass of the banalities and inanities…

I recently had a bit of fun with the boys… a while back a huge old gum tree in the yard dropped a branch. This branch was 40feet/ 12meters off the ground and weighed tons. It simply got too heavy for the trunk and broke off… and landed on the fence!IMG_6151



It is a solid branch throughout. No rot or termites. So I decide to be creative. And I decide to put my pups to work…

We can make something out of this, and have fun doing it…

First off we have a good look and decide where we’ll employ the chain saws and what we shall produce from our cuts…

First cut is toward the end of the branch… I do what the islanders would do when they wanted a strong piece of wood for an ax handle or a paddle… they carved it in the tree then finished it off after cutting it off. My idea is to make a walking stick from the heart-wood of the branch. I initiate this by roughing my stick out…IMG_6132I scarf the top of the branch off in situ. I cut a series of parallels with the chainsaw then attack it with the ax. This allows me to follow the “heart” of the wood, the strongest, hardest, oldest part of the branch…

It took a couple hours but I end up with a roughed out stick… IMG_6145

Considering I am following the heart of the wood it shall not be straight. I have to follow the heart. So I employ a sabre saw, a machete, a big rasp, and a couple sanders and end up with this… IMG_6146

Another day of soothing and shaping and the finished product makes me happy… It is strong, strong, strong. And feels and smeels great.IMG_6159IMG_6160IMG_6161

As I chopped n chiseled and shaped, the boys de-barked a couple of logs I chose to be fire-pit seats. Using a hatchet and a hammer the boys beat n stripped the bark from the wood. IMG_6149

Thank goodness for the little tractor. These things are heavy, heavy, heavy. But the end product is very cool and works real well… With the cool weather we are out n sititng roun’ the fires most nights.IMG_6154

Speaking of heavy… somewhere along the line, with me and the boys attempting to fit the pieces of the seats together, I smashed a finger… IMG_6167

Damn, did that hurt. Bad, bad words were said and I groaned and yelled… 10 days later and it still hurts.

And life is good…

More later

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2017 v6.endofagoodmonth

June is usually a good month. Weather, memories of school holidays, fun in the sun, nortamerica without snow… June is usually a good month.

June 2017 has been especially good, even especially great…

George and Martha (RPCVSI and ex-roommates/tenants) unexpectedly appeared in the land of Aus. They were around for Mendoza’s Bday party so they got to spend a night and meet our extended family here. It was fantastic to see them both and have a bunch of fun and smiles and laughter run’ the camp fire…IMG_6179

I do not have many picts of the party. Guess I am not that quick to shoot a pict when we are having sooo much fun. But I can report that the Magician and the Hypnotist and the juggler and hoola-hoop gal and the vintage soft serve ice cream truck were all a lot of fun.

A few picts of the decorations… IMG_6192Look at the bottom… theme of the party was “death by ice cream”…IMG_6190

Tho not many pictures I did take video of the shows…

Adrian and the boys made great subjects for Master Hpynomaker, Dizzy…

Brody got cut in half by Nickleby…

Both made us laugh a lot.

Mendoza’s present from “us” is a neat ol-skool aussie swag. these are water proof, go anywhere beds. Very timely because the boy is heading off to rugby camp next week…IMG_6175

A pict of Adrian – after he’d been hypnotised –  he was a stunned mullet the rest of the night. Son Don with baby Vera and George Meyers in the background.IMG_6176

For the full month Grace and I had baby DawnE with us. She is a sweetie… born at 2.02kgs she is petit, but tough. She and I had a lot of fun. Zai, she and I had lunch out n about most days. She is a cool kid with an impressive vocabulary… Life is good with babies – and dawgs…

Gracie n DawnE crashed out on the terrace…IMG_6012

A road trip usually means a snooze…IMG_6016

Me and my goil friend…IMG_6025

Brother n sister… big bros are good…IMG_6039

Just out of the pool on a chilly winters eve…IMG_6050

pajamas and hat and backpack…IMG_6060

My budding apprentice mechanic…IMG_6072

Zai n baby wrapped up watching TV…IMG_6099

My assistant tractor driver sleeping on duty…IMG_6107

Breakfast is ON the table…IMG_6109

Sunday brunch in the village…IMG_6117

After the walk home from Sunday brunch…IMG_6119

Learning about gravity….

