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2016 v10.SundayReviews

A very pleasant Sunday afternoon here. I am baking a banana cake. Drinking some nice wine. Should be doing some tidying up….

Grace and Mendoza are out on their Sunday date. They are going to church but they leave early, noonish. Head to the local mall and have a look around. Buy something un-required but never the less cool. Then have lunch before going to church. They’ll be home around 6.

I recenlty held onto some good bananas, planning to make banana cake… The two I put aside – forgot about days ago are nicely overripe… And 2 new contestants sit on the counter, not as overly ripe but nice. Time for banana cake…

I do not really follow a recipe when making banana cake. Old rule wuz: 1 cup flour for one banana for 1 egg for 1/2 cup of sugar. Some folk add butter or honey or cinnamon or nust or chocolate chips or… 2016-10-23-15-34-08 I add wine to make the process more enjoyable…

And, I added some ngali nuts because I can…

Who out there misses ngali nuts? 2016-10-23-15-49-24

So my banana cake has 4 bananas, 3 cups of flour, a bit of honey, a half cup of sugar, and ngali nuts. I added extra baking powder. Stirred the hell outta it all. It looks as though it is rising nicely.2016-10-23-16-01-55

Most of my banana cakes end up like bad island pudding. I do tend to put more bananas in than required – aint more, better? – but this one looks to be turning out very nicely…2016-10-23-16-30-33

It turned out great… 2016-10-23-17-04-27

The bananas are out of the garden.

I should be tidying things up around the house/ yard. We had Miriam and Solo over yesterday. Miri and Solo are young Solomon Islanders who have migrated to Aus. Solo is a busy electrician. Miri is a mom, lawyer, lovely woman.  A friend of Daughter, Connie’s… they went to school together and both came out at lawyers. But Miri has a 5 yr old, Ethan, and twin baby girls, Elly and Evie. The babies are 4 months old. And soooo cute…

Sorry, no pictures…

They brought Solo’s parents from Mausupa, Are Are.

It wuz a nice islands kind’a afternoon…

I hold out my hand and  say “I’m Mike”… He shakes hands firmly, with the classic island “one shake” method, saying “Solomon”.

I never learned Mommy’s name. She is a classic ol’village matron. Shy, humble, happy, and motherly. She waits on Mr. Solomon. I try to distract her. But she follows him, stays close to him. He eats 3 of the 9 pork chops on the table. She keep pushing food toward him. He consumes all without a word. There are few leftovers.

But Mommy was a bit drunk…

I offered them both a glass of wine. Mr. Solomon had  a half glass and refused more. Mommy drank her first half-glass in one go. So I poured her a second, half-fill. She swallowed it down like medicine… We all laughed.

The twin baby girls were a blast. 4 months old they are funny little devils. The younger one, Evie, is dominant. Elly is pretty laid back. She likes to have her feet massaged.

They left late last eve. We had too much fun. We had too much food. Mommy drank too much wine.

By the time they left it was dark. It was sooo much fun with the kids here. We played in the pool and with the dog.

The pool was great.

the dog loved every minute of it.

The two olos from Mausupa were a bit fearful of my 50kg pussycat… But after they relaxed and I got Kuma settled, it was good for everyone. I told them he loves being told how handsome he is…Mommy kept petting him and says, “nice Bola, nice bola”…

So, when they left, it was starting to rain. W pulled all the yard furniture and toys and implements onto the terrace and went towards bed. We all slept early and woke late.

And I woke in time to watch the Chicago Cubs win their division and head direct tot eh World Series… Yea, go Cubs go…

I do need to tidy up…

My custom furniture which I ordered a year ago… I designed this house with certain furnishings in mind… But it didn’t all come together in time… The snooker table is perfect, but no stools to sit an heckle from…

The tables made vintage Jarrah salvaged from a wool shed in SA… No real rhyme or reason to have tables without chairs… they looked stupid… but no longer

Dining chairs with jarrah table…2016-10-23-15-39-01

Kitchen bar stools…2016-10-23-15-39-10

The captions chairs in the “Sports Bar”…2016-10-23-15-39-37


Yes I am a patient man… The snooker table came late, but looks great. The jarrah tables came late but look great… but the chairs.. the chairs… they look great!!!…

But took ages n ages…

Light sucks… table n chairs, counter n stools, snooker table n sports bar n captains chairs on the terrace…2016-10-23-15-40-00

Besides babies and bbqs and general bullshit…

Been polishing my Royal Indian… 2016-10-21-16-33-52

Nice bike, eh?

more later

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2016 v10.olfartfunandgames

A fine Friday morn here in the land of Aus. I have been out gardening early. Clearing a bit of dead-fall, spreading a bit of mulch, talking to my roses n watering the radishes.

