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Great Granny n the pups


Posted by: nativeiowan | April 14, 2014


Sitting in Pasadena and am a bit weary.  Just did about 4000 miles of driving in 10 days. Yesterday we did 9 hours of drive time and in the past three days we did over 2000 miles…

travels 1 copy

Of course this was after a flight from Brisbane to Los Angeles…

So in the past 10 days we have traveled over 11,000 miles.

Like I said… a bit weary…

Posted by: nativeiowan | March 17, 2014

Ready for more travel…

Packing up for another long-haul.

Lets see, In the last 2 weeks + a couple days, I traveled for about 20 hours from Australia to Pasadena. I then drove about 7 hours to Phoenix. I then undertook a long drive that saw my rental-car break down in Oklahoma after about 12 hours. Then a straight shot back to SoCal which took over 20 hours.

Tomorrow will see another 20 hours or so before I get back to Palmwoods.

Add in there a loss of a day traveling east and the gain of a day traveling west.

So, I guess it’s not all that bad… only 3 solid days of travel, plus some small change.

What an amazing world we live in.

Posted by: nativeiowan | March 8, 2014

Pondering in an Urban setting

Friday night in The City.

I hear vehicles on the road. Vehicles in the sky. A buzz of movement and frenetic activity.

The greater Los Angeles area has some 13 million residents. Over half the population of Aus and over 25 times the population of the Solomons.

I’m not a city sorta person though I appreciate the offerings a modern urban setting offers.

I like walking the streets. Watching the people.

I like museums and coffee shops and fresh-brewed beer joints.

Burgers n good salads; Nice ethnic foods where the family smiles a lot, and chatters in an unknown language as I sweat over the chilli sauce they told me not to touch.

I enjoy making instantaneous contact: A mis-step to avoid a pedestrian collision, and the smiles of apology and understanding.

I enjoy walking into an empty bar: Getting involved with the bar-keep and his half-drunk buddy, exchanging tales and sharing a few good brews.


The grumpy teller at the bank, bored and thinking of the weekend; I take the time to ask about his day, I note his name and use it in conversation. The smiles grow, the barriers drop, and everyone is happier.

The skinny black dude on roller blades; I’ve seen him a couple of times, he rolls along with dancing steps, arms swinging, almost dancing.

I can ponder the negatives I see or I can ponder the positives.

I do hear a lot of sirens. I see a fair number of unhappy faces. I have met one crazy person I made the mistake of making eye contact with. But the police doing their jobs is a positive, and unhappy, even crazy people come n go. Life abounds with smiles and tears.

And such is life.

And such is my short pondering in an urban setting.

More later

Posted by: nativeiowan | March 6, 2014

My sleep patterns are completely disrupted

Its 233am. I am sitting in Pasadena, CA. Been here a couple of days. And my sleep patters are all messed up.

Part if it all is due to the 24 hours or so I went without sleep while traveling from Aus to LA. The flight was real good and comfortable and I simply chose to not really sleep. I watched  a bunch of movies and read to while away the 14 hours of flight time. I had slept little the night before I left. So by the time I checked into a hotel here in Pasadena I was pretty beat. I spent Sunday (after arriving at 6am and checking in about 8am) dozing and watching TV. It was rainy and cold so no chance of a walk. I ate little and napped a bunch and ended up sleeping real well that night.

Monday was real, real busy. I had heaps to do here in Pasadena and chose to walk everywhere I needed to be. All in all I covered miles. Got heaps done and made a dreadful mistake of having a burger and a couple of beers too early, 3 to 4pm, then came back and basically passed out. I woke about midnight and didn’t sleep again until 4 to 5 am.

So I slept in way late Tuesday, hit the streets by about 1pm and walked more and got a lot more done. very productive and I waited until about 6 to find a Peruvian kitchen and had a very spicy plate of fried rice. I was back and snoring by 8pm and awake and puttering by 2am. Another dawn nap, but I had an 830 meeting so up n going early, done by 11, then back for a couple more hours of nap time.

Was out agin this afternoon for a few hours but was back and worked from about 6pm onwards.

I have turned the lights off twice and tried to sleep. I’ve read and listened to music and worked some more.

Tomorrow is an easy day. Have a 12noon appointment so am happy to sit here, listen to the night sounds of the city, and putter some more.

I’ll comment on impressions and experiences in Pasadena in a later post. But thus far I like it here. It is a city and it noisier and more lit-up than I am used to but all in all the place has a good vibe. People are mostly open and cheerful. I’m a bit surprised that people make eye contact and say hello. Few are actually plugged into their earphones, ignoring the world around them.

Almost 3am… guess I’ll read some more…

more later

Posted by: nativeiowan | February 28, 2014

you gotta laugh…

Saturday morn here in QLD. I fly off tomorrow  for a couple of weeks of travel. Been doing odd jobs n tidying up all week. This morn; all we had, after completing most of our list, is to give the house a good once-over, and mow the lawn.

9:18am and the house is almost done. Grace commented to the boys earlier that they did a very good job. She said that when they were big they would be able to keep their houses very clean.

Mendozza answered quickly, “I’m going to have house girls”, he said.

A true island kid if I ever saw one.

Posted by: nativeiowan | February 7, 2014

hang’n in Honiara

Got a week back in the big Mango. It’s very blustery with a number of storm fronts brewing and dying all around us.

The day is ending, and this is the view from my window…


Posted by: nativeiowan | January 30, 2014

an interesting exchange…

Something of interest that came from a discussion I was having earlier today…

even better than that… I am dressed in board-shorts and a light T. Have my work boots on, a golf hat Grace left laying around… sort’a of a tropical working man attire. I spent the morning putting a 1957 650cc BSA “Super Rocket” back together. 6 volt electrical systems are not something I know a lot about, but I will learn. I smell like WD40. I think I walk around with a dufus smile on my face because people either smile back  or walk away quickly. The better one dresses the less they are inclined to smile at what they think is a dufus or a loser. Kids n dogs exchange my day-dreaming smile without shame. I’ve had both kids n dogs run away from their owners and want to spontaneously play with me. Life is good. The birds smile easily too, but they lie, they’re just after food. Beware of the birds who smile back.

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I feel better…

After listening to the State of the Union Address, I feel better.

Untitled copy 2

I wanna thank my buddy Barack for his wise comfort.

See, I thought the US economy was a mess, that unemployment was growing into insane numbers, that the current propensity to “give free stuff away” has led to a debt that is more than unsustainable.

I guess I am wrong. After listening (I did fall asleep) to the address I understand that everything is just peachy and if not for Congress the US would be the Emerald City of the free world.

I feel better.

Posted by: nativeiowan | January 28, 2014

An Honest Man…

Thats the impression I have always had of Pete Seeger.

My path has crossed Pete Seeger’s a couple of time. In the 70s I hung around the folk/ bluegrass scene.

Pete Seeger, Doc Watson and his son, Merle; Flatt n Scruggs, Emy Lou… and others were common performers as well as casual participants at weekend-long “festivals”. It was usual to be hanging where performers were simply enjoying the scene.

Those were the days…

I spoke to and listened to Pete Seeger and, though a punk kid, I was impressed. He struck me as a totally honest man.

Guess I’ll go listen to some folk music…

Here’s to Pete…

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