The playhouse queen…IMG_6123

A baby selfie…IMG_6141

Watching Angelo and Mendoza’s field day at Toowoomba…IMG_6142

While having lunch at Rick’s… a nifty 32 ford showed up…IMG_6155

Motorcycle lessons in the back-40…IMG_6162

On the road to Toowoomba… what a cheeky grin… IMG_6139

Look out July… here we come…

More later

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2017 v6.2

Sunday afternoon at the Queensland ranch. Boys home from school for a few weeks. We’re cooking up a mess of spaghetti. 

Growing boys eat heaps. And boys home from boarding school eat huge quantities. If you make good food they eat that. If you let them forage, they eat junk. So I endeavour to cook a decent meal daily for them. I keep decent snacks around… nuts n good juices, rice crackers, plenty of fruit.

At school they eat what they are served. Some of it good enough but most all is prepared in cafeteria style so its not great tasting, rather bland, or over salty.  So I let them decide what we eat and use good ingredients and make heaps so they can have as much as they like.

And I do magnificent things with left overs… Grace made a veggie soup last eve, I have a mince-rich pasta sauce going now. I’ll mix the soup and sauce to make a monster pot of good ol fashion beans tomorrow.

Luv beans…

So what is new on this glorious sunny coast Sunday… What is NEWZ…

A dude with a gun decided he’d kill a bunch of republicans playing base ball… ONLY IN AMERICA!

Not to be crass but the dude was rather inept in that he has injured and maybe killed one lawmaker, but out of the 15 fish in the barrel, he mainly managed to get himself killed, and actually has caused a groundswell of support for gun-carry. My foolish thoughts tell me that if that’d happened in Texas or Montana, where everyone is pack’n, things would have been different. 

Guns and America… Guns in America…  another topic worth discussing, but I do feel this recent act of foolhardy free speech is a sign of the times…

A sign of the times… I disagree with you enough to shoot you, to kill you. 

We have seen on campuses… I dislike you so much and dislike what you say and stand for enough to riot and damage and destroy, to keep you from speaking freely…

And I do that to protect and exercise MY FREEEDOM OF SPEECH!!!

And it is a weird and glorious world we live in… 

It is a gloroious day here on the SunnyCoast of Queensland. Sun is shining and the air is warm. It has been raining so the flora and fauna is happy. Things were getting a bit dry a week or so ago. So the grass is green and the roses in full bloom.

And life is indeed good…


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2017 v6.0

I woke a bit pissed off this morning. I am disgruntled because of a couple things, but mainly because I hear such dumb-shit-bull-shit.

I don’t understand how bleeding heart liberals can even begin to justify heinous actions such as the suicide bombing of youths. I still hear brain-dead, spoon-fed, shit-in-their-head individuals say that the “West” deserves what they are getting.

It is a common liberal spin… “…we deserve it because of past wrongs perpetrated by generations past…”. Mea culpa. Mea culpa.

I read an article the other day (shall not try to source it) that was discussing that Islam is less of a religion but rather a political system. The gist of the article was that Islam developed and employed strategies that brought people into a communal fold of thought, not, as a religion does, but as a political movement does.

A modern Christian/ religious angle would be – ” Believe and practice as we do or the pearly gates shall be closed to you”.

The Modern Islam angle is – ” Believe and practice as we do or we will wipe your seed off the face of the planet”.

OK, ok, bleeding heart logic will point to the crusades and the Christian atrocities there in. Or the Spanish Inquisition and the Christian atrocities there in.

An attempt to justify or rationalise? I don’t know, I don’t get this weird western guilt trip at all.

There are atrocities to be found. Indeed there are.