I have many bird-friends here on the property… A very committed couple of Plovers have called this place home for a long time. I saw a new, big Turkey-Cock scratching in the brush. They scratch to build a mound of debris from which they rule their roost. A nice, big Kookaburra has claimed a monster-tree where he sits high and laughs at the world below. A pair of big Iguanas live in the drainage, but I have not seen them for a while. Migratory birds of uncountable flavours, colours, and calls come and go regularly. A couple big White Ibis have been hanging around down in the corner. Wood Ducks have been around lately. The Magpies and crows come and go, come and go.

The smell of My Roses fill the air. The wind-chime giggles in the slight breeze.

My Roses have to be my ultimate favourite garden resident… The Rose Garden is right outside my bedroom. I open the doors up wide and the room becomes part of the garden. The perfume is a constant cozy companion. img_5114

Have mentioned before how My Roses bring me close to My Grandmother. Granny always had roses around. Her Roses scented the world around here. She used a rose perfume and the scent of Roses always brings me close to Granny. I have her bible. Its till smells of her perfume.img_5115




In the backside of the shed Gracie has a small veggie patch. We have radishes, spring onions, kale, egg plant and peppers…img_5119

The radishes are doing great, but everything else is struggling…img_5120


I am blaming the lack of performance on the seeds. But patience is required. img_5122

And life is good…




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2016 v8.0BdayBoogie

Been remiss in reporting on a very important Ol Fart Party I threw for myself. Some of my faithful readers have been to parties I  have thrown in the past…

Well, this one beat ’em all..

My defence is that It Wuz Time For A Party… We were just finishing off the development of the property here in Aus, I had a birthday coming up and, well, most importantly, It Wuz Time For A Party.

Normally I’d kill a pig, n send the boys fishing n go cut wood n the mangroves n buy a mountain of grog n hoot-in the tribe to cook for a day and a night and feed the whole town. Normally I would… but I am getting old. Thats kinda the point.

So I rolled the dice, did a web-search and found Mask Event organisers… and and ‪#‎oldfartfunngames‬

I basically handed The Party over to Mask… namely Rebekah and Amanda. I gave them skeletal instructions… 1) I wanted a Swing Band, the bigger the better. 2) I wanted to invite 30 people… roughly 10 kids and 20 big kids. 3) I wanted entertainment. 4) I wanted it to last 2 days.

Sound like a party yet.

So the Mask Ladies and I talked about what wuz going to be what… I wanted good wine with bubbles. I wanted a good bar with a real bartender. I wanted a slow gastronomical experience with music and dancing and fun interspersed.

And the MASK LADIES blew our socks off.

Wine flowed…mike_verve_gold-tealight_grey-pot_flowers1a

The grog was plentiful… mike_bar-letters_spirits1a

The Bar Was Bitch’n… mike_bar1a

Care for a fine CiiGarrr…. mike_cigar-bar1a

This is early eve as the party is starting. The campers in the pict are the over-night accommodation for this who intend to imbibe. Note the gals on stilts pouring champers for the arriving guests…mike_whole-shot-day1a

Mike_stilt walker1a.jpg

Lit up for the festivities…mike_whole-shot_night1a

The Belly dancer was entertaining…mike_belly-dancer_drum1a

The Fire Dancing wuz HOTTT…mike_fire-girl1a

There is a fair amount of self-study that can come with Bdays in general. Do you feel older? Are you older?

But I wuz too busy enjoying this party… Too bizzy having fun and drinking and enjoying good fun and great company… I was too bizzy to feel older…

But I did the next day… And thats another story…

More later

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2016 vPolitical rhetoric

Sunday morn here in the land of Aus. I am drinking fresh carrot/ beetroot juice n watching the news.

Or is it the Bluez?

The US election cycle is ultimately entertaining. It is better than fiction or farce. You could not spoof it better.

And while Clinton and Trump sling mud on each other, the world burns.

But at least the US will not have “boots on the ground” in the Mid-east… as they send another 5000 troops.

And Mexico will build for a wall on the Southern boarder. Then we’ll watch US crops rot in the fields and toilets go unwashed.

Of course the election is rigged. No matter how you toss the coin, a lying, thieving political creature will win every seat.

Russia is, again, the blame for all thing evil and bad. And that is comforting.

And the US electorate eat shufflefuls of shit n propaganda.

As a expatriated yank I find it all embarrassing. Shameful.

Nothing new though. nothing new…

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2016 v10.Saturday-Jazz

A nice Saturday afternoon here in the land of Oz. 23c in the sun.A cool breeze blows and the wind chimes giggle.

15th of the tenth month, 2016. Star-date 16200289.

I am listening to Jazz and cooking a pot of beans. My big dawg-friend, Kuma, dozes on the terrace. He likes jazz too… How could life get any better?


And a lot is going on, quite a bit to write about…

  1. Miss E.V. Hemmer was born sometime late yesterday or early this morn. I don’t know the actual time…ev E.V. is my 15th grandchild, and Don and Joanne’s 2nd girl. Ed, 2016-06-06 16.00.22 is their first. She’ll be a great big sister, and she has great taste in motorcycles.Cousin, Angelo’s, 14th Birthday is tomorrow, the 16th. He is out now, with Zai, shopping for his Bday present(s). He gets to decide what he wants/ gets. It’ll be interesting to see what they come home with.
  2. Bobby D. got the Nobel Prize for literature. And I think that is just way, way cool. I have always marvelled at/ about/ as per Mr. Bob Dylan. He has been the poet laureate for my generation. I have marvelled that his songs have been sung in churches, and at protest rallies alike. But, for all his appeal… he sings like a dog with his leg stuck in a fence. Now, don’t get me wrong… for me, Dylan is a profet, a saint, a beacon, a poet, a messenger. I am “into” Dylan, have listened to everything he has ever produced, been inspire and uplifted, confused and perplexed… (still trying to figger out Lily and the Queen of Hearts). My hat is off to Mr. Bobby D.
  3. I have finally been issued my retirement visa for the land of Aus. All up, my endeavors to obtain semi- permanent residence here in the Land of Aus has been going on for 6 years. I am relieved. And happy. Happy mainly because I get to travel again… for the last 8 months I have been on a “bridging Visa” which meant I was stuck until I got their answer. I had to apply and gain approval to travel to Fiji in May. These past 8 months have been the longest I have sat in one country for over 10 years. So, my feet do itch, but most importantly… it’s all over. I have my Visa which allows me to come and go. To spend as long as I like here. I am very pleased. And shall be traveling very soon. photo-on-15-10-2016-at-2-46-pm
  4. full moon tomorrow night… Harvest Moon…
  5. Life is guuuud…
  6. Smiles
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2016 vbitch’b Bikez .2

I ran “up the range” today… The Range being the “Toowoomba Range” here in Queensland.

But before I ran up to Toowoomba, I shot over to Clifton to see my Brit-bike-buddy-genius Jim Blacktop.

Jim has been breathing new-life into a 1966 TR6SS.

I have written about the TR6 before. It is a sexxxxyyy n sleek ride. An honest 60’s Brit-Babe. It was reportedly Steve McQueen’s favourite ride…

quote-unquote: The TR6 Trophy is a motorcycle that was made by Triumph, in Meriden, from 1956 to 1973, when it was replaced by the five-speed 750-cc Triumph Tiger TR7V. During this time, it was a successful model, particularly in the US. The competition variant, popularly known as the “desert sled”, won numerous competitions throughout the late 1950s and 1960s. The bike’s appearance inThe Great Escape and Steve McQueen’s fondness for the model are well known.

Mine is designated as a TR6SS. SS being an unusual suffix meaning it was an model made for US police use.

2016-05-23 13.12.16

This bike is an interesting mix n add… The frame is from a 69 while the engine is a 66. Tank and tins and wheels and forks are all correct, almost. It is an interesting bike with an unknown history…IMG_2610

That was before, this is now…2016-10-14-11-28-49

Aint that sumthun? Jim has done an amazing job. And there are some interesting stories, but, DAMNNN…2016-10-14-11-28-53

Jim has done a full recon. It will now be a licenced, reliable, ridable bike. And it makes me smile.


Aint that sumthun?

She is not quite 100% .Front end is not “true”, the front brake is not right, but she starts and shines n smiles…. golly! What a sweet looking machine!

I went up today to deliver Jim’s next project for me… Not quite a rare machine, just one you don’t see every day… at least not one in its “kinda” original state…

The Norton Atlas was a big, heavy, desirable machine. It had a massive 750cc engine on the amazing “featherbed frame”. This machine is within the last 500 FeatherBeds ever produced…

Loaded in the ute, ready for the 3.5 hour drive to Clifton…2016-10-13-10-15-49


Its a nice drive I have done before. It is always fun, seldom busy or slow, and, round trip, 8 hours, all up – Bike delivery, kid pick up, pit stops, et al.

Did I mention that it’s Angelo’s birthday this weekend and he has come home for a bit of RR.