But I struggle to find a time and place where such violence, as we have seen recently,  is justifiable.

I have lived with violence. Lived in violent settings. I have lived through a couple “civil wars”. 1st in the 90s when Bouganville fell. 2nd in 2000 when Honiara fell. I have been “there” when shots were fired and people killed. I have lived where the dudes with the biggest guns ran the show, and where those guys with the guns did as they wished.

I understand violence. I have raised my offspring with the understanding that the world is a violent place.

And the world is indeed a violent place… I woke to another ALERT. Something has happened in London. Knives and guns and vehicles into pedestrians… who knows, but the fact is that modern and public atrocities were committed.

And it pisses me off.

Some modern day martyrs, some self righteous radicals decide it is purposeful to attack defenceless citizens publicly.

I don’t get it.

And I am pissed off about it all… the news, the hysteria, the bullshit excuses and the political pontifications.

I am pissed off by it all…

Speaking of violence… UFC 212 on today.

More later

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2017 v.qiuetsunday

Merrily fatigued. Got up this morn, started watching some newz n a buddy, Smitty, showed up on his VFR Honda. Had some coffee n breakfast n chatted. My son Don is visiting n he n Smitty are good friends too. We finish yakking then I get my Bimota out n say to Smitty, “let’s ride”… he did not have a lot of time so it was a short n fast ride thru great country…
I have owned this machine for 4 years n turned the clock past 1000 is today. It is a true exotic, and quite a ride. 

Got home n son Don decided to go on a ride too. Don is an accountant and very risk adverse. He is not a biker at all. But he decided he wanted a road trip… So he got on my custom BMW n we did a bit of 2 wheeling… out thru a mix of urban n country for a couple hours just to get him comfortable with riding. 

I took the dutchess which is a true bitch of a bike to ride… I am still feeling abused… 

When all done we took the Shelby Cobra to lunch…. 
A good friend sent me a measage discussing modern us politics.. 

All I could say wuz …

Trump who?
Sent from my iPhone

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2017 v5.stateoftheworld

I really enjoy my time in the Islands. the basic remoteness of this place means one is less inundated with newz. The barrage of hourly/ half hourly/ prime-time newz that is common in “the world”, is less than common here.

I have not looked at a TV for 2 weeks. I confess to being an SIBC junkie. I like the newz in pijin. But it’s local newz.

World-Blo-Iu-Mi is each eve for a half hour. It’s pretty cool. But being away from the barrage of newz is both good and bad.

Good in that I feel smarter/ healthier being away from the barrage. Bad in thatnewz is important, and once back from the islands, I do need to catch up.

Of course, everywhere one travels there is a TV and usually some cable newz agency. (BBC, Al Jezeera, CNN, Fox) Entertainment sold as newz accosts the air with commentary of opinion and innuendo. And the people who watch these cable newz services end up indoctrinated into the fold of like-minded-believers. If they watch too much of one thing, they forget there is other newz, alternative newz out there…

I am oft time surprised people fail to remember that there is more than one-side to a story. And when faced with the facts irrational posturing often replaces logical thought. It bummz me out when intelligent folks become ignorant and pig headed. I say ignorant in an actual sense of the word…

IGNORANT: lacking knowledge, information, or awareness about something in particular.
“they were ignorant of astronomy”
I am constantly reminded that a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. And, once again, I am oft time surprised that very intelligent people will choose to accept opinion as newz, not taking the time to proof the information they have acquired.
With the modern www at out fingertips, literally – with the worlds libraries at our finger tips – we choose to accept the opinion and innuendo of highly paid “actors” who “read the newz”.
Do we NOT get the fact that every single TV/ Cable/ youtube “celebrity” is doing what they do because they are paid to do what they do.
Like a popular rock band, they are paid to entertain. No doubt, many rock bands are moving, emotion filled, even spiritual at times. But they do what they do for money. They are paid entertainers.
I know, there are passion-driven forces all around us. I shall not give name to the few newz personalities I pay attention to. I shall not give name to the ones I think are completely full of shit. But i shall say that every time I watch something like Oprah or Dr Phil or Jerry Springer – or the like- I feel insulted/ demeaned.
I was reading some obscure Author Conan Doyle recently. The language was great. He painted vivid pictures with words. His language made me work. His language made me feel smart. A far cry from some of the brain-candy I have read of late.
I am still looking for the newz service that makes me work, makes me feel smart. Sadly, I feel less intelligent after time in front of the TV listening to almost any of the services available. I cannot think of one i’d recommend.
Sure, I am a snob. Why not? Its my brain. Why should I roll over and be dumbed-down?
As far as the world-of-politics goes, my opinion stands… to be in the system, to join the system, to become and elected entity in the system, one must be a snake. Warm blooded creatures are not welcome. Do not survive. Reptiles only, allowed past the hallowed doors of elected-officialdom.
They are the “Masters of War”…
Come you masters of war
You that build all the guns
You that build the death planes
You that build the big bombs
You that hide behind walls
You that hide behind desks
I just want you to know
I can see through your masks

You that never done nothin’
But build to destroy
You play with my world
Like it’s your little toy
You put a gun in my hand
And you hide from my eyes
And you turn and run farther
When the fast bullets fly

Like Judas of old
You lie and deceive
A world war can be won
You want me to believe
But I see through your eyes
And I see through your brain
Like I see through the water
That runs down my drain

You fasten all the triggers
For the others to fire
Then you set back and watch
When the death count gets higher
You hide in your mansion
As young people’s blood
Flows out of their bodies
And is buried in the mud

You’ve thrown the worst fear
That can ever be hurled
Fear to bring children
Into the world
For threatening my baby
Unborn and unnamed
You ain’t worth the blood
That runs in your veins

How much do I know
To talk out of turn
You might say that I’m young
You might say I’m unlearned
But there’s one thing I know
Though I’m younger than you
Even Jesus would never
Forgive what you do

Let me ask you one question
Is your money that good
Will it buy you forgiveness
Do you think that it could
I think you will find
When your death takes its toll
All the money you made
Will never buy back your soul

And I hope that you die
And your death’ll come soon
I will follow your casket
In the pale afternoon
And I’ll watch while you’re lowered
Down to your deathbed
And I’ll stand o’er your grave
‘Til I’m sure that you’re dead

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2017 v5.3

John Lee Hooker plays “this is hip”. The winds blows brisk. The sun is hot, shows an intense glare. This is Hip lil baby…

I sit on in the ridges of Guadalcanal. I look out over Iron Bottom Sound. The day is hazy. I can convince myself I can see a faint outline of San Jorge.

San Jorge Island is the second largest island in the Isabel Province, Solomon Islands. The island lies at the southern end of Santa Isabel Island and borders Thousand Ships Bay. San Jorge has an area of 184 km2 (71 sq mi) and has less than 1000 inhabitants living in four villages.

The first recorded sighting by Europeans was by the Spanish expedition of Álvaro de Mendaña on 21 April 1568. More precisely the sighting was due to a local voyage done by a small boat, in the accounts the brigantine Santiago, commanded by Maestre de Campo Pedro Ortega Valencia and having Hernán Gallego as pilot. They were who charted it with its present-day name, San Jorge, and also who named the narrow channel separating San Jorge from Santa Isabel Island as the Ortega channel after the commander of the expedition.

On a clear day you can see San Jorge pretty well. I’m guessing it to be maybe 60 miles from Honiara… I’ll check… not far wrong.

My hounds all hide from the sun. They seek the deep shadows where the breeze blows well. They are good dogs.

I have a few days of work to do here in Honiara, then I fly back down south. I don’t spend much time in Honiara unless I have to. Its a city. I don’t do cities very well. Never did. I find them difficult at best. Great to visit for a reason. not a place I am happy living in.