So I load the Norton for delivery, give it a bit of a clean up. I have owned this machine for over 3 years but have not done much with it. As I load and prepare to deliver I notice interesting quirks… Someone place a 25c coin in the casing for the tachometer. And I think it’s really cool…2016-10-13-10-23-13

It has a rather unusual front hub. Funny that Jim noticed right away that this was a hub normally found on the Norton Commando. Not sure if it was sold with his hub or it comes from a later fix…2016-10-13-15-14-292016-10-13-15-14-33

All old bike (machines) are mysteries waiting to be investigated. This bike has been around for 45 years. It was sold in the US and imported into Aus within the last decade.

I know that much as fact.

It is rego’d, listed, sold as a 1969 model. A lot of history here in that – really – the last Norton Atlas bikes were made in 1968. But some did not get shipped and sold in the US until 69. I would agree this is an honest 69 Atlas. 2016-10-13-15-14-362016-10-13-15-14-432016-10-13-15-14-51

My picts do not show it well, but the Atlas was built around the famed/ legendary FeatherBed frame. And this one is in good nick. 2016-10-13-15-14-562016-10-13-15-15-012016-10-13-15-15-052016-10-13-15-15-16

Its an interesting machine… still using the basic pre-unit contribution that was simple, easy and real, real heavy.2016-10-13-15-15-36

And being a Norton it was classy… I note that Willis Eschenbach remembers this all well…2016-10-13-15-15-50

What a bike…2016-10-13-15-17-20



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2016 v10.bloodsports-HENDO

OK, I admit to saying that UFC was dead… BUT, BUTTT… Dan Henderson fights today.

So this may well be my last UFC expenditure.

No more tickets or T shirts or Pay-per-Views… After, golly, how many years… UFC 1 was and remains a seminal moment in our modern sporting culture. It changed my world.

So, the ol dawg, Hendo goes back in the ring. I watched his last fight. Very much enjoyed it. Love watching the ol dawg do some arse-kicking.

My pay-per-view is just starting. I need 11 yr-old Mendoza to hook the black-box to the TV in the sports bar. He is in control of the viewing. I just pay the 59.99 AUD and watch the events transpire.

I gotta say that Lisping is very unlikable. While Hendo is ultimately like-able.

Lisping plays the “heal”. He insults and bad-mouths n snarls n insults. Hendo is just an all around good competitor. A Greco-Roman Olympic competitor, Hendo is a real serious competitor.

So it is happening. I’ll watch the entire card and see if I can be enticed to consider a future UFC expenditure…

And now… Get ready to RUUUMMMBLE….

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2016 v10.bitch’n bikezz

Ok, Won’t finish this in one go, Need to write up 2 bike-dudes, but dizzy n not enough time to write too much…  but I need to make a few comments about a two very important people…

And surprise, SURPRISE! its all about bitch’n bikezz…

  1. I was just up at my Buddy Jim’s shop in Clifton, QLD…

Jim is the Brit-Bike genius I have spent 6 years looking for. He knows his stuff! And is doing an amazing job referbing my 66 TR6SS. The aim of the work Jim is doing for me is to make the TR a licensed, dependable, ridable machine. And he is damn, damn close…




I am soo stoked over this project. It will be an amazing bike that will turn heads and bring smiles to many ol-farts like myself.

2nd… I have been talking to my mad-Brit-Buddy, SteveO, at Carpy’s Customs…

SteveO built the BB 750 for me…


We’re discussing another project based on a 900 Thruxton I have sitting n doing nothing in Pasadena.

And life is good…

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2016 v10.teenageboys

My teen age boys are quite amazing. They and their peers can consume huge quantities of food, on a regular basis… They graze like wildebeest… all in their path is consumed… unless its green….

Saturday we had a couple 14 yr olds n a couple 11/12 yr olds… A couple small kids and maybe 10 adults… I made a huge pot of vegivorian-pumpkin beans and a huge pot of meativorian-beef beans. And 40 wraps. That lasted about 2 hours.

And that was lunch. No Joke.

Supper was a big sirloin bbq’d as one piece.

There were heaps of leftovers…

Today I took the leftovers n made a big lasagna dish. Mendoza ate half of it.

So… I have been hang’n with the pups for the last few weeks… we’ve mowed a lot of grass. Had friends over and bbq’d heaps. Mostly hotdogs…Had our bon fires n eaten way too many burgers n fries n shakes… It has been a good school break.

I have gained a couple kilos. I am now addicted to burgers n shakes… gonna have to go cold turkey…

N life is guud…

And its time to head back to school.

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An interesting thing about ink is that, once a new part of you is turned into art, you get to examine and become familiar with a NewYou. 

Still examining the intricacies of the maestro … and it is good… my hat is off to the mokomagic that is Master Tu’s artistic gift. 

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