It’s be a bit redundant but I’ll publish a number of picts from my recent time out West. I know. Lots of pictures of the water and the islands… buts thats what we got here… lots of islands and lots of water…

And Life Is Good…

running home a bit late… Always enjoy night runs…2017-05-01 18.50.33

San Bis resort… well worth a visit if you ever get to Gizo…2017-05-02 17.32.20

San Bis as the sun sets…2017-05-02 18.38.06

As usual, an eclectic group of wayfarers and wastrels were hanging around for a fun night filled with conversation and lies…2017-05-03 23.22.31

Son Don, married ikiribati… 2 yr old Dawn thinks she is competent. Give her a couple years and she will be… Gilbert women are always impressive… 2017-05-06 11.37.052017-05-06 11.37.08

Don’s lady, Joanna, with baby vera…2017-05-06 12.08.23

Pretty good seas for our playing and games… 2017-05-06 15.56.40

Leaving Liapari, Gizo in the distance…2017-05-06 17.31.29

gotta be impressed… what a magnificent planet we do dwell upon…2017-05-06 17.33.08

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2017 v5.atanchor

2017-05-02 18.34.49

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2017 v05.HappyBirthdayGranny

I sit on my most recent lunacy, D.D.ICE. ice off klbga

Have owned ICE over a year and have not utilised it at all. It has been a cumbersome project. A hard project to get a handle on.

I admit that I am prone to lunacies… I have a “thing” for bikes and cars and boats. I have a “thing” for off-grid adventures. I have a “thing” for risk taking. And ICE is sure a off grid, risky lunacy, thats for sure.

So I sit in the wheel house. A nice breeze filters in through the opened door. We rock gently. It’s about time I get up and “do something”…

I have SIBC (Solomon Islands Broad Casting) on the computer. I like the daily programming. “Money Matters” is on now. I really like the news in Pijin. You can stream it all via…

It has been raining. Gizo harbour is pigmented with the red clay that has been flowing down Gizo hill. The skies are overcast, grey/ blue. The harbour has a brisk chop. The kids commenting to school via dug-out do so slowly, careful not to get too wet. 2017-03-11 07.52.01

I sip black coffee, eat a sweet biscuit, and think about shifting to Babanga Island… I want to get off the wharf. Go drop the anchor. Spend some time on the deck pulling lines, raising sails, testing all the running gear. I am sure some of the blocks are seized. I’ll put Abraham up the mast(s) in a bosun’s chair. Have a bit of nautical fun.

If all goes well we should aim to do a run up to Choiseul. Run the engines for 40hours nonstop. Stand watches, go somewhere, see something. I am ready to be untethered from the wharf.

Got a couple nice views of a rainbow over Kolombangara yesterday… Something magical, provocative with rainbows…IMG_5838IMG_5842IMG_5844

Today is my Mother’s 90th birthday. She still lives in Independence, Iowa. I wish her a very, very happy birthday and hope she gets another 90, she deserves it… P1030510

And life is good. Very good.

More later

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2017 v4.waiting for my flight

Brisbane International departures … 

Just had a nice coffee delivered by a very cute gal. 

I sit in a second story lounge watching the bussle of travelers below. 

Woke at 4am. Moaned a bit and remembered my fall from the Segway in the eve. I rattled my hips n right shoulder a bit. Gracie laughed when I fell.

After the groan I recalled flooding the bathroom. Yep, after supper I started the bath then sat down in front of the TV n fell asleep. You got it, I dozed off n forgot the bath and flooded the big bathroom. Got some of the carpets in the closet wet. Ran a fan all night trying to dry things off.

I hear someone in the peanut gallery holler “wanna buy a lottery ticket?”.

I am flying off to Honiara in an hour or so. Always nice to go home, back to those marvellously warm n fucked up Hapi Isles we know and love so much. 

Traveling very heavy. Checked 3 bags, about 50kgs of gear in. Most is stuff for ICE. A few kgs of coffee, a couple kgs of cheese, odds n ends for the boat. 

The coffee machine hisses. The roar n vibration of powerful jet engines can be heard n felt. The lounge I am in is library quiet. The smell of fresh toast scents the air.

And life is good…


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